What’s so beautiful about Doc Phuot on Phu Quy island that every young person who comes here has a few photos to take home?

Doc Phuot Phu Quy island is one of the hottest check-in coordinates on this beautiful island, just stand in and you will have a set of ecstatically beautiful photos.

Coming to Phu Quy, Doc Phuot is not to be missed!

Doc Phuot Phu Quy island is no longer a strange destination for tourists who have set foot on this beautiful and charming island. Besides other virtual coordinates, this slope becomes a beautiful symbol of the island, possessing a dreamy scene dedicated to those who love to wander and explore.
 Where is Doc Phat on Phu Quy island?Doc Phuot is a beautiful coastal road on Phu Quy island. Photo: @im.daten

In fact, this is the route April 27, located in Tam Thanh commune, Phu Quy island, Binh Thuan province. Usually, residents on the island will call it April 27 for easy remembering. As for the young people who have come here, they call it by the dear name Doc Phuot. Then I don’t know when this road became a beautiful photo angle that everyone likes.
 Where is Doc Phat on Phu Quy island?Doc Phuot is checked in by many young people when traveling to Phu Quy island. Photo: @lee.halinh

This coastal road is located close to the border guard’s shooting range with one side being mountains and forests, the other side being the immense blue sea. Therefore, any visitor when traveling to Phu Quy Island and passing through this road wants to stop to admire the scenery, and take a few more photos as a souvenir. 

The beauty of Doc Phuot Phu Quy island

It’s just a road, but Doc Phuot Phu Quy island is very beautiful and has a strange attraction. People whisper to each other that this is a road for dreamers because nature has arranged it accidentally but intentionally, creating beautiful corners, honestly, just standing in it, surely there is no shortage of photos. pretty. 
 The beauty of Doc Phot Phu Quy islandThis place is known as the road for young people to dream. Photo: @huynhanhquoc

Doc Phuot is not a straight road but runs zigzag long, forming curved corners along the coastline. Called sloping, the road is actually quite gentle, not falling from above like Da Lat’s Doc Nha Bo . Not to mention, the road surface is also very wide and airy, bringing a peaceful and beautiful picture to the heart.

Running along Phu Quy Island is an embankment to ensure safety for people. Outside the embankment is also a long stretch of rocky land. Meanwhile, inside the road towards the center of the island are green trees, and roadside weeds, adorning the scene more poetic. 
 The beauty of Doc Phot Phu Quy islandOne side is the casuarina forest, the other side is the beautiful blue sea. Photo: @bongflicka

The best experience when checking in to this destination on Phu Quy island is probably slowly driving, leisurely walking to breathe in the fresh sea breeze, to admire the mountains, forests and deep blue ocean first. face. Those who like to take photos can stop and pose for “7749 photo styles” like they want to show off all over Instagram and Facebook. 

Thanks to the location next to the beach and the open space, walking here, you will feel peaceful, strangely light. Regardless of whether it is a sunny morning, a gentle sunset, or when the sun goes to sleep, this road is always quiet for tourists to explore. Here, the mountains and the sea are so close together that you can reach them with just a little stretch of your hand.
 The beauty of Doc Phot Phu Quy islandAny time of the day Doc Phuot is beautiful. Photo: @sakura_mint18

If you travel to Phu Quy on sunny summer days, you will find the beautiful scenery of Doc Phuot even more impressive. The watercolor of the sea is blue on the clear skin of the leather bag, the other side is a stretching casuarina forest. Then the fresh and cool air, then the golden sun dyed the whole road. Nothing fancy, but everything is so beautiful. 

Calling Doc Phuot Phu Quy Island is the path for dreamers. Here, you can take a walk on the beach, and find a beautiful corner to watch nature. And of course, this beautiful scene is an endless source of inspiration for you to take countless beautiful photos. 
 The beauty of Doc Phot Phu Quy islandBeautiful wild bushes for you to check in. Photo: @___rosemary97___

Coming to Doc Phuot, visitors can easily find countless different shooting angles, giving birth to a set of photos with a personal impression. You can bounce around on the curvy road, you can sit on the embankment looking into the distance or run to the open land to the sea. Then there are the wild trees by the roadside – that is also a nice angle to stand in and pose. 

In addition, the cliffs along the coast are also suitable for those who want to capture the beautiful view of the ocean. Or somewhere on the green lawn – where you can stop to organize a picnic in the early morning or late afternoon. In short, just going to Doc Phuot, there will be countless beautiful photos to bring back anyway.
 The beauty of Doc Phot Phu Quy islandWatch the romantic sunset at Doc Phuot embankment. Photo: @pluto.hh

Notes when living virtually on Doc Phuot Phu Quy island

According to the experience of many young people going to Phu Quy island, Doc Phuot is suitable for taking pictures throughout the day. Of course, if you are afraid of the hot afternoon sun, you can come here early in the morning or in the afternoon. However, you should choose a time when it is still sunny because the photos will be more beautiful and soulful.
 Experience exploring Doc Phot Phu Quy islandThese coordinates can be checked in at any time of the day. Photo: @tuyn.nguyn1507

Although the road by the sea is quite deserted, when taking pictures on the roadway, visitors should carefully observe before and after to avoid obstructing traffic as well as being dangerous to themselves. Especially when you want to pose in the middle of the road.

Because it is a road close to the sea, it has a landscape with the main blue color. Therefore, you should choose white, yellow, red, dark blue, etc. to create a striking attraction for your photos. Adding accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, bags, umbrellas, etc. will produce a series of eye-catching photos.
 Experience exploring Doc Phot Phu Quy islandThere are many beautiful shooting angles for you to pose. Photo: @bichtram_269

To get more ideas for taking beautiful photos on this slope, you can take a walk on Instagram, and refer to the check-in photos of young people who have been here. Surely you will have some more inspiration in choosing costumes, posing, and saving the best moments on Phu Quy island.
 Experience exploring Doc Phot Phu Quy islandEven on sunny days, Doc Phuot is also beautiful and poetic. Photo: @linlin.1198

Doc Phuot Phu Quy Island is only a small coastal road but possesses beautiful scenery, suitable for tourists to walk, watch the sea, and especially take a lot of beautiful photos. Having the opportunity to go to the island, you remember once passing this road to see that this place is so beautiful, both in photos and in real life.

Photo: Instagram