Admire the mysterious Kty Gia Lai waterfall in the middle of the Kon Ka Kinh forest

Hidden deep in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Kty Waterfall is a wild destination with proud beauty that is becoming a unique check-in point that fascinates hearts passionate about exploration.

The land of Gia Lai with its rich nature and wild beauty always has a special attraction for visitors. Besides the beautiful nature and majestic mountains and forests, this mountainous region also possesses many beautiful waterfalls, with famous names such as K50 or Kon Bong waterfall, Kty waterfall is also a name that can captivate people from the first meeting. The waterfall located deep in the middle of the old forest with attractive pristine beauty is a great stop, where visitors can mingle with nature and enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation. 

Explore Gia Lai WaterfallKty Waterfall is a wild waterfall that few people know about in Gia Lai. Photo: @imhvo_

Admire the beauty of Kty waterfall – a ‘rough gem’ that few people know about in Gia Lai 

Kty Waterfall is not too famous on the tourist map so few people know about it. This waterfall is located in Krong commune, K’Bang district, about 170km from Pleiku city center. 

Because it is not known to many people, Kty waterfall still retains its wild and charming beauty among the vast Kon Ka Kinh. This waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Gia Lai today. It is known that the Kty waterfall was first discovered by the Jrai people, living in the surrounding area. The waterfall does not have a massive appearance but is still very majestic, rushing through the deep green mountains and forests. From a height of 40m, the water flows down very fast, the strong rushing water creates a white foam effect throughout the waterfall area that is both proud and strong, mixed with a bit of softness and charm.

The beauty of Gia Lai WaterfallThe waterfall falls from a height of 40m with a majestic and enchanting look. Photo: Gia Lai Oi

The beauty of Gia Lai WaterfallAround the waterfall are lush green trees. Photo: ChinhVu

If you stand near the waterfall area, visitors may feel a bit chilly and have a very characteristic wet feeling. At the foot of the waterfall is a small lake, not too large but very clear, you can see the bottom. This clear blue lake is a favorite place for tourists to cool off. Below the lake is a rocky stream with a wild look. passionate lyrical profile.

Gia Lai Waterfall LakeAt the foot of the waterfall is a small clear lake. Photo: ChinhVu

The beauty of Kty Gia Lai waterfall is a wonderful natural picture created by water, rocks, the green of the mountains and forests and the clear sounds in the middle of the jungle, this place is likened to a “rough pearl”. ” is waiting to be brightened, an ideal place for those who are passionate about exploring nature to stop, enjoy and fully immerse themselves in the vast ocean of perfect and enchanting beauty.

The beauty of Gia Lai WaterfallThe waterfall possesses perfect beauty that fascinates travelers. Photo: @cocomaystore

Experience exploring Kty waterfall should be in your pocket 

Ideal time to explore 

Tourists who want to visit Kty Gia Lai waterfall can go at many times of the year. In general, the weather here is divided into two basic seasons: dry season and rainy season. Because the waterfall is located inside the Kon Ka King conservation area with a diverse flora and fauna of the old forest, the scenery will change clearly through the seasons. The dry season with cool weather and little rain is easy to explore. The beauty of the waterfall this season is relatively gentle and mellow, you can see the rocks undulating under the cool stream.

In the rainy season, the air is wetter, the road to the waterfall will be more difficult, however, the waterfall in the rainy season has thick and violently flowing water that adorns the whole space with an irresistible poetic stillness. The ideal time to go to Kty waterfall is from January to April, at this time there will be no heavy rains and no hot, hot sunshine, everything is pleasant for the trekking trip.

Time to explore Kty Gia Lai waterfall

The ideal time to go to Kty waterfall is from January to April. Photo: Gia Lai Discovery

Moving instructions 

Kty Waterfall is located deep in the heart of Kon Ka Kinh old forest, so to explore this waterfall, visitors will need to cross a road about 6km long and then go through the forest. Accordingly, from Pleiku, you move along National Highway 19 and DT669 to Kbang district and then towards the center of Krong commune. From here, you go another 6.5km of trail to reach the edge of the forest, then continue through the forest for about 3 hours to reach the waterfall.

How to move and explore Kty Gia Lai waterfallFrom the center of Krong commune, you will travel 6.5km to reach Kon Ka Kinh forest. Photo:@indajunglevibe.

The road to Kty waterfall is likened by backpackers to a miniature Northwest with majestic and wild beauty full of attraction. This will be an attractive trek but not too long for those who are passionate about exploring. You can easily go back and forth in the same day. 

How to move and explore Kty Gia Lai waterfallTo get to the waterfall, you need to go through quite a long trekking section on the forest road. Photo: @nasimmyy

Note when exploring Kty Gia Lai waterfall

Kty Waterfall is located very deep in the Kon Ka Kinh jungle, so if it is your first visit, please ask for help from local people or experienced guides to ensure safety and avoid unwanted incidents. . 

The space at Kty waterfall is very beautiful and pristine, making it an ideal paradise for you to do camping and camping trips

Regarding nature, however, there is no camping service or many guided tours with services from A to Z like K50 waterfall, so if you want to camp, prepare all the necessary items from the tent. to household items and food. 

Gia Lai waterfall campingIf you want to camp overnight, prepare all the necessary items. Photo: @miendipremise

Although the forest trekking route to Kty waterfall only lasts about 3 hours, you should still prepare enough luggage like other hiking routes with cool long-sleeved clothes, warm clothes to return to the temple, shoes, and medical equipment. . 

 If you want to explore Kty waterfall near the rainy season or the rainy season, be sure to carefully check the weather, this is very important because it will determine whether your trip is favorable or not.

Note when visiting Gia Lai waterfallYou should check the weather for a smooth move. Photo:@nghuogg__.

The natural landscape at Kty waterfall is still very pristine and to preserve that beauty, visitors should pay attention not to litter indiscriminately, affecting the landscape. It is best to bring waste with you if you have any. Get out of the forest and leave it in the right place. 

Exploring Kty Gia Lai waterfall not only gives you the opportunity to admire the majestic waterfall in the middle of the jungle, but the path to explore this waterfall also gives you the opportunity to learn about the forest ecosystem and feel the vast nature. immense and then passionate and devoted to every moment in nature. When you come to Gia Lai, don’t forget to explore Kty waterfall . 

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