Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari – paradise of fun, check-in virtual living is as beautiful as a place of paradise


Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari makes young people stand still with poetic and majestic mountain scenery, suitable for playing, camping and attractive teambuilding activities. If you still don’t know where to go, what to play at Dinh Mountain Safari, let’s “pocket” the experiences below.

Where is Dinh mountain Safari tourist area located in Vung Tau? 

Dinh mountain Safari tourist area is located in the territory of Tan Thanh district, Vung Tau city . The tourist area was built on Dinh mountain with an altitude of 500m above sea level. The resort officially came into operation in 2019 and quickly became a tourist attraction when coming to Vung Tau.    

Coming to Dinh mountain Safari tourist area, you will admire the beautiful panorama of the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau. In particular, you will be able to participate in resort activities, beautiful natural scenery, eco-tourism and spiritual tourism.

Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari attracts tourists to have fun and live virtual lifeDinh Mountain Safari is a tourist attraction in Vung Tau

The best time to go Safari on Dinh Vung Tau mountain 

Dinh mountain Safari tourist area is located on the top of the mountain and is surrounded by mountains and forests, so you should arrange to go on sunny days. Before going, you should check the weather forecast to avoid a slippery rainy day that will affect your fun activities. The period from May to October is the best time to explore Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari . At this time, it is sunny and beautiful, the climate is cool and there is little rain, suitable for playing, climbing and sightseeing.

The ideal time to go Safari on Dinh Vung Tau mountainYou should choose sunny days to explore Dinh mountain. Photo: @druxy.aries

How to go to Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari? 

Experience going to Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari, you can easily move to this ecological area from Saigon by the following route: Go in the direction of Long Son junction -> look at the signboard to go straight to the city center. Vung Tau -> QL51 -> see Chu Hai parish -> continue walking for another 15km, you will see the road to Dinh mountain on the left. 

Dinh mountain Safari ecological area is about 24km from Vung Tau city center, you can easily move here by motorbike along the National Highway 51 route about 40 minutes to arrive. You can easily look up the way to the eco-zone by asking people on the street or looking it up on Google Maps.

How to get to Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari?How to go to Dinh Mountain Safari by motorbike?

Explore the Safari Ecological Area of ​​Dinh Vung Tau Mountain

What to play at Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari? You will admire the charming scenery of the country, visit historical sites, sacred temples and enjoy playing and relaxing. 

View of the sacred temples 

Dinh mountain Safari tourist area has a population of famous temples such as Tay Phuong Pagoda, Hang Pagoda, Dai Tung Lam Pagoda… Coming to Dinh Mountain Safari, visitors can not only admire the unique architecture of temples and pagodas. but also enjoy the peaceful and peaceful scenery. All temples in the ecological area are built in the middle of the mountain and cliff, making the space even more quiet.

Spiritual places in Dinh mountain Safari in Vung TauThe sacred sight at the temple in Dinh mountain. Photo: mia

Visiting historical sites 

Dinh mountain safari attracts visitors with historical sites such as: Bung Lung Base, Mai cave, Wire Bi cave, Ong Trong cave… These are all famous monuments associated with the history of struggle. national heroism in the resistance wars against France and America.

historical sites in Dinh mountain Safari in Vung TauThere are also historical sites on the mountain that attract tourists to visit

Trekking to see beautiful scenery 

Exploring Dinh Vung Tau Mountain Safari, you can also experience climbing the mountain to admire the whole city from above. Let’s experience the journey through the forest to admire the majestic and immense mountains. You can bring equipment to set up a tent to camp through the night and wake up early to watch a beautiful romantic sunrise.

Trekking at Dinh Mountain Safari in Vung TauTrekking to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Dinh mountain from above. Photo: @vitran16

Camping in the forest is fun 

Perhaps the most interesting experience when coming to Dinh Mountain Safari is camping in the forest suitable for families. In particular, families with small children when coming to Dinh Mountain Safari can also experience fruit harvesting and flower planting. In particular, the ecological area also has a garden, a zoo and a lotus pond in full bloom. If you go with your family or a large group of people, you can organize a barbecue and campfire for fun.

Camping at Dinh Mountain Safari in Vung TauCamping at Dinh Mountain Safari

Rest at bungalows

Coming to Dinh Mountain Safari, visitors can also enjoy the natural scenery at the bungalow. The ecological area has a system of bungalows built right next to the lake with unique architecture and unique colors. Especially, coming to Dinh Mountain Safari, you can also experience fishing, boating and waking up early to watch the beautiful romantic sunrise.

Resort at Dinh mountain Safari in Vung TauDinh Mountain Safari has resort bungalows for visitors

Notes when going to Dinh mountain Safari

– The terrain of the eco-zone is mainly forest and mountains, so before you go you should bring insect repellent. 

– Bring sports shoes when climbing to avoid slipping. 

– When playing in the ecological area, you should not throw garbage indiscriminately and maintain general hygiene. 

– Pay attention to dress politely and neatly when visiting spiritual sites and historical sites. 

– The eco-zone is usually crowded on weekends, so you should contact in advance to reserve your spot. 

Above are the detailed experiences of going to Dinh Vung Tau mountain Safari , hoping to help you have the most interesting experiences for your trip. In addition, you can refer to Vung Tau tourism information for the upcoming trip to be more complete. 

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