Check in to the rustic, countryside U Minh Ca Mau Longan garden

U Minh Longan Garden along with the mangrove forest and floating market of the same name, Thi Tuong lagoon , Khai Long Beach, Da Bac island,… are all famous tourist destinations of Ca Mau land.

The ecotourism model combined with fruit gardens has been blooming in recent years. Many famous tourist areas throughout the West in particular and the country in general such as Lan Vuong and Ha Thao tourist areas (Ben Tre), Purple House film studio, Muoi Khuong cocoa garden, Xeo Nhum ecological garden in Can Poetry, Chim Islet (Tra Vinh), Tan Lap floating village (Long An), Lao An Binh Island, Ancient House, Sala, Countryside River, Tu Hien Fruit Garden… in Vinh Long,… were built, not only recreating the beautiful scenery and culture of the ancient Southern region but also adding new and interesting games and activities to attract young people. The attractiveness and strong vitality of garden tourist areas combined with ecology prove that this model has never been outdated or outdated but will grow and develop further to achieve the goal of preserving, Preserve the landscape and cultural values ​​of the delta.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - Famous fruit gardenThe fruit garden is famous and loved by many tourists. Photo: Metrip

Currently, two famous fruit garden tourist areas and loved by many Ca Mau tourists are located in Nguyen Phich and Khanh Thuan communes (U Minh district). In particular, Uncle Muoi Su’s U Minh longan garden is a destination that many tourists, especially young people, love and choose as a place to check in on weekends.

Road to U Minh longan garden

Address: 92M3 + 4QM, Hamlet 2, U Minh district, Ca Mau province

Muoi Su, in hamlet 2, Nguyen Phich commune, U Minh district, Ca Mau province)

Contact phone number: 0917282454 – 0947677588

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - EcotourismEcotourism and fruit gardens have never been out of fashion. Photo: ngomoionline

1. Directions to Muoi Su U Minh longan garden

If you depart from Ca Mau city, you can drive about 40km to the longan garden. By motorbike, it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Route details are as follows:

By car:

– Starting from the road in front of Khanh An Commune People’s Committee, go about 17km to reach Rach Pho Nguyen. From here, you can park your car at the cafe and ask for a ferry to take you through the garden.

Go by motobike:

– From Ca Mau city center to the Dien Dam Gas and Fertilizer area, ask for directions to Khanh An Commune People’s Committee (about 1km from Dien Dam Gas to Khanh An Commune Committee).

– From Khanh An Commune People’s Committee, go about 10km to Huynh Nhu gas station, 20m away, turn right across Nguyen Pich bridge (fee: 4k). As soon as you go downhill, turn left, run 20m and then turn right 50m to Zero Bridge.

– From Zero bridge, visitors continue to run through 8 bridges with names: Zero – Doi Tam – Bach Van Cung – Ong Sau – Rach Ten – Giong Ong – Rach Sop – Rach Chet to reach the slope of the 9th bridge. (Rach Tac). Note that you do not cross the bridge, just turn right, run about 500m and you will see the bridge on the left. From here, visitors cross the bridge, turn left and follow the small cement road, go about 200 meters across the plank bridge, turn left and finally run another 50 meters to reach the garden.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - A corner of the gardenA corner of the garden. Photo: Vntrip

2. The right time to visit U Minh longan garden and Ca Mau fruit gardens

You can visit the longan garden in general and other ecological gardens in U Minh land in any season of the year because the fruit here is seasonal. However, to be able to eat your favorite fruits, keep in mind the following times corresponding to the fruit season:

– January: jackfruit season.

– February, October: An Phuoc plum season.

– April to May: strawberry season.

– August: rambutan and durian season.

– October: longan season

– December: orange and tangerine season.

In addition, other tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, papaya, banana… produce fruit all year round.

The birth of U Minh Muoi Su longan garden

Muoi Su longan garden is located in hamlet 2, Nguyen Phich commune with a scale of 250 longan trees.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - lush with fruitThe longan garden is lush with fruit. Photo: Places to eat in Ca Mau

The story of the birth of U Minh longan garden is still a shining example of diligence and creativity in labor, not afraid to conquer difficult lands. When returning to the locality to participate in production, despite many difficulties such as large land but harsh conditions, in addition, climate change and serious saltwater intrusion have directly affected human life and health. The delta’s natural landscape, shrinking and even threatening to wipe out the area of ​​many lush gardens on familiar plain land, made Mr. Muoi Su uneasy.

