Travel experiences in Cat Ba bring great vacations

Owning the green natural beauty is kept intact with isolated space. There are countless tourist experiences in Cat Ba such as swimming, boating, visiting Lan Ha Bay, etc. for tourists to visit, learn and relax on this paradise island.

Attractive travel experiences in Cat Ba

1. Relax at the beach

– Cat Co 1,2,3 beach:

Although the beaches are not too large, but because they are located near the central area and are green and calm, this is the most visited place by tourists. Follow the wooden bridges close to the mountainside and enjoy the poetic scenery you will reach these beaches. Here you can not only swim, eat delicious seafood but also stay in luxury hotels.

travel experience in Cat Ba - Cat Co beachPhoto: @m.dn_29

– Ba Trai Dao beach:

Not only a place to swim, this beach also gives visitors many interesting experiences. With clear blue water and bumpy rocks, this is a place where you can scuba dive to see the ocean and interesting corals. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - Ba Trai Dao beachPhoto: @lehang750028

– Tung Thu beach:

Tung Thu Beach is located about 2km from the center of the island, the sea is calm and the waves are calm in the shape of an extremely clear and gentle arc. The smooth white sand beach is very suitable for swimming, besides there are many facilities for you to experience. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - Tung Thu beachPhoto: @hoangynhiiii

– Van Boi beach: 

Van Boi beach is unspoiled, it is a protruding part of the rocky mountain range located in the middle of the pearl island of Cat Ba, so it possesses unspoiled beauty. The water is shallow but very clean, the fine white sand is very cool for swimming and playing, kayaking.

travel experience in Cat Ba - Van Boi beachPhoto: @phuongkhonglo

2. Kayaking to visit Lan Ha Bay 

This is one of the travel experiences in Cat Ba that brings many unforgettable impressions to any visitor when coming to this island. By choosing kayaking, you can freely explore the life of fishermen and see the bay with limestone blocks and clear blue water. The activity is suitable for people who like to exercise, the most suitable time is from April to October.

travel experience in Cat Ba - kayakingẢnh: @halongresenitycruises

3. Visit Monkey Island

This wild and majestic island is also a favorite stop for many people in the journey to discover Cat Ba island. This place used to grow many wild pineapple trees, so it was also called Cat Dua island. Here you can visit friendly and very intelligent monkeys, play together and feed them yourself. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - Monkey islandPhoto: @hiendang._

In addition, Cat Ba Monkey Island also owns 2 extremely famous beaches. If Cat Dua 1 beach is a place for you to relax, swim and kayak to enjoy the peaceful feeling. Then, the deeper Cat Dua 2 beach is the place where you can immerse yourself in the charming natural scenery or climb the mountain to see the whole island from above.

travel experience in Cat Ba - Monkey islandPhoto: @whoamimax

4. See the ancient fishing village of Cai Beo

One of the oldest villages in Vietnam with nearly 7,000 years old. Cai Beo fishing village is not only impressed by its natural beauty but also preserves many long-standing traditional cultural values. Sitting on a boat, weaving through the green water of moss-covered islands, the village appears as a peaceful picture. Book a train ticket or if you go in a large group, you can rent a private train for about 1,500,000 VND. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - Cai Beo fishing villagePhoto: @vietnam_travel_media

Here people live peacefully on floating houses that look down from above like pre-arranged colored boxes. Traditional style next to modernity, beautiful poetic scenes for you to freely check in. Not only that, with this interesting travel experience in Cat Ba , you can join the people in catching seafood to enjoy fresh seafood right at their floating houses. Extremely interesting activities that you will hardly forget. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - Cai Beo fishing villagePhoto: @ha_my251097

5. Explore Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is one of the World Biosphere Reserves recognized by UNESCO. With an area of ​​​​over 17,000 hectares, coming here you will have the opportunity to explore the diverse ecosystem stretching from the forest to the sea, with countless rare species of flora and fauna. Visit the primeval Cat Ba forest, mangrove forest with old and green trees.

travel experience in Cat Ba - Cat Ba National ParkPhoto: @mateo_perazolo

Explore the rich marine ecosystem with colorful fish and corals in the bay area or at the foothills of limestone mountains. Participating in kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, etc. Not only that, traveling to Cat Ba to this place, people also learn about many archaeological sites of important historical significance. Trekking through the forest to see the natural flora and fauna, rare animals, reptiles or birds, …

travel experience in Cat Ba - National ParkPhoto: @hoaianh0803

See firsthand the yellow-headed langur swinging on ancient trees or cliffs. For those who love nature and love to explore, this is a place to bring very interesting experiences. The best time to come is from April to October every year. In the process of going, pay attention not to affect nature or discharge waste into the environment.

travel experience in Cat Ba - National ParkPhoto: @dastik.official

6. Visit Cannon Fort

In the history of the struggle to defend the Fatherland, Than Cong fortress on Cat Ba island is one of the places where the important sea defense base is located. Coming to this island, there is not only nature or activities with the sea. Visiting the fortress is also a tourist experience in Cat Ba that is loved by many people. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - Cannon Gunner HillPhoto: @kongandgo

With its back leaning against the mountain, the fortress is located on the top of a green hill 170m above sea level. Therefore, from this position, a part of the East Sea can be fully observed. Here, at present, there are still 2 cannons weighing more than ten tons. Where the army and people of Cat Ba united against the enemy through two long and arduous wars against the French and American.

travel experience in Cat Ba - Than Cong fortressPhoto: @huynguyenpham

Because it is located on high terrain, from there you can zoom out to see the whole poetic landscape. In the distance is the blue ocean, at the foot is the beautiful and lyrical Cat Co beach . In particular, from the Cannon fortress every afternoon, people gather together to wait for the sunset to fall on the sea, which is extremely romantic. 

travel experience in Cat Ba - fortressPhoto: @wanderingwithlaura

Always loved by the vitality of nature and quiet space. The travel experiences in Cat Ba Hai Phong add to the attraction of this island. So that anyone who has been there once will be attached and do not want to leave!

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