Dien Bien wild sunflower season is in full bloom, waiting for you to visit


In these late autumn days, Dien Bien’s wild sunflower season is at its most brilliant, bringing a sweet, poetic and romantic beauty to Dien Bien’s land and sky.

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season is here, come see it!

    Dien Bien’s wild sunflower season is at its most brilliant, attracting many tourists to see the flowers, experience and explore the beautiful scenery. For many years now, Dien Bien has also been a beautiful location that tourists choose to stop at in November. At this time, the weather is pleasant, the scenery is gentle, and the bright yellow wild sunflowers are even more beautiful. What’s more beautiful? 

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season has arrivedCome November, wild sunflowers bloom brilliantly in Dien Bien. Photo: @nhungchuyendicuadi

    In Vietnam, wild sunflowers are not only a typical flower of the Central Highlands but also bloom in many northern mountainous provinces. Dien Bien is one of the most beautiful “wildflower capitals” in our country. From October to December every year, wild sunflowers bloom, painting a bright yellow color all over the roads in remote Dien Bien. 

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season brings a romantic beautyWild sunflowers are wild flowers, easy to grow and live. Photo: @mi_tom_2020

    This season, if you travel to Dien Bien , you have the opportunity to roam on roads filled with the scent of this wild flower. The shiny yellow color of wild sunflowers also helps to dispel some of the cold air in remote mountainous areas. The vast flower forests stand out among the green of the vast forest, making the beauty of Dien Bien even more impressive.

    There is a beautiful wild sunflower season in Dien Bien!

    The return of Dien Bien wild sunflower season brings with it many memories for travelers from far away. Anyone who loves the beauty of this flower wants to pick up their backpack and roam around Dien Bien to enjoy the rustic, rustic beauty of wild sunflowers in the sun. No need for elaborate care, yet every season, flowers bloom again.

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season is so beautifulWild sunflowers are rustic, rustic but captivatingly beautiful. Photo: @nguyenxuandinh88

    Coming to Dien Bien this season, visitors can follow the roads in the city and Muong Nhe district to see millions of blooming wild sunflowers. All over the hillsides, streams, villages,… flowers bloom bright yellow, painting an extremely gentle and poetic scene. Anywhere on the road, you can stop to admire the flowers and take beautiful photos. 

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season attracts many young peopleYoung people check in to Dien Bien wild sunflower season. Photo: @nguyenkhaitrung

    In addition, the Binh Lu intersection area on Highway 4D turning to Highway 32 to Mu Cang Chai is also a place with many wild sunflowers. People come here to see the flowers, to take pictures, and to inhale the romantic atmosphere of late autumn. And surely everyone has beautiful photos with bright yellow wild sunflowers. 

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season brings a new flavor to this landTourists with beautiful photos of Dien Bien wild sunflower season. Photo: @huyen.trang16

    Besides the above coordinates, the road leading to Muong Phang is also full of sparkling yellow wild sunflowers. If you are someone who likes to freely explore, just having a motorbike is enough to roam everywhere, watching the yellow flowers blooming under the warm sunlight. Who knows, if you explore on your own, you will find even more beautiful wild sunflower coordinates. 

    The wild sunflower season in Dien Bien is bright and freshWild sunflowers bloom brightly in the last days of autumn. Photo: @casinhtbu91

    It can be said that Dien Bien wild sunflower season is the most beautiful flower season in the Northern mountainous region that tourists cannot miss. The experience of viewing flowers and taking photos with them will save many memories for your youthful journey. Go and see that the wild sunflower season here is no less beautiful than the wild sunflower season in Da Lat, Gia Lai or Ba Vi.

    Dien Bien wild sunflower season covers all mountains and forestsDien Bien mountains and hills are covered with bright yellow flowers. Photo: Xuan Tu (VNA) 

    For Dien Bien people, wild sunflower season is also associated with Tet of the Ha Nhi ethnic group. They will celebrate the traditional Tet holiday in mid-November and early December, called Khu Su Cha Tet. When the flowers begin to bloom, throughout Ha Nhi villages in Muong Nhe, people will dress beautifully and celebrate the New Year, celebrating a peaceful and favorable year. 

    Small tips to explore Dien Bien wild sunflower season 

    If you are a flower lover, you probably won’t want to miss the extremely beautiful Dien Bien wild sunflower season. Currently, wild sunflowers in Dien Bien are blooming, right at the most beautiful time, so tourists should arrange their schedules to have a memorable trip, taking lots of beautiful photos with these bright yellow flowers. 

    Dien Bien's wild sunflower season makes the landscape more impressiveDien Bien village is more beautiful in the bright yellow wild sunflower season. Photo: Kieu Duong (VnExpress) 

    It’s not difficult to have beautiful virtual photos with wild sunflowers, you just need to cleverly choose outfits with outstanding colors and contrast with the yellow color scheme. Choosing clothes with white, beige, brown or red, blue, pink tones, etc. will help you bring back a series of beautiful photos, without being “sunk” among hundreds of bright yellow flowers. 

    Dien Bien's wild sunflower season makes travelers miss itIf you have the opportunity, remember to visit Dien Bien during the blooming wild sunflower season. Photo: Xuan Tu (VNA) 

    Although wild sunflowers are natural and grow everywhere, perhaps the most beautiful flower is when it is still on the branch, when it blooms until it withers away. So no matter how much you love flowers, you should not pick flowers and break branches. Let the flowers be at their most beautiful on the branches, so that they can adorn life completely. 

    Every corner of Dien Bien wild sunflower season is captivatingly beautifulAlong with Da Lat, Gia Lai, Ba Vi, Lai Chau, etc., Dien Bien is also the coordinates with beautiful wild sunflower season. Photo: Kieu Duong (VnExpress) 

    We hope that this year’s beautiful Dien Bien wild sunflower season will bring visitors unforgettable memories, lifelong photos and beautiful travel experiences, as beautiful as the scent of this mountain and forest flower. 

    Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)