Camping next to the highest freshwater lake in Vietnam

LAO CAI – Camping at Seo My Ty in the spring, visitors can eat and sleep in the clouds, with fresh air and brightly blooming flowers.

Located about 20 km from Sa Pa town, Seo My Ty lake is a suitable place for those who like to explore. According to the Information Center, National Tourism Administration (TITC), this is the highest artificial freshwater lake in Vietnam, favored by nature for its beautiful scenery.

The family of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan, Hanoi, came to Seo My Ty at the end of February. Having camped in many places in Vietnam, Mr. Tuan chose a place that was not known to many people and was not crowded during the New Year. Researching before the trip, he said this is a place with clear blue water and floating clouds. Visitors coming here will feel the peace, different from the rapid development of Sa Pa town. This location is suitable for a picnic with a group of friends and family.

View from the homestay to the lake.

Floating clouds roll over Seo My Ty lake.

Seo My Ty Lake appears clear as the clouds gradually clear.

The distance is more than 200 km of highway, there are about 60-70 km of mountain roads with beautiful road surface, “some foggy sections and some difficult points due to recent landslides, so visibility is limited to 3 to 5 m”, Mr. Tuan said. .

When he stepped foot on the lake, Mr. Tuan’s first feeling was “refreshment” because of the peaceful scenery, fresh air and brightly blooming peach blossom trees at the ranger station. The special thing about Seo My Ty is seeing clouds floating above the lake.

“The most favorite experience is leisurely watching the clouds hovering over the lake, all day from noon to afternoon. The path through the clouds at the hydroelectric dam also has bright red cherry blossoms, white pear flowers, and salmon and sturgeon farms,” ​​Mr. Tuan said. During the dry season, Mr. Tuan’s child went out to play along the lake, watching people catch fish and crabs, and picking up sparkling pebbles to take home as souvenirs.

Camp space.

Camping among the clouds.

Clouds play all day in the Seo My Ty lake area.

If you don’t have enough gear to keep warm when it’s too cold, Mr. Tuan recommends just camping during the day and sleeping at a homestay at night. The lakeside area currently has three homestays with basic equipment, double room prices range from 400,000 VND to 600,000 VND per night.

The family’s first lunch when they first arrived was booked at a homestay right at the lake. “Salmon in Seo My Ty is raised in cold water and fresh climate so it is crispy and very sweet,” Mr. Tuan said. For the remaining meals, because they have camped many times and have experience, the family cooks food in advance and packs it in ice bags. When it’s time to eat, they heat it up using the gas stove they brought. In the evening, the whole family burns wood to warm up and sits around and drinks tea. The next day at noon, they packed up their tents and headed back to Hanoi.

“This is probably the most beautiful camping trip ever. The whole family plans to stay longer next time so they can play more,” Mr. Tuan said.

Camping at Seo My Ty lake in the summer.  Photo: TITC
Camping at Seo My Ty lake in the summer. Photo: TITC

According to Mr. Tran Thanh, a member of a camping forum with more than 200,000 people, Seo My Ty is a “especially suitable destination in the summer”. In the summer, the lake water will be full and you can participate in swimming activities. In addition, summer is also favorable for visiting places such as the 16 km long Seo Trung Ho stream, originating from the southeast slope of Fansipan peak.

“In the summer, coming to Seo My Ty, visitors will be able to participate in the experience of crossing streams, conquering three-tiered waterfalls and bathing in Rong Waterfall,” Mr. Thanh said.

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