Conquer Chu Yang Lak peak to see the sea of ​​clouds in the middle of the Central Highlands

Exploring Chu Yang Lak peak to admire the wild nature with rich vegetation, trekking through beautiful roads and immersing yourself in the sea of ​​floating clouds will be a memorable experience for anyone coming to this land. Dak Lak plateau. 

    Chu Yang Lak peak is one of the attractive stops on the tourist map of Dak Lak province but is still not known to many people. That’s why this place still retains its original wild and mysterious features. The beautiful scenery of Chu Yang Lak’s vast mountains and forests is what attracts many travelers who love to explore nature. If you also love the wild beauty of the Central Highlands mountains and forests, Chu Yang Lak peak will be a dream place that will fascinate you. 

    Chu Yang Lak peakChu Yang Lak mountain peak is a beautiful paradise for those who love nature. Photo: @hungthe2003

    How to get to Chu Yang Lak 

    Chu Yang Lak peak is located in Chu Yang Sin National Park of Yang Tao commune, Lak district, 50km southeast of Buon Ma Thuot city center. Normally, tourists will arrive at Buon Ma Thuot and then move to Chu Yang Lak. However, if traveling by car and passing by Yang Tao intersection, National Highway 27, visitors can stop here and then take a motorbike taxi straight to Chu National Park. Yang Sin to conquer Chu Yang Lak. If traveling from Buon Ma Thuot, visitors can follow Highway 27 to Lien Son town area of ​​Lak district, then turn to the National Park Ranger Station located at the foot of the mountain, a road about 20km long. Once at the Chu Yang Sin National Park management board, visitors buy entrance tickets and then begin the journey to conquer Chu Yang Lak peak. 

    How to get to Chu Yang Lak peakVisitors can get to Chu Yang Lak from Buon Ma Thuot with a distance of 50km. Photo: @sieuvivu.

    The ideal time to conquer Chu Yang Lak peak 

    In Chu Yang Sin, the weather is divided into two very distinct seasons. The rainy season will start from April to December in which the peak will be from September to November, while the dry season will be from December until April of the following year. So the most ideal time to travel to Chu Yang Lak peak is the dry season, from December to April because of the dry weather and beautiful scenery. This is also the time when coffee flowers in Dak Lak bloom, so it is very popular. suitable for exploring. If you want to go at other times, please monitor the weather in advance and choose the most suitable time to explore. 

    Ideal season to reach Chu Yang Lak peakThe dry season is the ideal time to conquer Chu Yang Lak. Photo: toong Adventure

    Explore Chu Yang Lak peak with wonderful experiences  

    Trekking to the top of the mountain 

    The trekking route to Chu Yang Lak peak is 13km long, you will move from an altitude of 700m to an altitude of nearly 1700m with diverse terrain with a 7-hour summit time and 4-hour descent time.

    trekking Chu Yang Lak peakTrekking time to the top of the mountain is 7 hours with a length of 13 km. Photo: @wlancaster

    With the Chu Yang Lak trekking tour, you will admire the scenery of the beautiful tropical forest with rich vegetation, cross streams, walk on small trails and especially climb steep slopes, considered as The specialty of Chu Yang Lak is the continuous slopes and 90-degree cliffs that are a challenge for any trekking enthusiast. Although the trekking route is not easy to conquer, admiring the wild and majestic nature will be a worthy reward for anyone. 

    Climbing the cliffs of Chu Yang Lak peakChu Yang Lak’s specialties are cliffs and slopes. Photo: bitourvietnam

    Explore the tropical forest ecosystem 

    Coming to Chu Yang Lak, visitors will be surprised by the beautiful scenery of nature here. The lush, green forest carpet radiates shade with countless flowers and plants. Nature in Chu Yang Lak is very lively, with many unique species of animals such as birds, insects and amphibians.

