What places are not expensive to eat and play in Phu Quoc?


I want to ask about places to eat and play in the south of Phu Quoc island that are not expensive during this New Year.

I will go to Phu Quoc this New Year, and have booked plane tickets and a room in the south of the island. I want to ask where to eat, drink and play that are not expensive because I heard that in Phu Quoc all costs are quite high.

The number of tourists will increase this New Year in Phu Quoc when up to 90% of high-end hotel and resort rooms are fully booked. 2-3 star hotels are also more than 50% full. Tourists should note that they should choose restaurants in advance. You should order food 1-2 hours in advance if going in a large group. Carefully check the menu and food prices before ordering. You should experience “real people, real things” instead of just listening to tips.

The advice below comes from Ms. Cam Nhung, a tour guide in Phu Quoc, and the experiences of two tourists Hoang Huong and Dieu Linh, from Hanoi, who made trips to Phu Quoc, the southern part of the island, in November and December.

In the south of the island, visitors can visit a number of free entertainment spots:

– Sao beach, Khem beach

– Ham Ninh fishing village

– Some items in Sunset Town

– Ho Quoc Pagoda

– Pepper gardens along the road from Duong Dong to Tranh stream, establishments producing sim wine, cultivating pearls and making fish sauce

– Phu Quoc prison

– An Thoi Market

Some free experiences for tourists during New Year

– Countdown ceremony to welcome the new year (Countdown 2024) at Anh Duong square, Sunset Town right in front of Hon Thom cable car station. The program has a large stage with a fireworks display and the participation of many famous artists.

– Have fun at Vui Phet beach night market (VUI-Fest Bazaar), in Sunset Town. VUI-Fest is open from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day, especially during New Year’s Eve it will be open until 5:00 a.m. on January 1, 2024. Visitors can shop and dine at more than 50 stalls. There is also the Loang Xang show, a combination of street circus and sound effects created from kitchen utensils and fishermen’s fishing gear.

Vui Phet Market on the southern coast of Phu Quoc island.  Photo: VUI-Fest Bazaar
Vui Phet Market on the southern coast of Phu Quoc island. Photo: VUI-Fest Bazaar

Some restaurants outside the markets:

An Thoi town area is a popular dining destination for tourists in the south of the island:

– Loc Coc Restaurant: 334, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Hamlet 6.

– Nga Lam oyster shop: 345 Nguyen Van Cu street, hamlet 6.

– Ut Ha Restaurant: Group 6, Quarter 6, An Thoi town.

– Green Cloud Restaurant: Truong beach

– Dong Nhi Young Beef Restaurant: 201 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Hamlet 6.

Sao beach area and Ham Ninh fishing village:

– Bien Xanh Restaurant: Provincial Road 47, Ham Ninh Commune

– Thuan Kieu 2 raft house: Cang bridge, Ham Ninh commune

– Be Bien Restaurant: group 11, Rach Ham hamlet, Ham Ninh commune

In addition, if tourists travel further, about 25-30 km, they can choose restaurants in Duong Dong town area.

($1~24,000 VND)
Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)