Explore Tieu Dao Bat Trang Pagoda filled with exquisite ceramic works


The combination of the ceramic art of the craft village and the spiritual architecture of Tieu Dao Pagoda has created a unique beauty and maintained the identity of the traditional craft village. Visiting Bat Trang pottery village located next to the Red River, on the outskirts of Hanoi, to visit the famous ceramic temple, you will feel extremely overwhelmed.

    Some details about Tieu Dao pagoda

    Bat Trang pottery village is located in the territory of 2 villages Giang Cao and Bat Trang. This is a long-standing pottery village and is known as one of the most famous pottery villages in Vietnam. The ceramic temple is called Tieu Dao Pagoda, built on land in Giang Cao village. This pagoda has existed for a long time. Before 1945, Tieu Dao Pagoda was used to hide Party documents and books and was the place where revolutionary activities of many cadres took place.

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    The late musician Van Cao, who composed the song “Tien Quan Ca”, was also a revolutionary activist and his song was preserved and distributed from here. Through many historical events, many architectural works of the pagoda have had many changes. In 2011, when monk Thich Bao Duc became the abbot of the pagoda, he and the Buddhists in the village carried out restoration work on the pagoda with the aim of combining the characteristics of the pottery village into the spiritual architecture, to create a space that reflects the unique culture of this pottery village.

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    Instructions to go to Tieu Dao Bat Trang Pagoda

    Tieu Dao Pagoda is located in Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi city. Hanoi travel experience , the distance from the city center is about 10km and from Noi Bai airport is 40km, so moving and visiting the pottery village and ceramic temple is not too difficult. You can use personal vehicles such as cars, motorbikes or buses to get here.

    – If traveling by bus : you can catch the bus to Long Bien transfer station and then transfer to route 47 to get to Tieu Dao Pagoda.

    – If traveling by personal vehicle : you can follow the routes from the center of Hanoi to Chuong Duong bridge or Vinh Tuy bridge, then continue along the Red River dyke to reach Bat Trang.

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    Explore the architecture of Tieu Dao Pagoda 

    Bat Trang pottery village artisans have devoted all their energy and talent to create unique products at Tieu Dao Pagoda in Bat Trang, Hanoi such as: incense burners made in the style of ancient Nguyen Dynasty, paintings Worship statues,… From the top of the pagoda’s roof, parallel diaphragms, altars, and decorative columns on the outside are all crafted from ceramics.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang Pagoda - architecturePhoto: @beto.asia

    In particular, most of the statues inside the Patriarch Church, Mother Church, Thap Bat Arhat Church and Son Trang Cave at this temple are also created from ceramics by famous artisans in the village. Currently, Tieu Dao Pagoda has recorded 78 statues made entirely from ceramics by famous artisans in the village.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - Patriarch's churchPhoto: @phapluat.suckhoedoisong

    At the main hall of Tam Bao court, artisans in Hanoi’s Bat Trang pottery village used ceramics to cast two statues of Dharma Protectors with exquisite lines. Each statue is 2.5 meters high and takes more than a year to complete. These statues are unique works and are loved by people. In addition, on the background of the painting with a mountain and cloud scene, 18 statues of the Eighteen Arhats are solemnly placed in two altar rooms.

    Tieu Dao Pagoda Bat Trang - Tam BaoPhoto: @tieulongnu88

    Behind the Three Jewels is the Ancestral Church with 4 dragon statues placed on the steps in front of the door. The decoration style in the Ancestral Church is mainly made of porcelain with the main color being cockroach wings. In the waiting room, there are 5 ceramic paintings about the law of cause and effect (above) and a lotus pond painting of ancient and elegant beauty assembled with many ceramic pieces (below). 

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - statuesPhoto: @phapluatvabandoc

    All materials used to make the knife head and temple roof are ceramics, carved with dragons and sunflowers underneath. In addition, the architecture of Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda also has many statues of dragons, unicorns, fish and large statues recreating daily life scenes of noble people, also made of ceramic.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - materialPhoto: @tienphong

    Sightseeing spot near Tieu Dao Pagoda in Bat Trang

    Bat Trang is considered a “living museum” and always impresses visitors with its traditional cultural beauty. To experience the best and more meaningful trip to Bat Trang, don’t forget to visit the following attractions.

    – Bat Trang ancient village:

    If you come to Bat Trang without visiting the ancient village, it will definitely be a mistake. Bat Trang Pottery Village is a treasure of traditional architecture with unique features, preserving ancient features and preserving traces of ancient times such as small alleys and old mossy houses. In particular, your virtual live photos will become more perfect with images such as ceramic drying racks along village roads, communal courtyards or stone pillars, because they create great backgrounds for your photos.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang Pagoda - Pottery VillagePhoto: @msoanh2022

    – Bat Trang Pottery Museum:

    Bat Trang Pottery Museum has recently become a famous check-in location sought by many tourists. This museum is a new and unique project, built with 7 giant spirals representing 7 soft hands rotating ceramic claws, attracting the attention of everyone to admire.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - ceramic museumPhoto: @its_nhun.nhunn

    In addition, this project also uses local fired bricks and Bat Trang tiles to honor the rustic, rustic features and characteristics of traditional craft villages. With a ticket priced at 30,000 VND/person, you can freely visit the museum, check-in, see firsthand the products made from ceramics and can also participate in the experience of making ceramics yourself, painting statues to save your memories. embalm.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - ceramic museumPhoto: @hanh_chila

    – Pottery market in Bat Trang:

    After visiting Tieu Dao Bat Trang Pagoda , you must definitely visit the ceramic market. This is not only a place to display and sell sophisticated ceramic products for visitors to buy as gifts, but also allows visitors to learn about the kneading process to create finished works by famous artisans. .

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - pottery marketPhoto: @Bat Trang Pottery Market

    With their talented hands, artisans have created dishes, cups, fine art decorations and worship items with artistic dragon and phoenix drawings and sophisticated frescoes. These products all have reasonable prices and are suitable for tourists’ budgets.

    Tieu Dao Bat Trang pagoda - pottery marketPhoto: @Bat Trang Pottery Market

    Bat Trang Tieu Dao Pagoda  is an interesting attraction with beautiful architecture and traditional Vietnamese style. Coming to Hanoi , come explore the ancient arts and crafts to truly love the culture of this land.

    ($1=24,000 VND)
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