Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish specialty, eat it once and you’ll be addicted!

Referring to Ca Mau specialties, one cannot ignore the delicious grilled snakehead fish famous for U Minh. Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish is grilled in a rustic way, the fish meat is delicious and fragrant, you will be addicted to it once you eat it.

    Unique name “grilled snakehead fish”

    Cape Ca Mau is located in the rich Mekong Delta, suitable for developing aquaculture, including fish dishes. Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish dish is prepared with typical flavors of the Southern countryside. The reason it is called “grilled snakehead fish” is because the fish is incubated in a pile of straw and when grilled, the fish’s head is down and the tail is up.

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish is famousGrilled snakehead fish is a famous dish of Ca Mau. Photo: wiki-travel

    Enjoy the specialty of Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish dish is not only delicious, but also very famous in the Southern region with a unique way of processing but still retaining its inherent delicious flavor. In particular, the fish must be grilled with straw for the fish meat to be most fragrant and delicious. The ingredients to make snakehead fish are field fish caught in the dry season from the banks or ponds. Fish weighing about 400 – 500g is the best. After thoroughly preparing the fish, it is skewered on fresh bamboo sticks from head to mouth, covered with straw, then burned and grilled. 

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish specialtyThe snakehead fish is cleaned and skewered with a stick for grilling. Photo: thamhiemmekong

    It sounds very simple, but having delicious Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish dish is a secret of Dat Mui people. Specifically, you must add enough straw so that the fish is just cooked, because if it’s overcooked, the meat will be dry and not sweet. If the grilled snakehead fish is not cooked enough, it will be fishy and mushy. If there is too much straw, the fish meat will easily burn, and if there is too little straw, the fish’s head will be raw and the tail will be burned, making it unpalatable. 

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish specialtySnakehead fish is grilled with straw until cooked. Photo: taucaotoc

    When the straw burns out, take the fish out and use a knife to scrape off the outside scales. Enjoy grilled snakehead fish while it’s still hot and serve the fish on a banana leaf tray. The most delicious part of Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish dish is the intestines, also known as the fish intestines. The fish intestines are prepared cleanly, and when enjoyed, it has a slightly bitter taste of honey. The more you eat, the more you grind it.

    Enjoy grilled snakehead fish from Ca MauGrilled snakehead fish will be served on a green banana leaf. Photo: Quynh Mai

    Enjoying grilled snakehead fish is indispensable with vermicelli, rice paper, herbs, raw chives, fish mint, banana, cucumber, and pineapple. Especially tamarind fish sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce mixed with onions, garlic and lemon. When enjoying, take out the rice paper, add some vermicelli, meat, fish, and raw vegetables of all kinds, roll it up and dip it with dipping sauce. The sour taste of chives, the astringent taste of bananas, the spicy taste of chives, the fleshy taste of fish meat and the cool taste of raw vegetables plus the spicy taste of wine are so delicious that it’s hard to describe.

    Enjoy grilled snakehead fish from Ca MauScrape the snakehead fish scales clean and place on a plate to enjoy. Photo: mia

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish specialtyEnjoy grilled snakehead fish with rustic salt. Photo: baotravinh

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish specialtyTo enjoy delicious grilled snakehead fish, wine is indispensable. Photo: taucaotoc

    The best place to eat grilled snakehead fish in Ca Mau

    Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish is a rustic dish, so you can see Dat Mui people enjoying this dish in their daily meals. Or even, when going to work in the fields, take the opportunity to grill lunch to hitchhike in the afternoon. Grilled snakehead fish is also a familiar dish at restaurants from popular to luxury in Ca Mau. To enjoy the most delicious grilled snakehead fish in Ca Mau, you can refer to the following address:

    Nam Dao Restaurant

    – Address: No. 231 Phan Ngoc Hien, Ward 9, City. Ca Mau

    – Opening hours: 14:00 – 22:00

    – Reference price: 50,000 – 100,000 VND

    Nam Dao Restaurant is a famous place to eat delicious grilled snakehead fish in Ca Mau , loved by locals and tourists. The restaurant has a spacious and clean space. The restaurant’s signature dish is grilled snakehead fish with 100% raw snakehead fish purchased from the West. The fish is richly marinated and has many delicious side dishes, the price is reasonable at only 90,000 VND/portion. 

    The special thing is that the restaurant serves up to 6 types of dipping sauces served with rice paper such as: heirloom anchovy fish sauce, tamarind sauce, chili sauce, black sauce, soy sauce and sweet and sour fish sauce. Depending on your taste, choose the best dipping sauce to eat with rice paper. 

    In addition, the restaurant also serves many other attractive dishes such as: Hot tofu noodles, snails stuffed with meat and mushrooms, shrimp spring rolls, fried dried squid with pepper, real long-legged dancers… and drinks priced from only 5,000 VND /bottle.

    Delicious grilled snakehead fish restaurant in Ca MauThe best place to eat grilled snakehead fish in Ca Mau. Photo: thamhiemmekong

    Shop 126 

    – Address: 126 Phan Ngoc Hien Street, Ward 9, Ca Mau City

    – Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:30

    – Reference price: 55,000 – 90,000 VND

    The next address to enjoy delicious grilled snakehead fish in Ca Mau is the restaurant at 126 Phan Ngoc Hien Street, Ward 9. The grilled snakehead fish at the restaurant makes you crave it just by looking at it. Super large snakehead fish grilled until golden brown and fragrant. Surrounded by Western specialty vegetables, noodles, and rice paper rolls are super abundant. The accompanying dipping sauce is delicious, rich and delicious. 

    Coming to restaurant 126, in addition to snakehead fish, diners can also order grilled oysters with onions and steamed snails, which are very delicious and famous at the restaurant.

    If you have the opportunity to visit Dat Mui, you must definitely enjoy the Ca Mau grilled snakehead fish dish once to feel the flavor. That is the saying that many tourists tell each other when they have the opportunity to travel to Ca Mau .

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