Gathering together to pick mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat is an interesting and extremely chill experience

After a rainy May, Da Lat does not get much rain in June. However, after nearly a month of rain, the pine woods in Da Lat sprout a variety of natural mushrooms with great nutritional and economic value, attracting tourists as well as locals to the forest to harvest and enjoy the mushrooms.

Many multicolored mushrooms compete to split the soil and thrive after torrential rains in Da Lat city’s green pine trees. Every year, the mushroom season lasts from April through October. At this time of year, we can find people collecting mushrooms in the pine hills around the city.

Mushroom pickers frequently visit pine hill early in the morning, when the sunlight starts to shine. Many people visit the pine trees of Tuyen Lam Lake, Suoi Vang Lake, Trai Mat Pine Forest, and other locations because of the diversity of delicious mushrooms.


There are numerous varieties of mushrooms, arranged by form or flavor, that are widely seen, such as yellow khaki mushroom, caesar mushroom, coral mushroom, boletus mushroom, shiitake mushroom, and so on, with attractive colors that stand out against the green grass.


Visitors who join the mushroom-picking trip will spend the day strolling through Da Lat’s pine forest, learning to identify edible and toxic mushrooms that grow in this area. Following that, everyone will be guided to seek mushrooms, collect them, choose a suitable site to camp, and rest while waiting to taste wonderful mushroom meals among green pine trees.

Wandering together to pick mushrooms in the middle of the forest with the scent of dirt and pine resin, seeing the morning sunshine through raindrops left on the leaves will provide tourists with a wonderful memory that will leave them feeling relaxed and light.

Da Lat is indeed a land favored by mother nature as it has so many wonderful things that make travelers fall in love. Any season of the year, Da Lat has its own beauty, changes in nature, and wonderful landscapes. In particular, the rainy season is one of the times that seems not ideal for visiting Da Lat, but this place has very interesting experiences that make tourists excited, one of which is picking mushrooms. . Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Latwill bring you a very interesting feeling because you will be trekking at a “light level”, enjoy the poetic scenery of primeval pine hills, and explore the diverse world of wild mushrooms, enjoy the satisfying feeling of harvesting with baskets full of mushrooms and enjoy fresh meals made from mushrooms.

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da LatExperience picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat is a HOT choice for tourists. Photo: Jenny Nguyen

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat – an interesting experience to mingle with nature 

Da Lat enters the rainy season, which is also the time when mountain town residents officially enter the harvest season of a specialty forest fruit, which is forest mushrooms. In the early mornings, groups of people appearing from each side carrying baskets in each hand and disappearing under the green pine trees are a very familiar image. After the rains in the forest, it is also the time when the mushroom picking season begins, a season of bountiful fortune. bestowed on the forests and mountain towns.

Experience mushroom picking in the rainy season in Da LatRainy season forest mushrooms are an attractive specialty of Da Lat. Photo: Hie

In the pine forest canopy of the suburbs of Da Lat, under the thick and wet vegetation of the rainy season, countless types of mushrooms intertwine in all colors, very attractive and beautiful. Forest mushrooms in Da Lat are very diverse, from golden pearl mushrooms, pink and white khaki mushrooms, beautiful coral mushrooms, also known as stone flower mushrooms, brightly colored red mushrooms under the handle, pine mushrooms, and large beef liver mushrooms. with adult hands… Not only are they delicious to eat, but Da Lat forest mushrooms also have high nutritional value, such as beef liver mushrooms that can detoxify and boost immunity, and chicken egg mushrooms that are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. Oxygenation, coral mushrooms have very high nutritional value and are likened to lingzhi of the mountains and forests…

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat with many typesThe types of mushrooms in Da Lat are very diverse. Photo: Le Hong Nham

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat

Each type of mushroom has its own characteristics. Photo: Luy Nguyen

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat, mushrooms and chicken eggsEgg mushrooms are round and nutritious. Photo: Phuong Lien Tran

Mushroom picking in the rainy season in Da Lat is a very interesting activity because it is like a light trekking trip for visitors to immerse themselves in the green, fresh space of primeval pine forests, wandering around the fields. forests, romantic trails under pine trees and enjoy the feeling of excitement when harvesting plump forest mushrooms yourself. There are no crowded cars or long lines of tourists waiting to check in. When picking mushrooms in Da Lat, you will enjoy a quiet space under the forest canopy, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, waterfalls, or calls here and there. The sounds of smiling faces next to baskets full of colorful mushrooms.

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat, all kinds of mushroomsExploring the mushroom world of Dalat is a very interesting experience. Photo: Luy Nguyen

The ideal time to pick mushrooms in Da Lat 

The rainy season in Da Lat usually starts from the second half of April until the end of October, at this time people will burn vegetation in many areas to prevent fires and then the ground surface absorbs a lot of light. The first rains of the season also begin when humidity increases, creating conditions for natural mushrooms to grow. The ideal time for mushroom hunting is from May. You should choose to pick mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat 1 to 2 days after the rain because at this time mushrooms grow in abundance and are easy to find.

Mushroom picking time in the rainy season in Da Lat  The ideal time to pick mushrooms is from 5am to 8am in the rainy season from May to October. Photo: Le Hong Nham

The time to pick mushrooms in the pine forest is early morning from 5 to 8 a.m. because this time the mushrooms are the freshest and is also when the scenery under the pine forest canopy is still covered with morning dew, extremely poetic. After this time frame, many insects and parasites will often appear in the forest.

