Back to Sung village in Da Bac – a peaceful place with breathtakingly beautiful scenery

Sung Da Bac village is a special Dao Tien ethnic village in Hoa Binh, with many traditional cultural values ​​that have been preserved. Currently, Sung Village is a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists, thanks to preserving the natural, pristine beauty of the landscape and many impressive traditional customs.

    Some information about Sung Hoa Binh village

    Located more than 100km away from the center of Hanoi is Sung hamlet, located at the foot of Bieu mountain in Cao Son of Da Bac. Here, people live in ground-floor houses roofed with palm leaves. When visiting Sung hamlet, visitors will experience rustic life, explore the beautiful scenery of the countryside, explore caves and breathe in fresh air, where there is no longer the noise of the city.

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    According to local elders, Sung Da Bac hamlet  existed 500 years ago. The name of the hamlet comes from the Sang tree, a native tree that was previously grown in this area, but due to difficulty in pronunciation, residents gradually called the hamlet Sung hamlet. Currently, Sung hamlet is home to 73 households of the Dao Tien ethnic group, who mainly live on agriculture, growing upland rice, wet rice, corn and potatoes as their main occupation.

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    With the beautiful wild landscape of nature, the traditional customs and traditions of the Dao ethnic group are increasingly becoming attractive features for tourists coming to Hoa Binh, especially the spring festival of the Dao ethnic group . , graduation ceremony, naming ceremony along with cultural performances such as bell dance, cheo dance and xoe dance performed by the folk art team . 

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    The traditional handicraft of brocade printing and embroidery is also preserved and developed, creating many valuable products to serve tourists. Therefore, Sung hamlet has attracted the attention of tourists, becoming one of the interesting tourist experiences not to be missed in Muong.

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    Instructions to go to Sung village in Da Bac

    About 100km from Hanoi, 2 hours by car according to Google Maps. From the center, go towards De La Thanh through Nguyen Chi Thanh overpass. Continue following Highway 08 and Hoa Lac – Hoa Binh Expressway to reach Hoa Binh area in Tan Hoa, Hoa Binh City. Follow DT433 on the map to reach Sung village in Cao Son.

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    What season is best to visit Sung village?

    Hoa Binh travel experience , the nature here is charming and beautiful all year round so visitors can come anytime. However, from December to the end of February, if you come here you will be able to see the flowers blooming in white clusters, emitting a charming fragrance. 

    Sung village in Da Bac - beautiful seasonPhoto: @tcdulichtphcm

    The scent of flowers seems to linger in the air, making it easy to fly away when exposed to the wind from the forest. The white color of each cluster of flowers gently floats in the breeze, creating a highlight on the green background of the forest trees, giving everyone the feeling of being lost in a peaceful, dreamy scene.

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    What to discover in Sung Da Bac hamlet?

    At Sung village in Da Bac, Hoa Binh, there are many interesting activities to experience such as: enjoying traditional dishes, watching art performances, walking around the village, climbing mountains, exploring caves, experiencing the lives of local people. Dao, learn about how to dye fabric and embroider brocade of the Dao people,…

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    – Learn about interesting cultural features:

    In Sung Hoa Binh village , girls are not required to get married, but they can still have children. A man can marry a woman who has children of her own and will still love her children like a biological father. For a long time, the villagers did this, adopting what Westerners call the “new way of life” of only having one or two children. In particular, if someone gives birth to a child but is not qualified to care for it, they can let someone else raise it.

    Sung village Da Bac - culturePhoto: @be.anhnt

    The family adopts and creates a friendship for the children, takes care of them together and closely follows the child’s growth process. The child will be attached to the adoptive family and live happily, going back and forth between the two families of the adoptive parents and the birth parents. Experience traveling to Da Bac , coming here you will see older men called “dad” to show respect for the elders.

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    In Sung village, all Dao Tien men must know their language to perform ancestor worship rituals. Dao Tien women have more special rights in choosing husbands and having children. However, all the women here have black hands because since the age of 10 they have known how to dye their own fabric to make their own traditional costumes.

    Sung village Da Bac - culturePhoto: @tuoitrethudo

    – Learn to draw beeswax on fabric surface:

    Experience sewing clothes and watch women with hands stained with black indigo, imparting precious secrets of brocade craft, especially the beeswax drawing formula to create unique patterns of the Dao Tien people . This is definitely an impressive experience for you when visiting Sung village in Da Bac .

    Da Bac Sung village - beeswax painting experiencePhoto: @nguyenoidichoi

    – Experience making Do paper: 

    The Dao Tien people have their own writing and those handwritings are recorded on Do paper. It is not known when the Do paper making profession in Sung village began, we only know that when the Dao Tien people had writing, the Do paper making profession was also born. Although it was considered forgotten for a time, this profession has been revived by the people in Ban Sung and has become a source of pride when introduced to visitors.

    Sung village in Da Bac - making Do paperPhoto: @baohoabinh

    – Visit Sung Cave: 

    This cave in Hoa Binh offers an exciting experience for tourists who love adventure and exercise. It is also known as Hoang Lan cave or Ba Co cave. According to legend, Princess Hoang Lan has 3 beautiful daughters. One day, they went out and got lost in the cave and disappeared without being seen. 

