Discover the cuisine of Chuon market in Hue, which is rustic but delicious 

Referring to the Chuon market in Hue, almost everyone will remember the famous orchid fish cake, but at this rural market, there are still many other equally attractive dishes that you should not miss. 

Traveling to Hue , you must be too familiar with specialties such as beef vermicelli, mussel rice, Hades rice, spring rolls, Hue tea… and Dong Ba market or the food court in the city center is still there. But few people know that only 15km from the center of Hue city, there is a rustic country market that also has attractive and unique cuisine that makes people remember forever when they have the opportunity to stop. That is the Chuon market. Chuon market cuisine isnot too rich, but it is enough to make people nostalgic with attractive dishes with a very unique taste. 

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

Going to Chuon Market to discover food is an experience you shouldn’t miss when you come to Hue. Photo: @leneyah

Discover the cuisine of Chuon market in Hue through rustic dishes 

1. Kingfish Pancakes

Referring to the cuisine of Chuon market , the most typical dish is the orca fish cake. This dish is so famous that when mentioning the dragonfly village, people will immediately remember the orca cake. In terms of the form of banh xeo, the market has a similar shape to banh xeo, but the ingredients and taste are very different.

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

At Chuon market, the shops selling Kinh fish cakes are always the most attractive place. Photo: @bagiahamchoi

The cake is made from rice flour of An Truyen village, bean sprouts, some basil and fresh orca fish caught right in the dragonfly lagoon. People pour the cake dough like pancakes, then add the filling of glass fish, bean sprouts, herbs, wait until the cake is crispy, then put it on a plate. Kinh fish cake is served with delicious fish sauce that is hard to resist.

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

The cake has a way of making pancakes by itself, but the filling is a big orca fish. Photo: foodyhue

In addition to the orcas, there are also cakes like fish, shrimp, squid, all kinds. An interesting thing when discovering the cuisine of Chuon market, you will be surprised that you can buy shrimp and fish by yourself in the market and then ask people to process it to enjoy, from only a few thousand for each cake.

2. Chopped flour soup cake 

Chop cake soup is also one of the dishes in Chuon market that is very attractive. This dish represents a very unique indigenous culture of Hue. Porridge dough will be kneaded and squeezed into lumps and then compressed into plastic tubes. When customers order, people will use a knife to cut into strips and the pot of water is boiling, then the porridge is poured into a bowl, added grilled, stuffed with pork, shrimp or snakehead fish and a little herbs and you have a bowl of fragrant porridge. attractive delicious. 

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

Hue chopped flour soup has a very attractive taste. Photo: @zac_phamm

3. Heart Porridge 

If you have the opportunity to discover the cuisine of Chuon Hue market, don’t miss the porridge here, the porridge here is cooked very loosely and soft. Delicious heart is cut into pieces, just eat a little onion, pepper with a spoon of Hue fish sauce and fragrant green chili peppers to have a bowl of delicious porridge with Hue flavor. The sales auntie added a spoonful of porridge, the heart piece made the dish more warm and delicious. 

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

Hue porridge in Chuon market is very popular. Photo: ST

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

Porridge is cooked very loosely, friable and delicious. Photo: foody Hue

4. Stir-fried vermicelli with turmeric 

Stir-fried vermicelli with turmeric is a special dish that  you should not ignore when discovering the cuisine of Chuon market . This dish is made from simple and natural ingredients including fresh vermicelli, heart and turmeric, but the elaborate processing is what makes this dish special. The heart for cooking noodles must be fresh, delicious, cleaned to remove all odors, in addition to being able to use the liver, boiled blood and young intestines.

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

Noodles fried with turmeric in Hue in general and Cho Chuon in particular are very famous. Photo: @vodinh.quangnhat

After preliminary processing, it will be marinated with many spices and indispensable turmeric water. When the ingredients are soaked in spices, they will be quickly stir-fried for vermicelli and add onions for the dish to smell. Noodles with turmeric in Chuon market has a very attractive taste with the greasy, crunchy taste of the intestine along with the strong aroma of turmeric and soft and smooth noodles. 

Discover Hue Chuon Market cuisine

An eye-catching bowl of turmeric yellow vermicelli with attractive topping. Photo: @abbynguyen_5212

Discovering the cuisine of Chuon market is a special experience that brings you to the rustic but very special things. The dishes here are all made in the local style, not fussy but have a special appeal. If you have the opportunity to come to Hue, do not forget to visit Dam Chuon to admire the wonderful natural scenery and check-in Chuon market to enjoy delicious Hue dishes. 

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