But overcoming everything, he became one of the first people to successfully plant sweet fruits in U Minh forest and the result was the longan garden and other fruit gardens like today.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - Tourist destinationA tourist destination loved by young people. Photo: Places to eat in Ca Mau

Currently, the family’s garden has an area of ​​2 hectares with many models. Among them, the most prominent is the longan garden with 400 trees that no one in the entire U Minh region has. The garden’s annual income is more than 100 million VND. To diversify the garden, as well as other gardens such as Bay Thao fruit garden, Lang Yen tourist area or Tan Phong island, the longan garden owner has replaced old longan roots with star apple trees, come the harvest season. Se, giving an income of about 50 million VND per year.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - Water hyacinth in the gardenWater hyacinth in the longan garden. Photo: Love traveling

Besides, in order to make the most of the vacant land, Mr. Muoi Su plants intercropped plants in the Thien Ly garden. With this method, each year he earns tens of millions of dong in extra income. In the freshwater pond in the garden, he raises more goby fish, in the saltwater fish pond, he raises goby fish to both add revenue and have more fun experiences for tourists and to have ingredients for delicious dishes. Ca Mau specialties for guests.

Fascinating experiences at U Minh longan garden

As one of the attractive Ca Mau tourist destinations, visitors checking into the longan garden can combine visiting the garden and participating in many interesting activities. Especially from October onwards, the longan garden is ripe so it will be open to visitors! Although it is only a form of ecotourism with a simple model, it promises to bring visitors interesting experiences.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - Young people love itYoung people like it very much. Photo: vntrip

Visitors to the garden only need to buy tickets for 40k/person. Right after that, you will be free to walk around, take photos, check in virtually, and eat fruit freely. There is a small note for visitors: pick a bunch and eat it all, or pick each fruit on the tree to eat to avoid wastage if you pick too much and can’t eat it all. If you want to buy as a gift for relatives and friends, please notify the homeowner in advance so that the garden owner can help you choose delicious ripe fruits for 25k/kg. If you want to choose and pick them yourself, you can also do so.

In addition to longans, in Muoi Su U Minh garden, there are also Thien Ly cotton (price 75k/kg) and fresh tuber (price 35k/kg). If you have a need, remember to notify the host in advance so that the homeowner can pick it and bring it home in time. In addition, the garden serves fresh coconut water for only 10k/fruit along with the service of eating wild vegetable pancakes for 20k/piece or pre-ordering chicken porridge or side dishes if needed. But it’s best for guests going out to prepare to bring some snacks just in case.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - Wild vegetable pancakesWild vegetable pancake – a must-try delicacy in U Minh. Photo: dulichmientay

In addition to enjoying garden fruits, visitors to the longan garden can also join the gardeners in harvesting clean vegetables grown on the U Minh Ha forest land.

After immersing yourself in the quiet space, enjoying the fresh, cool air of the tourist area and enjoying delicious fruits picked by yourself, don’t forget to record beautiful images with your friends. Let your friends and relatives make souvenirs of this trip to explore the West.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - photographyYou can eat longan and take pictures at the same time. Photo: FB U Minh longan garden

When you’re done visiting and taking a break from enjoying the fruit at Muoi Su U Minh longan garden, you can visit other places if you have plenty of time. Located close to U Minh town, there is also the durian garden of Ms. Phan Thi Lua (Hamlet 10), the orange and grapefruit garden of Mr. Ba Liem, the rambutan garden of Mr. Tran Thanh Su or the strawberry garden of Mr. Pham Van Khoi (Hamlet 15). in Nguyen Phich commune. There is also the plum garden of Mr. Tran Trung Quoc (Hamlet 12) or the orange garden of Mr. Nguyen Van Choi (Hamlet 18) in Khanh Thuan commune. These are the fruit gardens that welcome thousands of tourists to visit and enjoy specialties on the U Minh Ha forest land.

U Minh Ca Mau longan garden - A corner of the National ParkA corner of U Minh Ha National Park viewed from above. Photo: thamhiemmekong

If you are planning to travel to Ca Mau and want to enjoy fruits and specialties of the Southwestern countryside, please add U Minh longan garden to your list of favorite destinations. Wishing you a happy and comfortable trip.

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