Suggested places to pick mushrooms in Da Lat 

Mushroom picking locations in the rainy season in Da Lat are very diverse. Depending on forest conditions as well as specific rainfall, the number of mushrooms in these areas will vary. 

Tuyen Lam lake pine forest

This area is one of the places with the most mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat, the specific location is the Elephant Mountain area of ​​Tuyen Lam Lake , the road here is not too difficult, the natural scenery is beautiful. and it’s relatively easy to hunt for mushrooms. The types of mushrooms here are mainly khaki mushrooms, beef liver mushrooms, chicken egg mushrooms, and button mushrooms.

Mushroom picking locations in the rainy season in Da Lat

The Tuyen Lam Lake area has a lot of forest mushrooms. Photo: Nhu Tam

Hill on Huynh Tan Phat street

This area for picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat is widely rumored by local people because it has high pine hills and a thick carpet of fresh grass below, creating an environment for many mushrooms to grow. Just go to Huynh Tan Phat street and look to the right to see pine hills with thick grass, then you can take down your gear to pick mushrooms.

Pine forest in Dar Sar commune 

Dar Sar commune is also known as a mushroom picking paradise in Da Lat every rainy season because the pine forests here are almost primary three-leaf pine forests, not exploited for tourism, and that is why natural mushrooms grow. abundant and abundant. However, this mushroom picking route is not easy to go, especially if tourists do not have experience, they should not choose this location.

Mushroom picking time in the rainy season in Da Lat  The farther the location, the more mushrooms there will be. Photo: Le Hong Nham

Pine forest in Trai Mat

According to tour guides and local residents, the pine forest in Trai Mai is a suitable place for tourists to experience mushroom picking because this is the place with the easiest and safest path. In addition to mushroom picking, visitors can combine check-in to famous nearby tourist destinations such as Cau Dat or morning cloud hunting. 

In addition, other places to pick mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat you can refer to such as Ta Nung forest, entrance to The Florest Hoa Trong Forest, Xuan Tho forest…

Mushroom picking locations in the rainy season in Da Lat  Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose a suitable place to pick mushrooms. Photo: Luy Nguyen

Things to remember when picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat 

Tourists who want to pick mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat can contact to join tours from professional units or contact local people who are knowledgeable about mushrooms and often go to the forest to pick mushrooms. You can ask the hotel or homestay owner you are staying at to recommend a reputable place. Do not go picking mushrooms alone because if you are not familiar with the terrain, it will be quite dangerous. Especially when you are busy picking mushrooms, you will easily get lost in the forest. 

To make your mushroom picking experience in Da Lat go smoothly and safely, you should prepare full gloves, climbing sticks, mushroom baskets, and discreet clothes to go in the forest. Do not wear short clothes because it is easy to If bitten by insects, wear sneakers or long boots to avoid slipping, and use insect spray.

Equipment when picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat  You should be well equipped when picking mushrooms in the rainy season. Photo: Nhu Tam

Note that when picking mushrooms, you should listen to the instructor and if you do not know what mushrooms they are, do not mix them with edible mushrooms. 

You should bring small knives to cut and keep the mushroom base. You should pick medium and large sized mushrooms, with newly sprouted or small mushrooms you should leave them for later picking or for later visitors to harvest. According to local people, each fish can contain millions of lithium cells and they can grow when the conditions are right. You should also limit picking very old mushrooms as they contain many spores ready to disperse.

Note when picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat

Each type of mushroom has its own unique characteristics: coral mushrooms have a coral-like shape, so pay attention when picking them. Photo: Nhu Tam

Regarding costs, you can consult in advance with the service companies providing this tour. Usually the cost of a mushroom picking tour is from 1 million/person, for children 9 years and older the price is about 500,000 VND/person.

Suggested schedule for mushroom picking in the rainy season in Da Lat 

The Dalat mushroom picking tour schedule at each unit will be different. For new tourists, you can choose the mushroom picking spot at Cau Dat Trai Mat because it is both close and easy to get to. Tourist schedules can refer to the following: 

7:00 am: Have breakfast and focus on moving to Cau Dat from the city center by motorbike.

8am: Start moving into the forest 

9am: Explore the pine forest, find and pick mushrooms 

11 a.m.: Camp or move to a local house near the forest gate to prepare dishes from just picked mushrooms 

Picking mushrooms in the rainy season in Da Lat to prepare dishesMushrooms can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes. Photo: campingdalat

12:00: Enjoy lunch with delicious mushroom dishes and rest 

14:00: Explore nearby locations such as Cau Dat tea hill, Railway Tunnel, Wine Cellar…

17:00: Return to the city and end the journey.

rainy season mushroom picking tour schedule in Da Lat  The schedule of mushroom picking tours will be able to combine natural tourist attractions. Photo: Jenny Nguyen

After mushroom picking in the rainy season in Da Lat , you will have more beautiful memories in the foggy land, enjoy delicious dishes from the specialties of the mountains and forests, and have more interesting knowledge about the forest and about the forest. the mushroom world of Da Lat and from then on fall in love with wonderful nature. When visiting Da Lat in the rainy season, don’t miss the fascinating experience of picking mushrooms in the forest. 

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