    Enjoy the view of Chu Yang Lak peakChu Yang Lak nature is beautiful and pristine. Photo:@wlancaster

    Picturesque forests hide the magical beauty of nature, you will be immersed in the symphony of the jungle, where there are cold streams, ancient trees with strange shapes, wildflowers and mushrooms. lovely roadside. Especially standing under the canopy of large ancient trees covered with green moss, proudly reaching out to catch the sun, makes you feel like you are lost in a fairy tale world.

    Enjoy the view of Chu Yang Lak peakThe fresh space between the mountains and forests brings a comfortable feeling. Photo:@frozenery

    Cloud hunting and mountain viewing from an altitude of 1,634m

    Once you reach the top of Chu Yang Lak, you will definitely be amazed by the impressive view. From an altitude of nearly 1700m above sea level, you will be able to take in the entire view of the mountain range, the valley below with Lien Son town and clear Lak lake. Climbing the high rocks on Chu Yang Lak peak, you will enjoy the cool breeze. In Chu Yang La, there is also a 100m long, 10m wide stone slab shaped like a human face associated with the story of the “high god” of the local people. 

    Cloud hunting at Chu Yang Lak peakFrom an altitude of nearly 1700m you can take in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests. Photo: @toong_adventure

    If you go to the top of Chu Yang Lak on days with good weather, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful sea floating in the sky, the scenery of clouds covering the top of the mountain creating a wonderful picture like a heavenly place. True hybrid makes anyone fall in love and can’t bear to leave. 

    Cloud hunting at Chu Yang Lak peak

    Chu Yang Lak also has a sea of ​​floating clouds. Photo: @kukuong212

    Cloud hunting at Chu Yang Lak peakThe stunning view on the top of the mountain is a worthy reward after a 7-hour trekking trip. Photo: @vietmoselfreliance

    Camping in the middle of the forest 

    This is a great experience for you to truly immerse yourself in nature, the camping area is located under the green forest canopy with a fresh space for you to relax and enjoy truly peaceful moments. Especially, a meal in the middle of the forest with specialties of bamboo-tube rice, grilled chicken, grilled meat or delicious dishes of the indigenous people will be something that will make you passionate. The feeling of being immersed in the starry night sky of the jungle on Chu Yang Lak peak is also very special. In addition, with the camping experience, you will have the opportunity to fully watch the sunset and sunrise on the top of the mountain.

    Cloud hunting at Chu Yang Lak peakCamping in the middle of the forest and enjoying delicious rustic dishes is a very interesting experience. Photo:@sieuvivu

    Notes to remember when exploring Chu Yang Lak peak 

    Chu Yang Lak Peak is a great discovery paradise for those who love nature and want to conquer beautiful green roads. However, if you are just checking in for the first time, you need to take a few notes for your trip. go completely. 

    The most important factor to successfully conquer Chu Yang Lak peak is physical strength. This trekking stage is not dangerous but bumpy so it requires a lot of strength, so 1 to 2 weeks before the trip, practice first. to ensure health. 

    Cloud hunting at Chu Yang Lak peakYou should exercise 1-2 weeks before the trip. Photo:@sieuvivu

     You should prepare light but adequate luggage. Experience when climbing to the top of Chu Yang Lak is to prepare gloves to increase your grip when going over the cliffs because to reach the top of the mountain you must definitely climb through the cliffs. Rope cliff At night on the top of the mountain, it will be quite cold, so prepare extra warm clothes to ensure your health. 

    Chu Yang Lak is still very wild because not many people know about this place and also because of the cooperation of nature-loving tourists, so when you come here, in addition to admiring the wonderful nature, be aware of preserving it. Keep the landscape and collect waste so as not to affect the forest ecosystem. 

    Note when trekking Chu Yang Lak peakYou should prepare enough luggage to have a complete trip to Chu Yang Lak. Photo:@thethong_

    Chu Yang Lak peak with its pure, wild beauty of mountains and forests always has a special attraction to hearts passionate about traveling, making anyone who sees it even once will be captivated and nostalgic. When you come to Dak Lak, don’t forget to go to Chu Yang Lak to hunt clouds and admire the mountains. 

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