Discover exciting experiences in Quang Ninh

It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North. Experiences in Quang Ninh such as: sightseeing the Ha Long sea, enjoying a special culinary map, experiencing onsen bathing or sleeping on a yacht, etc. always create excitement for visitors even though it is not the first time.

Unforgettable experiences in Quang Ninh

1. Visit Quang Ninh Museum

Taking the main idea from the famous coal of Quang Ninh with modern and unique architecture, Quang Ninh museum is the top attraction in this city. The museum has three floors of theme exhibits:

  • Sea and nature
  • Cultural history
  • Simulation of coal mining mines. 

experience in Quang Ninh - library museumPhoto: @chuvng

Tourists, especially young people, really want to visit the museum once. Not only to check in “virtual life” with super impressive backgrounds. But also to visit and learn more about the unique culture and history of this land.

  • Opening time: from 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm daily (except the last Monday of the month).
  • Ticket price: from 10,000 to 40,000 VND.

experience in Quang Ninh - museumPhoto: @my.cherry18

2. Food tour Quang Ninh

As a developed tourism province, Quang Ninh’s cuisine is also one of the attractive factors that tourists can hardly ignore. From idyllic markets such as Cai Dam market, Ha Long market, … to luxury and high-class restaurants. Wherever you are, you can enjoy yourself the famous dishes of the North. 

experience in Quang Ninh - food tourPhoto: @linhchimm

The dishes imbued with local and regional cultural identities are everywhere from the forest to the sea. Some delicious dishes can be mentioned such as: Ha Long squid cake, Van Don worm cake, Quang Yen cake, Binh Lieu vermicelli, … Discover Quang Ninh food tour not only to eat deliciously but also to participate in it yourself. processing process enjoy on the spot or bring home as a gift. 

experience in Quang Ninh - food tourPhoto: @foodduky

3. Check in the sea contour of Ha Long

Watching the sea is one of the experiences in Quang Ninh that is loved by young people. Ha Long city is currently investing in building a beautiful seashore route connecting the two centers of Ha Long – Cam Pha. Starting from Bai Tho bridge and ending at Hon Gai beach with many places to explore such as dolphin bow, October 30 square or Quang Ninh library,…

experience in Quang Ninh - the sea borderPhoto: @_bngoc.hii

4. Have fun at Sun World marine park

Sun World Ha Long Complex entertainment and entertainment complex of Sun Group is currently one of the tourist attractions when coming to Quang Ninh. Located in the center of Bai Chay, a world-class amusement park of 214 hectares, visitors can participate in the coastal amusement park or play on the top of Ba Deo. 

experience in Quang Ninh - SunworldPhoto: @mirakieu

Coming here, you will have to be excited with many new experiences, unique thrilling games at water parks. Visit Bao Hai Linh Thong Tu or visit the wax museum, sit on the cable car to enjoy the scenery moving between areas, check in the famous beautiful Koi bridge,… A place to have fun, entertain and enjoy food delicious and suitable for the whole family in Ha Long . 

experience in Quang Ninh - SunworldPhoto: @hai.myt

5. See Ha Long from helicopter, seaplane

Seeing the magnificent Ha Long from a different perspective than a helicopter cruise or seaplane is a new experience in Quang Ninh that brings many interesting impressions. From that perspective, you can enjoy the full view of the ravishing bay. 

– Helicopter tour : flight time can be selected from 12-40 minutes, with ticket price from 2-5 million VND/person. 

Seaplane tour : 25 minutes, ticket price is 1.5 million VND/person.

experience in Quang Ninh - seaplanePhoto: @Pinterest

In addition, you can rent a further journey for this experience in Quang Ninh to explore all the caves and bays such as: Thien Cung cave, Dau Go cave, Bai Tu Long National Park , … Or to tourist attractions other neighboring Ha Long Bay. 

experience in Quang Ninh - seaplanePhoto: @trangkemmmmm

6. Overnight on the yacht

Ha Long Bay every day, every moment of the year is favored by nature for its impressive beauty. Not only during the day, experiencing the World Heritage sightings at night on the yacht is also another experience that brings many interesting things for you. Boat tours usually last 2N1N with many memorable activities.

experience in Quang Ninh - cruisePhoto: @dna22_______

You can start your day on the yacht with yoga exercises, kayaking to freely explore and admire the beauty of the bay. Visiting Titop Island to relax, swim; learn cooking; watch the romantic sunset. Experience Quang Ninh handbook , enjoying a delicious seafood dinner while enjoying the mysterious beauty at night is nothing better.

experience in Quang Ninh - cruisePhoto: @thienhang.dino

7. Onsen bath experience

Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh, a Japanese-style hot mineral resort nestled in the midst of majestic mountain scenery, is currently a “hot” destination in Quang Ninh. In the world, this is one of the three most famous places with Bromine mineral water. The resort is located separate from the noise of the outside, so it is very suitable for relaxation. 

Experience in Quang Ninh - Yoko OnsenPhoto: @tule0601

Onsen bathing experiences such as: Public Onsen (jar bath, bubble bath in nano tank, waterfall bath); Private Onsen in comfortable, quality apartments; cave bath . In addition, there are many experiences in Quang Ninh that are impressive with other services at this place such as: Himalayan salt stone sauna, therapeutic massage, hot sauna, etc. to dispel fatigue and aches. 

experience in Quang Ninh - bathing onsenPhoto: @fantasea.vietnam

Enjoy a wide variety of Japanese delicacies with the 11 stalls Food Court, a traditional Teishoku meal. Enjoy the fresh, unspoiled natural space and do not forget to check in with the impressive scenery like you are in the land of the rising sun . 

experience in Quang Ninh - enjoy foodPhoto: @nini.nguyet

9. Watching the “sea” wipe Binh Lieu

Binh Lieu with its “dinosaur spine” and famous landmarks is a destination for hunting clouds and watching the quality sunset in Quang Ninh . Especially in the autumn, the season of reed grass comes to this remote region, it is as beautiful as a romantic paradise. Crossing the winding mountain slopes, vast valleys and hillsides covered with the white color of reeds appear before the eyes.

experience in Quang Ninh - the back of a dinosaurPhoto: @trantung9601

Standing in the middle of the wild, vast and vast mountains, the white beauty of reed grass creates an indescribably beautiful picture. Let your soul drift with the wind and clouds, feel the cool air. It is worth the long journey from the city center, walking across hills and mountains to get here.

experience in Quang Ninh - Binh LieuPhoto: @ze.bae_

The experiences in Quang Ninh are always attractive and extremely attractive waiting for you to explore. Don’t hesitate to go there right away to discover them all in your next journey.

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