Discover beautiful nature reserves across 3 regions of the country 

If you are a lover of discovery, go to the beautiful nature reserves of Vietnam to admire the diverse and unique flora and fauna ecosystems. 

The beautiful and famous nature reserves of our country

1. Cuc Phuong Nature Reserve

One of the most beautiful and famous nature reserves in Vietnam is Cuc Phuong National Park. This is the first national park in Vietnam, located in 3 provinces of Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa and Hoa Binh. With a total area of ​​22,408 hectares and a rich flora and fauna ecosystem, this is an extremely attractive tourist destination for tourists. 

Cuc Phuong National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamCuc Phuong National Park is located in Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. Photo: @thaob0o

Most tourists often approach Cuc Phuong National Park when traveling to Ninh Binh. This is a destination with beautiful blue colors, extremely fresh and pristine space. The entire national park is a system of lakes, ancient forests, caves and extremely diverse vegetation. 

Cuc Phuong National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamThe beauty of Cuc Phuong National Park in the butterfly season. Photo: @sang.kool

Possessing a large area, this nature reserve is divided into many destinations, helping visitors choose the appropriate coordinates to explore. You can go through the forest to visit the Botanical Garden, the Center for Rescue, Conservation and Development of Creatures or go to the top of the Silver Cloud to enjoy the panoramic view of this national park. 

Cuc Phuong National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamIt has a forest ecosystem and a poetic lake. Photo: @ _t.thanh__  

The most special feature in Cuc Phuong National Park is the butterfly season in May every year. That is the season when the scenery here is as beautiful as a fairy scene with millions of golden butterfly wings fluttering. Visitors not only have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this nature reserve, but also live virtual with beautiful butterflies. 

2. Phu Quoc Nature Reserve

Vietnam has many beautiful nature reserves. One of them is Phu Quoc National Park with a huge area of ​​31,422 hectares. Along with many other tourist destinations on the pearl island, this national park is the coordinates that domestic and foreign tourists often check in and experience. 

Phu Quoc National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamPhu Quoc National Park is a world biosphere reserve. Photo: @phuquoctrip

Phu Quoc National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world in 2006. It possesses a diverse ecosystem with topography including hills, streams, waterfalls, forests and sea. Therefore, this nature reserve becomes a common home for many species of mammals and birds, especially endangered species. 

Phu Quoc National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamBeautiful road going into Phu Quoc National Park. Photo: @tranmai_huyentrang

In addition to the diverse flora, this national park also owns up to 60 km of coastline – where there are beautiful and colorful coral carpets that are growing day by day under the ocean. Not only coral but also precious fish such as butterfly fish, grouper, forming an extremely rich ecological population. 

Phu Quoc National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamFresh, unspoiled nature in Phu Quoc National Park. Photo: @njl26

Today, when traveling to Phu Quoc , visitors can spend time exploring this national park with activities such as going through the forest or scuba diving to see the coral. In particular, you cannot miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the streams, clear waterfalls in the middle of the forest, as well as climb to the top of Mount Chua to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Phu Quoc pearl island.

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3. Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Among the beautiful nature reserves in Vietnam, Pu Luong is always present with an extremely unspoiled natural picture and many interesting travel experiences. This conservation area is about 150 km from Hanoi capital, which is being invested to develop eco-tourism and resort models. 

Pu Luong is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamThe charming beauty of Pu Luong nature reserve. Photo: @db.anh

Covering an area of ​​17,662 hectares, this nature reserve is covered with seasonal tropical closed forests. Inside the forest is the world of 598 animals belonging to many different families. This is also the residence of many rare animals such as fire leopards, clouded leopards, chamois, horse bears, etc. 

Pu Luong is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamThe terraced fields in Pu Luong are golden in the ripe rice season. Photo: @xiuxiuiu

Visiting Pu Luong , visitors also have the opportunity to admire the unique limestone ecosystem with beautiful caves, typically Kho Muong cave. At the same time, the area around Pu Luong is home to many Thai villages, with the appearance of resorts and homestays for tourists to rest and relax. 

