Many flowers bloom in Ha Giang

Colorful spring flowers in Ha Giang bloom, creating a brilliant scene of “the most beautiful season of the year”.

In January, plum blossoms, peach blossoms, rice flowers, and pear flowers bloom brilliantly throughout the districts in Ha Giang. Currently, the flowers have been blooming for about a week and are at their most beautiful stage, attracting many tourists and photographers.

In the photo, pear flowers bloom at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole.

Giang Trinh, a photographer in Hanoi, came to Ha Giang in the last week of February. Having gone many times in different seasons, Mr. Giang said this is the most beautiful season of the year in Ha Giang.

The places Mr. Giang visited included Lung Cu, Sung La (pictured), Lao Xa, and Lo Lo Chai. Plum and peach blossoms bloom everywhere, creating a “very romantic” scene.

The weather on the days he arrived in Ha Giang was quite convenient for traveling, when it was sunny, nearly 20 degrees Celsius. He said the flowers would still bloom beautifully for about another week.

Peach blossoms in Ha Giang are single flowers with 5 petals, light pink in color. When you look closely, you can clearly see the beauty of the flowers.

Peach blossoms and plum blossoms are often planted alternately in people’s gardens and on the side of the road. People originally planted flowers purely naturally, not for the purpose of serving tourists.

Plum blossoms are more brilliant against the background of the yellow walls of typical walled houses in Lo Lo Chai village close to the northernmost point. This is also a tourist destination that has attracted many tourists in the past year.

White pear flowers have delicate petals but often grow in clusters, so they take beautiful photos, Mr. Giang said.

In addition to plum and peach blossoms, rice flowers are also starting to bloom bright red along the banks of the Nho Que River. “So beautiful!” is Mr. Giang’s description. Rice flowers in Nho Que River grow along the slope forming clusters, undulating from low to high, flowers can be seen from any angle.

A rice flower tree blooms on the Nho Que river. Tourists walking on the river can see bright red rice flowers on the shore.

According to the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ha Giang province, during Tet, tourists to the province increased by more than 80% compared to the same period last year. After the peak holiday of Tet, there are still many customers coming.

Photo,Video: Internet