Unique architectures in Nha Trang

The Church of the Mountain, the Palace of Revelation, and the Ponagar Tower possess special architecture, becoming popular attractions for tourists.

Nha Trang is known as a land imbued with Champa culture, possessing many unique relics crafted by the Cham people. Besides the ancient towers, today, this coastal city still preserves typical architectural works that attract tourists from all over the world to admire. Here, visitors can both check in and discover the history of these famous places.

Mountain Church

Located at the top of Hoang Lan hill, Nui church is one of the oldest architectural works in Nha Trang. The church has a total area of ​​720 m2, built in 1928 with ancient Gothic architectural style made of stone. Therefore, this place is also known as the Stone Church by locals. The impressive point of the church is the tower area with three bronze bells made by the famous bell company Bourdon Carillond. In addition, outside the tower, there are four large clock faces facing the four sides of the city.

Mountain Church has a Western design style.  Photo: Redsvn
Mountain Church has a Western design style. Photo: Redsvn

The interior space of the church has a mysterious beauty created by colorful glass windows. The paintings on the wall and the majestic dome design. Besides check-in, guests from far away can participate in the day’s sermons at the church. Mass here usually takes place on Saturday and Sunday.

Mountain Church does not charge visitors. However, visitors when coming here need to wear appropriate clothing.

Palace of Revelation

The Palace of Revelation is a bit of an old palace architecture. The interior of the mansion is covered with the main colors of gold and white, accompanied by exquisitely sculpted motifs, inspired by the book “Revelation” that appeared 2000 years ago. . Works about the 12 zodiac animals, gods or galaxies always attract visitors from far and wide to admire.

The palace was inspired by the book of Revelation.  Photo: Nha Trang Today
The palace was inspired by the book “Revelation”. Photo: Nha Trang Today

The Palace of Revelation gives visitors the feeling of being lost in an ancient mythical world. In particular, in the hotel area of ​​the mansion, the bedrooms are designed with the planets in the solar system. Therefore, this place is also known as the “Solar Hotel”. The entrance ticket at Revelation Palace is 140,000 VND for adults and 100,000 for children, pupils and students.

Tu Van Oc Pagoda

Visiting Tu Van Pagoda for the first time, visitors will not be surprised by the unique architecture here with towers made from shells, shells or coral reefs. The temple, which has a lifespan of over half a century, is the work of the monks themselves, so despite its curious appearance, Tu Van Pagoda still retains its dignity.

Tu Van Oc Pagoda was built by monks.  Photo: Vietgoing
Tu Van Oc Pagoda was built by monks. Photo: Vietgoing

Bao Tich Tower is one of the most impressive points of the temple because it is recognized as the tallest building in Vietnam with a height of 39 m. The tower consists of 39 pyramidal sub-towers, inside each sub-tower, there is a statue of Buddha with thousand hands and a thousand eyes. The lower floor of the tower welcomes visitors, and the upper floor is a place to worship Buddha. To create this masterpiece, the monks took up to 5 years to make.

Besides discovering the unique architecture at the temple, visitors can experience the way down to the “18 floors of hell” also built from snail shells. After overcoming the above dark journey, visitors will be able to set foot in the “Bat Nha flower garden”, consisting of colorful flower gardens and statues of sea creatures.

Ponagar tower

Only 2 km from the city center, Ponagar tower is always a tourist attraction in Nha Trang. The tower is the largest Champa architectural complex in Vietnam. Currently, Ponagar tower is divided into three areas: gate tower area, Mandapa (guest house area) and temple tower area. The towers here are built according to the square plan, including four doors in four directions East, West, South and North. However, only the east door was opened as a vestibule.

Ponager Tower is a famous destination in Nha Trang.  Photo: Tuan Dao
Ponager Tower is a famous destination in Nha Trang. Photo: Tuan Dao

Experiencing the fluctuations of history and time, the relic now has only five architectural works, concentrated in the guest house and temple complex. In particular, the main tower has a height of about 23 m. Besides the towers, Ponagar tower also owns a system of ancient Champa inscriptions of great value for cultural and religious research.

In addition to the unique architecture, Ponagar tower has also become the center of religious activities of people in the South Central region and the Central Highlands. Especially at the end of the third lunar month, the Ponagar tower festival always attracts a large number of tourists to visit.

Currently, Nha Trang is in the season with the most beautiful weather, little rain, calm sea, suitable for trips with friends and relatives. Visitors here can also combine tourism with participating in the VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang held on August 28. The run attracted 8,500 runners, creating a bustling festive atmosphere in the coastal city.

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