Explore trekking routes during the day in Da Lat to relax in the middle of nature 


Not only does it make people fall in love with its poetic and romantic scenery, Da Lat also makes people unforgettable with its beautiful trekking routes. If you are also a trekking fan, conquering famous day trekking routes in Da Lat such as Quang Thua, 7-storey Waterfall or Hidden Waterfall… is definitely an experience you should try once in your life. 

Exploring day trekking routes in Da Lat is a favorite choice for tourists who want to enjoy free and time-saving journeys. This is a way for you to touch the pristine nature of the land of mist, temporarily leaving behind the bustling pace of urban life to find true peace. With day treks, you can conquer very easily and still experience countless wonderful things in nature, with forests and waterfalls, but the journey is not too long and laborious. If you are looking for trekking routes that are both scenic and beautiful in Da Lat , the suggestions below will be a useful guide for you. 

The day trekking routes in Da Lat are so beautiful that it’s not a waste of time 

1. Trekking Langbiang peak

Langbiang is one of the paradises for people who love trekking. Join this day trekking tour in Da Lat and you will be able to satisfy your wanderlust and admire the magnificent natural picture of the jungle with hundreds of ancient trees. five years old, rich forest ecosystem. Langbiang trekking arc is considered easy because the path is not too difficult.

Day trekking tour in Da Lat LangbiangThe beginning of the Langbiang trek is the trails going through the people’s fields. Photo: @focusasiatravel

To trek Langbiang, you will go through 2 stages, stage 1 from the foot of the mountain to an altitude of 1200m with gravel-free trails and beautiful scenery. Stage 2 is from an altitude of 1200m to Langbiang peak. This is an exciting challenge with roads full of tree roots and mud, and trails overgrown with trees and leaves. However, there will be signposts along the way.

Day trekking in Da Lat TrekkingForests and bumpy roads will increase the excitement for visitors. Photo: dalatravel.

Near the top, you will see wooden steps on the ground. After completing these steps, you will admire the beautiful scenery of the mountains and forests from the top of the mountain. With this sign, if you go back during the day you should start early and go down the mountain early because it will be more difficult to move when it is dark.

Trekking during the day in Da Lat, check-in to Lang Biang peakLangbiang peak is the final destination of the trek. Photo: @focusasiatravel

2. Trekking Pinhatt – Samson peak

Pinhatt – Samson peak is located about 7km southwest of the city center with an altitude of 1600m above sea level. Conquering this day trekking tour in Da Lat, you will experience the impressive natural scenery of mountains and forests, panoramic view of Tuyen Lam lake with mountains and beautiful pine forests.

Day trekking in Da Lat Pinhatt Peak - SamsonPinhatt – Samson peak is a day trek that is quite easy to conquer. Photo: @flynnplu

The Pinhatt – Samson peak trek only lasts 10km and is not difficult with very easy trails so you can conquer it in a day without wasting effort with a trek time of about 1 hour. On the way, you will discover diverse vegetation. In addition to trekking, you can kayak/SUP to explore Tuyen Lam Lake. If you trek in the morning, you will be able to catch the scenery of floating clouds.

Day trekking in Da Lat Pinhatt Peak - Samson

The road is relatively dense and foggy in the early morning. Photo: @imnhi98

Please note that the Pinhatt peak trekking route is very simple, but when going up, it is easy to lose direction. When you reach the intersection halfway up the mountain, if you turn right, you will reach the back of Voi Mountain and turn left to reach the top of Pinhatt. You should follow the path of those who have gone before you and pay attention to your positioning. Trekking Pinhatt – Samson peak will be a great choice for those who want to exercise and experience a truly pristine Da Lat.  

Trekking during the day in Da Lat, view from Pinhatt - Samson PeakView from Pinhatt peak can see Tuyen Lam lake and surrounding areas. Photo: @nguyentam0797

3. Trekking Quang Thua 

This is a day trekking route in Da Lat that was discovered not long ago, but is chosen by many people because it is easy to conquer, the distance is only 7km. This arc has no steep and continuous slopes, no land, two-thirds of the way is flat but has changes in terrain and diverse nature.

Day trekking in Da Lat, Quang ThuaQuang Thua Palace only lasts 10km, most of the roads are flat and easy to conquer. Photo: Dala Travel

With Quang Thua Palace, you will discover the typical bowl-shaped terrain in the Central Highlands, the unique maple leaf forest here, and unique mushrooms. When you reach the top, you will see the entire Truc Lam Zen Monastery area and Tuyen Lam lake. If it’s your first time trekking and want to have a gentle experience but still be able to explore nature, mountains and forests in Da Lat, Quang Thua palace is a great choice for you.

Day trekking in Da Lat, Quang ThuaAlthough Quang Thua Palace is short, the landscape has many changes. Photo: leutraidalat

4. Trekking the 7-storey waterfall 

Trekking the 7-storey waterfall is a very attractive day trekking course in Da Lat , although the distance is only 1.5km but it is full of challenges. The 7-storey waterfall is located in Phi Lieng commune of Dam Rong district. To conquer this trek, you will ride a motorbike for 6km and then trek for 1.5km, overcoming difficult forest roads because the waterfall is located deep inside the jungle. High terrain has to go up and down slopes many times, some slopes are up to 70 degrees. According to the trekking experience of travel enthusiasts, to get to the 7-storey waterfall, you will have to follow small trails, walk on rocks, slide on mud, and venture into the world of the jungle.

Trekking during the day at Da Lat 7-storey waterfallThe 7-storey waterfall trek is beautiful but very difficult. Photo: @slowlivinghie

Trekking during the day at Da Lat 7-storey waterfallVenture into the jungle, you will admire the beautiful scenery. Photo: @slowlivinghie

However, this trekking route makes people satisfied because along the way there are green lawns, wildflowers or beautiful mountains and forests. When you reach the waterfall, you will feel excited by the majestic beauty of white foaming water, at the foot of the waterfall are rocks covered with moss echoing the sound of the waterfall and the sounds of the jungle. eye-catching. The 7-storey waterfall is short but difficult to conquer, so take a tour with experienced guides to ensure safety. 

Trekking during the day at Da Lat 7-storey waterfallThe majestic waterfall in the middle of the jungle makes trekkers feel immersed in nature. Photo: Dala Travel

5. Trekking Tam Tham Waterfall (Hidden Waterfall)

Hidden Waterfall trekking palace is only 7km long so it is easy to conquer in a day. With this tour, you will experience riding a jeep to cross the forest and stream, then start walking through 7km under the canopy of the primeval forest, relax by the cool stream, explore the attractive forest ecosystem and stop at the park. The majestic waterfall is located deep in the old forest.

Day trekking in Da Lat Tam Tham WaterfallTam Tham Waterfall Palace is only 7km long, visitors will experience many interesting activities. Photo: Hanh Duyen

Tam Tham waterfall is hidden deep in the mountains and forests of Lac Duong district. You will be fascinated by the green space and strong waterfall flow. From the top of the waterfall, you can zoom out to see a vast area of ​​old forest. Go down to the foot of the waterfall, take a waterfall bath or soak your feet to relax in harmony with nature before returning to the city. 

Day trekking in Da Lat Tam Tham WaterfallThe majestic waterfall splashes white foam in the middle of the jungle. Photo: Hanh Duyen

With day trekking tours in Da Lat, you will be able to explore this wonderful country in your own way, fully feel the soul of the mountain town and bring back beautiful memories after a true “return to nature” trip. means 

Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)