Schedule a check-in to the beautiful Tinh Bien golden rice season in An Giang

Tinh Bien’s golden rice season is adorned with the brilliant golden color of ripe rice fields mixed with rows of palm trees growing along each road, captivating many tourists.

    When it comes to the golden season, everyone immediately thinks of a bountiful rice crop with bright yellow fields reminding of a prosperous harvest season. In the Mekong Delta – a place known as the largest rice granary in the country, it is not difficult for you to see images of fields stretching as far as the eye can see, with each season bringing its own unique scenery.

    check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - The fieldsThe fields remind of a prosperous harvest season. Photo: An Giang Cam Mountain tourism

    Most of the Western provinces from Long An, Can Tho, Bac Lieu, An Giang, Dong Thap possess beautiful scenes that captivate people’s hearts such as poetic landscape paintings thanks to nature and the laboring hands of farmers. People drew it. In particular, if you have the opportunity to travel to An Giang about 1-2 weeks before the rice harvest, you will be immersed in the beautiful scenery of the golden rice season and freely relax in the peaceful space, breathing in the fresh air. The fresh air of the peaceful countryside, temporarily leaving behind the worries of life.

    Discover the golden rice season of Tinh Bien, An Giang

    1. Where is Tinh Bien located?

    Tinh Bien is a mountainous district located in the Northwest of An Giang province. This is one of 11 administrative units under the Western province with many famous tourist attractions such as Tra Su Melaleuca forest , Cam mountain, Kec mountain, the largest Maitreya Buddha statue in Vietnam, and large pagodas such as Pagoda Pagoda. Chau Doc Cave, Ba Chua Xu Temple, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Lau Pagoda,…

    The land located only 70km from Long Xuyen city also possesses many natural beauties and many famous historical, cultural and religious relics.

    check in Tinh Bien golden rice season - Tinh Bien is a mountainous districtTinh Bien is a mountainous district located northwest of An Giang. Photo: Wandering An Giang

    2. Instructions for traveling to Tinh Bien, An Giang

    The romantic countryside surrounded by mountains in the distance creates a special scene, making this place not only a destination for locals during the harvest season but also attracts many tourists and lovers. Nature comes to explore.

    Currently, there are many routes that you can choose to travel to Tinh Bien, An Giang, but according to the An Giang travel experience of many tourists, you should still prioritize following the route below:

    First, if traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, you depart from the Western bus station, choose Phuong Trang bus or any reputable bus company to get to Long Xuyen city. From here, you continue to follow Highway 91 for about 60km to reach Chau Doc city center. At this location, you travel another 30 minutes to Nha Bang town. Tourists continue to go straight and turn to Xuan To street and go about 10km further to reach Tinh Bien An Giang market. From here, you can start to have your first Tinh Bien travel experience and freely experience traveling among the majestic mountains and forests, enjoying An Giang’s golden season in a peaceful yet impressive way. that’s the most.

    check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - Road to Tinh BienRoad to Tinh Bien. Photo: An Giang Newspaper

    If starting from a location near the Cam Mountain tourist area , the journey to check in the golden rice season in Tinh Bien is even easier with a faster route and especially visitors can by the way visit the rice fields in Van Giao. , Ta Pa rice fields are also well-known tourist destinations in nearby Tri Ton district.

    check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - Ta Pa FieldTa Pa field is located not far from Tinh Bien. Photo: @bem_lephuong

    Beautiful time to travel to Tinh Bien

    According to the experience of many tourists traveling to the golden rice season in Tinh Bien,  An Giang, the best time to enjoy the virtual season here falls at two times, one is in March, the other is in November to December. Traveling to An Giang and visiting Tinh Bien around this time, you will have an ideal experience with the full feeling of the brilliant golden rice season of this land with deltas, rivers, lakes and mountains . More specifically, the weather in Tinh Bien in this season is also extremely pleasant, sunny but not too harsh, rainy but in small amounts, extremely convenient for moving in the region and exploring beautiful scenery.

    Check in to Tinh Bien golden rice season - every season is beautifulTinh Bien is beautiful in every season. Photo: ivivu

    Note more about the time: to get beautiful photos and enjoy the peace of this place most deeply, you should go early in the morning to watch the sunrise and breathe the fresh air of the fields. West. The best time to check in is around 5:30. In addition, coming here in the afternoon to watch the sunset (about 4pm) is also a great suggestion.

    check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - Palm treesTall palm trees lie interspersed with rice. Photo:

    Discover the beauty of Tinh Bien golden rice season

    Just cross the road from Nui Cam resort to the Latina lake area, visitors will admire the typical natural scenery of the West. It was a beautiful, picturesque golden rice season with vast fields of ripe rice, interspersed with tall palm trees creating an eye-catching highlight. This place is not only beautiful but also fragrant because the scent of ripe rice creates a warm, pleasant flavor, reminding of the homeland and childhood of many tourists away from home.

