An armless teacher’s English lesson

THANH HOA – Armless teacher Le Thi Tham is taken every day by her mother to Dong Thinh Primary and Secondary School, teaching English to 2nd and 3rd grade students.

One day in mid-November, teacher Le Thi Tham, 25 years old, started teaching English in class 2B, Primary and Secondary School of Dong Thinh commune, Dong Son district. At the beginning of the lesson, she let students learn new words about familiar pets. In addition to this class, she is also assigned to teach grade 3.

Born weighing only a kilogram and without two arms, Ms. Tham worked hard to study and graduated from the Department of English Education, Hong Duc University in 2020. After that, she opened a free English class for students. students in their hometown. In June, when she was honored as one of 133 typical advanced groups and individuals in Thanh Hoa province, Ms. Tham expressed her desire to stand on the podium, promising to always improve herself and improve her knowledge. , dedicated and devoted if given the opportunity.

The story moved Provincial Party Secretary Do Trong Hung. He directed agencies to specifically recruit Ms. Tham to work as a public teacher.

Dong Thinh Commune Primary and Secondary School specially designed a set of tables and chairs for her to make it convenient for her to give lessons. Other equipment is also arranged so that she does not have to move much.

Ms. Tham skillfully uses a personal laptop and a foot-mounted desktop computer to project lectures and exercises for students.

This is a skill Tham has practiced since he was 4 years old. Tham said that when she was in kindergarten, she saw her friends being given writing practice by the teacher but except her, so she also asked for practice. Given a piece of paper and a pencil, Tham used her left toe to hold the pen and practice writing along with her friends. Many days her toes were scratched and blistered very painfully. She could not sleep at night, but thanks to perseverance, at the age of 5, she was able to write fluently and at the age of 6 entered first grade like her peers.

Because her right leg is shorter, Ms. Tham only uses her left leg for most activities, from holding a pen, moving the mouse, or pressing the computer keyboard…

Tham shared that her two biggest dreams in life are to return home to open an English class for poor children and to stand on the podium at a school, both of which have now come true.

This year is the first time to properly celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on November 20. Tham said “very moved and proud, I feel the need to be more responsible to my students, the school and society because of the responsibility”. new…”.

The female teacher currently does not face many obstacles in teaching, but she said she will continue to improve her knowledge and pedagogical skills to contribute as much as possible to the education sector.

Foreign language class of class 2B with nearly 50 students. The children studied very seriously and enthusiastically spoke and built their lessons when asked by Ms. Tham.

Occasionally, when she discovers that her students lack concentration or do not understand the lesson, Ms. Tham goes down to give instructions. At the end of the lesson, the female teacher often grades homework and guides students to supplement their knowledge when they go home.

“I really like Ms. Tham’s class because I get to see many pictures and funny short films…”, Hoang Lap, class 2B, said.

Due to her lack of hands, Tham relies on the care of her mother, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tinh, for most of her personal activities.

Every day, after waking up, Tham’s mother takes care of her meals, personal hygiene, and uses a motorbike to take her to the school nearly 1 km from home to teach. At the end of the day, Ms. Tinh went to school to pick up her child.

After working hours at school, every afternoon and evening, Tham stays at home to write lesson plans and grade papers for his students.

On weekends or in her free time, Ms. Tham opens English classes at home for poor children or relatives’ children.

Ms. Le Thi Hue, Vice Principal of Dong Thinh Primary and Secondary School, assessed that Ms. Tham has adapted well to the new environment. Being supported by the school with the best possible conditions, Ms. Tham has been able to develop her personal qualities and energy.

“In the near future, the school will establish an Overcoming Difficulties club and assign Ms. Tham to be the homeroom teacher, in order to energize orphans, poor or disabled students to strive to get ahead in life,” Ms. Hue said.

 ( According to vnexpress )