Visit historical destinations in Kon Tum to find ancient traces at the border junction

Besides the beautiful landscapes, historical destinations in Kon Tum also attract tourists because of their historical value, reminiscent of a heroic period of the nation at the border junction. 

Kon Tum province is located at the northern gateway of the Central Highlands, a place with a long history with a heroic revolutionary tradition and valuable historical relics. Stopping at historical destinations in Kon Tum , visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the fighting traditions and cultural traditions of the ethnic groups in the province. At the same time, you will also understand more about the ancient Central Highlands battlefield, which marks the heroic victories of the army and people of this border junction land.

Explore the most famous historical destinations in Kon Tum 

1. Kon Tum Prison 

Kon Tum Prison is located on the banks of Dak Bla River, on Quan Trong Street, Quyet Thang Ward, and is one of the prominent historical destinations in Kon Tum . This is where the French colonialists imprisoned and exiled more than 500 communist soldiers during the years 1930-1931 with the purpose of isolating the soldiers from the revolutionary mass movement, forcing them to do hard labor to build the war. Construction of Road 14. As a result, nearly half of the revolutionary soldiers imprisoned in Kon Tum Prison stayed forever in this land.

Kon Tum Prison Historical destination in Kon TumKon Tum Prison is an attractive historical destination known to many tourists. Photo: @hungcuongnht86

Kon Tum Prison is the symbolic destination of the will, courage, energy and indomitable spirit of loyal communists. By 1935, the French colonialists were forced to eliminate this place considered hell on earth. 

To commemorate and acknowledge the resilience and indomitableness of revolutionary soldiers who were once detained in Kon Tum. On November 16, 1988, the Ministry of Culture and Information officially recognized Kon Tum prison as a national historical relic.

Kon Tum Prison Historical destination in Kon TumExhibition house in Kon Tum Prison. Photo: Economic Magazine

Visitors to Kon Tum prison can visit different items, including the memorial house, reception house, traditional house, monument and two mass graves for revolutionary soldiers. Currently, Kon Tum prison is one of the red historical addresses, also an attractive tourist attraction when coming to Kon Tum city.

2. Dak To – Tan Canh Victory historical relic site

As one of the meaningful historical destinations in Kon Tum , the Dak To Victory historical relic site is also a familiar stopping place for tourists who like to learn about history as well as how researchers and scholars student student. 

This relic is located on a 600 m high hill, 1 km southwest of Dak To town center. 47 years ago, this was one of the fiercest battlefields in the Central Highlands region, and also one of the strongest bases of the US empire in the Northern Central Highlands region.

Dak To - Tan Canh Victory Historical Relic Area Historical destination in Kon TumMemorial stele of the Dak To – Tan Canh Victory historical site. Photo: haithinh

After the war, to commemorate the heroic struggle tradition of the people and party committee of Dak To district as well as build a destination for future generations to remember the merits of his father, in 2002 the district’s army and people officially built a relic as well as a memorial stele for the victory of Dak To Tan Canh. Dak To Tan Canh Victory Monument is one of the symbols of the spirit of solidarity and resilient revolutionary will of the Central Highlands people in the resistance war against the US, notably the victory of Dak To Tan Canh in 1972.

tank Historical destination in Kon TumTank 377 is associated with the 1972 red summer campaign. Photo: Minh Duc

Visitors coming here will be introduced to the Dak To – Tan Canh victory, and learn about tank 377, a famous tank associated with the 1972 red summer campaign. In 2009, the crew of tank 377 officially was awarded the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces, this is also the only crew of the armored force, awarded this noble title. 

Dak To Victory Monument - Tan Canh Historical destination in Kon TumDak To – Tan Canh Victory Monument. Photo: Minh Duc

3. Dak Glei Prison

Dak Glei Prison is located in Dak Choong commune, Dak Glei district. This prison was built in 1932. It is where the French colonialists used to detain communist soldiers with life sentences, belonging to the Revolutionary Movement of 1930-1931 and 1936 to 1939 to control the entire Central Highlands. and isolate influential revolutionaries among the masses.

Dak Glei Prison Historical destination in Kon TumDirectional sign to the historical relic Dak Glei Prison. Photo: Hoi Quynh

Dak Glei Prison is also the place where famous revolutionary comrades such as Huynh Ngoc Hue or poet To Huu are detained. Currently, the Dak Glei prison relic has been restored and embellished with a road system leading directly to the relic, becoming one of the historical destinations in Kon Tum with great educational significance. Visiting Dak Glei prison, visitors can also explore the peaceful life of the indigenous Xo Dang people on the Ngoc Linh mountain range, explore the Asean Ngoc Linh heritage garden with majestic mountain scenery and ginseng specialties. Ngoc Linh is world famous.

Dak Glei Prison Historical destination in Kon TumThis is the place where communist soldiers with life sentences who belonged to the Revolutionary Movement of 1930-1931 were detained. Photo: Jeni Phet

4. Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee Base relic area

Referring to historical destinations in Kon Tum , the Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee Base relic site is an indispensable name. This location is located between the complex of three mountains: Ngoc Chao Chang, Ngoc Ko Chi, Ngoc Roong, in the north of Mang Ri commune, Konplong district. This is one of the revolutionary army bases that played a huge role in the resistance war against the US to save the country by ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands.

Historical Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee Base relic site in Kon TumKon Tum Provincial Party Committee Base relic area is located in the middle of green mountains and forests. Photo: Kon Tum e-information portal

After nearly half a century, up to now the functional areas of this relic such as the cipher department, the Secretary’s working cellar, the logistics house, the hall, the department houses… have also been restored and restored. renovate and become an address of meaningful educational resources for young generations. The Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee Base relic area is also one of the red addresses, showing the revolutionary loyalty of military officers and people of Kon Tum province. With that meaning, Kon Tum Provincial People’s Committee officially recognized this place as a provincial historical relic in 2007. 

Historical Kon Tum Provincial Party Committee Base relic site in Kon Tum

The space is being preserved and restored. Photo: Kon Tum e-information portal

5. Indochina landmark

Although not built during wartime, the Indochina Junction is still one of the historical destinations in Kon Tum with special significance. This junction belongs to Bo Y International Border Gate area, Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province. 

Indochina Landmark Built by Kon Tum province in December 2007 and completed in December 2008. The 900 kg landmark was built of marble, with a triangular cylinder shape, 2 m high with three sides, Each side facing a country has that country’s national emblem solemnly attached.  

Indochina milestone to history in Kon TumThe Indochina landmark is very popular with young people and comes to check-in. Photo: @wahykafka

This is not only an impressive tourist destination but also a symbol expressing the will and aspirations of the people of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with their goodwill to cooperate in protecting territorial sovereignty and the spirit of friendly cooperation. three Indochina countries. 

Tourists coming here, in addition to checking in with the Indochina landmark, can also visit other attractive places such as Bo Y international border gate, Ben Het base area, and the memorial to heroic martyrs. Truong Son.

Historical destination in Kon Tum

The scenic view at the landmark is very beautiful. Photo: @syruplingerie

Historical destinations in Kon Tum are associated with heroic events in the past and will be attractive stops on your historical travel itinerary. In addition, Kon Tum also attracts tourists with many attractive destinations, majestic wild nature, beautiful villages… If you have the opportunity to come to Kon Tum, you definitely do not miss these attractive destinations. above, to make your journey to explore the land of Indochina crossroads more complete. 

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