Check out the list of beautiful coffee shops in Gia Nghia that must be visited

Not a popular coffee capital like Daklak or Gia Lai, but Dak Nong is still one of the famous places with rich highland coffee beans, therefore, in Gia Nghia there is no shortage of beautiful cafes waiting for visitors to stop. enjoy.

Whether traveling alone or with anyone, Dak Nong is always worthy of an attractive destination that travel enthusiasts should not miss in the Central Highlands and Gia Nghia golden flower town is an attractive place. guide. One of the interesting things of people moving when coming to Gia Nghia city is to check-in the beautiful cafes here. The beautiful cafes in Gia Nghia have a very unique quality, typical for the sunny and windy highland that is nowhere to be found, enjoying a delicious cup of coffee in the generous atmosphere of the Central Highlands will be an experience. worth your trip. 

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Gia Nghia is home to many beautiful cafes in Dak Nong. Photo: Godere Coffee Roasters

Discover the most popular beautiful coffee shops in Gia Nghia

1. Enjoy Coffee

Enjoy Coffee is one of the most beautiful coffee shops in Gia Nghia that is known to the people who move. This shop has a minimalist design with white as the main color, airy and luxurious space. Drinks are reasonably priced and delicious. In particular, the roasted coffee here is always the first choice of coffee connoisseurs, and the shop also packs roasted coffee for visitors to buy and take home. In addition, the shop also has attractive cakes and snacks. Enjoy Coffee offers a quiet space with a close retro look, so you can comfortably chill and relax after a long day of exploring and experiencing in the mountain town. 

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Enjoy Coffee has an airy and luxurious space. Photo: @tainguyn_

Nice cafes in Chiayi

In addition to selling on-site, the shop also sells beautifully packaged take-out coffee. Photo: enjoycoffeeedaknong

Address: Road 23/3, Nghia Thanh Ward, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

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2. Godere Coffee Roasters

This cafe in Gia Nghia is a familiar meeting place for young people in Dak Nong. The space of Godere Coffee Roasters is strongly impressed by its youthful, dynamic but still very warm features. The shop has a very cool floor, the seats are decorated very beautifully. At Godere Coffee Roasters, there are large glass panels so you can sip delicious drinks while watching the scenery of Gia Nghia city. The drink menu here is very diverse from coffee, fruit to milk tea dishes, the menu is always changing according to the trends, the staff is cute and enthusiastic.

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Godere Coffee Roasters is a familiar meeting place for young people in Dak Nong. Photo: Godere Coffee Roasters

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Coffee with its own brand is the highlight of the shop. Photo:Godere Coffee Roasters

Address: 46 Quang Trung, Nghia Tan Ward, City. Gia Nghia, Dak Nong

3. Nazola Premium Coffee Roasters

The next name in the list of beautiful cafes in Gia Nghia that you should not miss is Nazola Premium Coffee Roasters. This is a classic Western European style cafe with mainly wood material to bring comfort and warmth. The shop has a variety of spaces from the terrace, outdoor to the indoor space with shimmering yellow lights. Whether you want to chill or simply enjoy relaxing moments, this is always the right address. Coffee at the shop is taken from local farms, so the quality is free, in addition, the drink menu is also very diverse. 

Nice cafes in Chiayi

The most popular space at Nazola Premium Coffee Roasters is the terrace. Photo: Nazola Premium Coffee Roasters

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Chill space with delicious drinks is the plus point of the restaurant. Photo: Nazola Premium Coffee Roasters

Address: Ton Duc Thang, City. Gia Nghia, Dak Nong.

4. Coffee Mountain Gia Nghia – Dak Nong

This shop is also a familiar address for coffee addicts when coming to Dak Nong. The restaurant has a spacious space, diverse seating from indoor space, balcony to beautifully decorated garden. Because it is a famous restaurant, Nui Gia Nghia cafe is always crowded with customers, a special feature is that each corner of the space brings a very unique impression, in addition, the shop is decorated with many trees to create a feeling of freshness and freshness. . 

The outstanding drink menu of this beautiful cafe in Gia Nghia is traditional coffee and Italian style coffee. In addition, the shop also has a very diverse menu of other drinks, a big plus is that the drinks are delicious but the prices are very affordable. 

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Gia Nghia Mountain Coffee has a very spacious space. Photo:Gia Nghia Mountain Coffee

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Delicious drinks, eye-catching decor. Photo:Gia Nghia Mountain Coffee

Address: 02 Ham Nghi, Dak Nia Resettlement Area, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong

5. Hi Coffee Dak Nong

If you don’t want to be crowded in crowded cafes, you can stop at Hi Coffee Dak Nong. This shop has a very quiet and airy space, modern design close to the main spirit of bringing a space full of joy with greetings and smiles always on the lips. Coming to Hi Coffee Dak Nong, besides tea and coffee, you can try attractive new drinks created by an experienced barista team with carefully selected ingredients. 

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Hi Coffee Dak Nong has a large space, very modern design. Photo:Hi Coffee Dak Nong

Nice cafes in Chiayi

Peach orange lemongrass tea is one of the favorite drinks at the shop. Photo:Hi Coffee Dak Nong

Address: Dak Nia TDC, 01 Tran Nhat Duat, Group 4, Nghia Trung, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong

 Traveling to Dak Nong, in addition to the famous sights that must be visited such as Ta Dung, Chu Bluk Volcanic Cave, Three Floor Waterfall, etc., take your time to visit the beautiful cafes in Gia Nghia to enjoy the space. peace or enjoy a cup of coffee with the soul of the mountain town. 

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