Pu Luong is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamThis place is known as “little Bali” in Vietnam. Photo: @ducmai.84

It can be said that Pu Luong is the place for you to return to nature, with peace and heal the negative emotions in your heart. Whether you choose to go to Pu Luong to chill, explore the beautiful scenery of the village, the terraced fields or go deep to explore the forest ecosystem, this is still a nature reserve in Vietnam that you should once visit. 

4. Cat Ba Nature Reserve

Cat Ba is one of the famous national parks in Vietnam , possessing extremely beautiful and unspoiled scenery on the Cat Ba archipelago. In 2004, Cat Ba National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve of the world. Currently, this is a place to preserve many marine ecosystems, forests and rare species of flora and fauna.

Cat Ba National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamCat Ba National Park is also a world biodiversity reserve. Photo:

As a national park located on the island, the beauty and attraction of Cat Ba also has something very different. Visitors who set foot on Cat Ba Island and explore this national park will have the opportunity to explore an ecosystem of 17,360 hectares, including forests and sea. Including more than 282 species of plants and nearly 800 species of animals. 

Cat Ba National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamIt possesses a diverse ecosystem, with beautiful forests and sea. Photo: @nomad_dazz

Cat Ba Nature Reserve is an ideal place for climbing activities, bringing visitors deep into the rich and diverse world of flora and fauna. From the top of the high mountain, you can zoom into the distance, capturing the cool green color of the undulating, high and low forests.

Cat Ba National Park is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamApril – October is the right time for you to explore Cat Ba National Park. Photo: @albertvazgu

In particular, in addition to experiencing in the forest, visitors can also go to the sea to snorkel, swim, and kayak. The beauty and charm of the ocean surrounding Cat Ba National Park certainly won’t disappoint you, especially when you come here at the time of April – October every year.

5. Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve

Kon Chu Rang is also one of the beautiful nature reserves that visitors cannot ignore when they have the opportunity to return to the Central Highlands. This is a conservation area located in 4 provinces of Quang Ngai, Gia Lai, Binh Dinh and Kon Tum, with an area of ​​​​about 16,000 hectares. Kon Chu Rang attracts tourists thanks to its fresh air, majestic scenery and diverse ecosystems.

Kon Chu Rang is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamThe Central Highlands has the majestic Kon Chu Rang nature reserve. Photo: @nhidomai

The flora in Kon Chu Rang is quite rich thanks to the terrain of this national park, which transitions between the East and West regions of the Truong Son range. Having the opportunity to explore this nature reserve, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of tropical forests, fresh streams and majestic waterfalls. 

Kon Chu Rang is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamGreen and fresh vegetation in Kon Chu Rang. Photo: @buiiii.dtd

Do you know what is interesting about this nature reserve? It is 99% forest cover and inside this reserve there are many rare species of wood and animals. It is estimated that there are about 833 species of higher plants, of which 18 species are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and 7 species in the Red Book of the world.

Kon Chu Rang is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamThe famous K50 waterfall in Kon Chu Rang. Photo: @misshuongly

In addition to the opportunity to return to nature, explore the wild and majestic beauty, visitors to Kon Chu Rang also have the opportunity to check in with beautiful waterfalls. Among them can be mentioned three floors, K50 waterfall … beautiful among the green forests. After the trip back, there will be valuable lessons, photos for a lifetime and many beautiful memories. 

Kon Chu Rang is a beautiful nature reserve in VietnamTraveling to the Central Highlands, take the time to explore this beautiful nature reserve. Photo: @lisatian23

The beautiful nature reserves in Vietnam are all famous tourist coordinates that domestic and foreign tourists love very much. If you are a conqueror who loves to explore, then surely these will be the destinations not to be missed in your youth journey. 

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