    In addition, the vast, seemingly never-ending field stretches from place to place, promising to be an extremely cool “virtual living” background for souls who love to travel, love virtual living, and love to explore.

    brilliant and lively - check in the golden rice season of Tinh BienTinh Bien painting is brilliant and lively. Photo: Duong Viet Anh

    If you visit the fields in the early morning, when the sun is just rising, visitors will also be “entertained” with the sight of sunlight shining down on the ripe rice fields, making us feel like we are immersed in the fresh air. , pure and rustic of the countryside. If you’re lucky, you can also see farmers – Khmer people going to work in the fields before dawn. The image of local people cycling or walking on the trail between a pair of straight rows of palm trees in the middle of a foggy field is as beautiful as a magical drawing in the middle of a idyllic and lovely countryside painting.

    check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - The fieldsBright yellow fields. Photo: KienNguyen

    The natural scenery is also enhanced by the majestic mountains of the surrounding Bay Nui An Giang region combined with a pair of rows of palm trees growing alternately along each road. From a distance, palm trees look like axes swinging in the middle of bright golden rice fields, weaving a giant silk carpet, full of brilliance and vitality in the land of Tinh Bien.

    Experiencing the golden rice season in Tinh Bien , visitors can temporarily put aside the worries of daily life and immerse themselves in the fresh air and cool climate of rice fields in the middle of a peaceful countryside.

    Check in to Tinh Bien golden rice season - a beautiful virtual living spotAn Giang has many beautiful virtual living spots. Photo: @miimeii

    Enjoy delicious Tinh Bien dishes

    An Giang in general and Tinh Bien in particular have many delicious dishes, from seven-dish beef, Long Xuyen broken rice, vermicelli with fish sauce, O Thum grilled chicken to tong lo mo of the Cham people, palm beef cake, persimmons The Bay Nui jujube is ripe, purple-red in color, has a sweet and sour taste, the young chayote is soft and cool, has a sweet taste when eaten, and the mountain snails of That Son region have a chewy, sweet taste,… these are all dishes. The food is loved by many people.

    Check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - An Giang mountain snailFamous An Giang mountain snails. Photo of Duong Viet Anh

    Tinh Bien land with countless delicious dishes is waiting for you to visit and enjoy. Come here to walk among the bright golden rice fields, immerse yourself in nature, feel the simplicity, honesty, and hospitality of the people. local area and temporarily forget the troubles of everyday city life.

    Note when traveling in An Giang golden season

    To have a convenient and impressive trip to enjoy the golden rice season in Tinh Bien, An Giang, please note the following things:

    – When traveling in the rainy or dry season, you should also check the weather forecast in advance to be proactive in moving and arranging your tour schedule.

    – Bring all necessary documents such as ID card or CCCD, passport, driving license,…

    check in the golden rice season of Tinh Bien - Beautiful rice fieldsBeautiful rice fields. Photo joneyrouse7

    – Don’t bring too much stuff, just bring enough to avoid heavy loads and difficulty moving. However, you must bring cakes and filtered water to replenish energy on the long journey and avoid being hungry while out and about along the way. If you intend to camp overnight, don’t forget to prepare a tent, flashlight, sleeping bag, some common medicines…

    – The West in general and Tinh Bien market in particular have a lot of mosquitoes and insects, so remember to prepare an extra bottle of insect repellant spray or gel before visiting famous places, especially places with lakes, mangrove forests, mountains like Tra Su cajuput forest, Cam mountain,… okay.

    Check in to Tinh Bien golden rice season - Scenery on both sides of the road.Scenery on both sides of the road. Photo: KienNguyen

    – To be proactive in staying and avoid running out of rooms during the crowded tourist season, you should book a hotel room in advance. This is also a way to save costs and avoid price increases during a trip to explore An Giang’s golden rice season.

    – Another small note is to choose a reputable address with reasonable prices with specific listings before choosing to rent a motorbike in An Giang.

    It can be said that each natural beauty and the gentle and simple people of the West are always an impressive highlight for those who have visited, admired and interacted with them. If you are part of the team that loves field landscapes and misses the beautiful scenery of the Southwest region, don’t miss the golden rice season of Tinh Bien in your travel schedule this year. Vinlove wishes you a happy, convenient and unforgettable trip.

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