    Mrs. Hoang Lan worriedly searched everywhere and entered the cave, but never returned. Therefore, people named it Ba Co cave. At the entrance to the cave, there is a small hut and before entering, people must burn incense to ask permission.

    Sung village Da Bac - visit Sung cavePhoto: @Tam Co Co

    – Experience walking through the forest:

    Go through the forest to learn and discover about precious doi trees and poisonous plants to get sap to impregnate arrows when hunting wild boars. In particular, try wild tamarind fruit, which is not only sour but also has a unique sweet flavor. In addition, foot baths and baths made from herbs are also a very special medicine.

    Sung village in Da Bac - walking through the forestPhoto: @tcdulichtphcm

    Da Bac Sung Ban Forest is a wonderful and charming natural area with flowers, plants and trees. Just step out of the house, you have entered a beautiful forest landscape. The most special thing about the landscape in Ban Sung is the continuous succession of forests creating endless green.

    Sung village in Da Bac - walking through the forestPhoto: @Hoa chio

    – Watch joyful cultural performances:

    In the evening, you can watch wonderful performances performed by the Dao Tien community. Sit around the warm fire, roast potatoes, boil cassava and chat together. With the flickering firelight, you can hear stories about the life of the Dao Tien people in Ban Sung, along with wedding customs and traditional costumes. All of this creates a wonderful picture, combining beautiful natural scenery, bringing a warm and captivating feeling.

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    Discover unique cuisine in Ban Sung

    In Ban Sung, discover specialties in Hoa Binh , in addition to dishes with typical flavors of the mountains and forests such as: free-range pork, hill chicken, Da river fish and wild vegetables, there are also unique specialties that The person who made it made people admire him with his extraordinary patience.

    Sung village Da Bac - cuisinePhoto: @Tam Co Co

    – Hoang wine: 

    Cooked using the heat of charcoal, instead of fire. People cook on charcoal stoves and use gentle heat to boil the wine. During the cooking process, they continue to stir to ensure the wine and rice blend evenly, creating a sweet aroma. When the wine boils, people get a soft, smooth golden essence similar to the color of yellow sticky rice wine, put it in a clay jar and ferment it underground.

    Sung village in Da Bac - Hoang winePhoto: @qdnd

    Hoang wine of Sung Da Bac village is also known as “three trees wine”. The drinker takes a sip at the tip of his lips and feels the sweetness on the tip of his tongue, feels the scent of wine softening his lips, so the more he drinks, the more delicious it becomes. After drinking alcohol until the end of the game, he was still sober, but after walking another three kilometers, he was drunk. After being drunk for three days, I could wake up. So if you get drunk once in Sung village, you will never forget it.

    Sung village in Da Bac - Hoang winePhoto: @ruoudaocongthanh

    – Dao Tien sour meat: 

    If To’s sour meat can be eaten after 3 days of making it, then this dish of the Dao people at Tien Ban Sung in Da Bac needs to be incubated for up to 3 years. Just hearing about a dish is enough to make any diner want to try it at least once in their life. To prepare, choose a large piece of meat, with a ratio of 9 parts fat to 1 part lean. This piece of meat is then washed and sliced, cut into evenly thin slices about 2-3mm. Next, sprinkle salt on all sides of the meat and place it in a clay pot.

    Da Bac Sung village - sour meatPhoto: @thongtindoingoai

    After cooking the rice, take it out and when it’s still hot, pour the rice into the pot. Then, close the lid and ferment with the meat for a year. When enough time has passed, take the meat out, brush off the rice and put it back in the jar, then incubate it with a new batch of hot rice. In total, after doing exactly 3 incubations like this, after about 3 years, the meat can be taken out to eat. However, compared to Thanh Son sour meat , this type of meat is fermented for a longer time and is more delicious and some people have aged the meat for up to 10 years.

    Da Bac Sung village - Dao Tien sour meatPhoto: @laodong

    Making this dish is very complicated every time, but if the meat is not used within a week, it will spoil. That’s why ordinary people often make 20-30kg at a time and only use this dish on family occasions. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the sour meat dish of the Dao Tien people in Ban Sung, you will definitely feel lucky. 

    The natural aroma of meat combined with crispy sweet and sour fat and rich rice yeast, when eaten with wild apricot leaves, all create a rich dish that is hard to find anywhere else.

    Da Bac Sung village - sour meatPhoto: @laodong

    Where to stay when coming to Sung village in Hoa Binh?

    Where to go to Sung village in Da Bac ? Currently, there are a number of households providing homestay services such as: Thanh Chung homestay, Xuan Lan homestay, Nhat Quy homestay. In addition, there are about 50 households providing tourism services. The community motels here are highly appreciated by tourists for their accommodation space, because they still retain the original architecture of traditional Dao houses. 

    Sung village Da Bac - homestayPhoto: @dantocton Giao.laodong

    The staff is trained and guided to provide attentive and professional services to visitors. Homestay businesses have also grasped practical requirements and continuously improved equipment and invested in facilities to serve the diverse needs of tourists.

    Sung village Da Bac - homestayPhoto: @dantocmiennui

    Ban Sung Da Bac Hoa Binh is an attractive destination to relax and explore the natural beauty and unique culture of the Dao people. Come to enjoy the peaceful, quiet space of nature in this highland of Muong.

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