Surprisingly beautiful cloud hunting spots in Bao Loc are like a fairyland

Visiting the cloud hunting spots in Bao Loc, you will be amazed by the beauty of the sea of ​​white floating clouds amidst the majestic mountains and forests, creating a beautiful scene in the middle of the plateau.

    Bao Loc is known as the second foggy land of Lam Dong province, a place that possesses wild scenery with rolling mountains and forests, winding mountain passes, and a cool, fresh climate and is also one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Beautiful cloud hunting route of the Central Highlands. Although not as famous as Da Lat, the cloud-hunting spots in Bao Loc are always the rendezvous chosen by many tourists to explore and fulfill their dream of touching the sea of ​​clouds amid the poetic and pristine scenery of the city. wonderful highland place.

    Cloud hunting spot in Bao LocBao Loc has many beautiful cloud hunting paradises. Photo: @bdyn____

    Discover super ‘chill’ cloud hunting spots in Bao Loc

    1. Loc Thanh Pass 

    Loc Thanh Pass is located 12km south of Bao Loc City. From the central area of ​​the city, you can follow Highway 55 towards Binh Thuan to intersection B at Loc Thanh B primary school, then turn right and move about 3 more kilometers to reach this beautiful pass. . To hunt clouds at Loc Thanh Pass, you need to get to the pass before Dawn, usually in winter here it is very easy, as long as there is no rain or storm, the rate of hunting clouds is very high, that is why this place has become one of the favorite places for rattan hunting in Bao Loc .

    Loc Thanh Pass, cloud hunting spot in Bao LocLoc Thanh Pass has a beautiful and eye-catching view of cloud hunting. Photo: Review Bao Loc

    When the sun begins to rise, the sea of ​​floating clouds covering the entire Loc Thanh pass will also gradually appear, clouds arranged in dense layers creating a magically beautiful landscape. The sea of ​​clouds here is most beautiful from about 5am. By 6am, the clouds have begun to melt and disperse, and the majestic mountain scenery gradually appears. At Loc Thanh Pass, there are beautiful cliffs for you to stop and check in with the sea of ​​clouds. However, the pass is quite deserted and has no restaurants, so you should prepare your own food and drinks and keep warm while hunting clouds here. .

    Loc Thanh Pass, cloud hunting spot in Bao LocThe sea of ​​floating clouds at Loc Thanh Pass attracts many tourists. Photo: Pham Kim Nhan

    Loc Thanh Pass, cloud hunting spot in Bao LocThe sea of ​​clouds in Loc Thanh is often very thick and floating. Photo: Pham Kim Nhan

    2. Dai Binh Mountain 

    Dubbed the “Roof of Bao Loc”, Dai Binh Mountain with an altitude of 1000m above sea level is also an attractive cloud hunting mecca known to many people. Visiting Dai Binh Mountain, you will be amazed by the mountain scenery, majestic, wild and equally poetic nature. To check-in to this rattan hunting location in Bao Loc, you will need to go through a trekking route from 6 km to 12 km long depending on the route, passing through hills, coffee fields interspersed with tea gardens, you will reach the stops. to hunt clouds on the top of Dai Binh mountain like Bao Loc UP Base Camp Bao Lam Cloudy, Binh Minh Coffee & Camping…

    Dai Binh Mountain is a cloud hunting spot in Bao LocDai Binh Mountain is one of the most beautiful cloud hunting spots in Bao Loc. Photo: Review Bao Loc

    Sea of ​​clouds, Dai Binh mountain, cloud hunting spot in Bao LocThe vast sea of ​​clouds covers the mountains and hills. Photo: FB/Bao Loc

    The period from 4 to 6 a.m. is one of the most ideal times to both hunt for clouds and welcome the dawn. When the sun is just peeking out, a sea of ​​floating clouds also appears at the same time, reflecting sunlight. Between the layers of clouds, creating an extremely magical scene, the space is filled with the breath of wild mountains and forests and misty clouds creeping everywhere, creating a true paradise among humans. Chilling with a cup of early morning coffee between the mountains and the sea of ​​floating clouds will surely be unforgettable moments when hunting clouds in Dai Binh mountain. 

    Dai Binh is a cloud hunting spot in Bao LocOn Dai Binh Mountain, there are many beautiful cloud hunting spots. Photo: @cauut210799.

    3. Vo Uu Hill – Bat Up Hill 

    Vo Uu Hill, also known as Bat Up Hill, is located very close to Bao Loc Pass and is also the famous cloud paradise of B’Lao. The hill is located in village 4 of Dai Lao commune, Bao Loc city. If traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, you go to the end of Bao Loc pass, then look on the right side and there will be a small path about 4km long to go up Vo Uu hill, The dirt and rocky road is quite bumpy but gentle, not steep like the road to Dai Binh mountain, so it is easy to move.

    Vo Uu Dai Binh Hill is a cloud hunting spot in Bao LocVo Uu Hill has a paradise-like landscape amidst a sea of ​​clouds. Photo: @hippikeke

    From Vo Uu hill, you can see the whole city of Bao Loc or Dai Binh mountain in the distance, especially the surrounding low hills that look like upside-down bowls. The ideal time to hunt clouds at Vo Uu hill is from 5am to about 7am when the sun has just risen, passing through the mountains on the horizon, illuminating the entire space, the sea of ​​clouds gradually showing layers and layers from near and far. The higher the sun rises, the more clearly the clouds appear and bring new colors, making the clouds seem to change color continuously.

    Vo Uu Dai Binh Hill is a cloud hunting spot in Bao Loc

    The overwhelmingly splendid scene of the sunrise and the sea of ​​clouds in the early morning. Photo: @trucanh

    The scenery at Vo Uu hill is always beautiful whether the clouds are long or sparse. The most impressive is the scene of the cloud beds combined with sunlight to create a shimmering, ravishing silk ribbon. If you can’t get up early to go up the mountain, you can choose to camp overnight on Vo Uu hill because the weather here is cold but not too cold. Waking up in the morning is also when the sun rises and a sea of ​​clouds floats right in front of you. Your eyes will be an indescribably wonderful experience.

    Vo Uu Hill for cloud hunting in Bao LocThe ideal time to hunt clouds is from 5am to 7am. Photo: @saochi27

    4. Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda 

    Linh Quy Phap An Bao Loc Pagoda is not only a place to relax in the peaceful, pure space of Buddhism, but also a place where you can admire the amazing beauty of nature, especially the sea of ​​clouds. floating. The pagoda is located on hill 45 of Loc Thanh commune and is surrounded by mountains and lush green trees. Because the pagoda is located on a high mountain top, to get here you will experience a trekking tour of only about 15km. If you don’t want to walk, you can also ride a motorbike to the top of the hill.

    Linh Quy Phap presses the cloud hunting spot in Bao LocThe view from Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda is very beautiful. Photo: Check-in Vietnam

    Coming to Linh Quy Phap An, you just need to follow the instructions to reach the heaven gate, this is also a famous cloud hunting spot in Bao Loc . Heaven’s Gate is a courtyard surrounded by Shinto gates. Looking out from here, you will feel like you are lost in paradise with a sea of ​​clouds drifting past rolling mountains and glimmering sunlight in the distance. , the beautiful scenery is like a mountain painting that seems to blur the boundaries of heaven and earth, making people just want time to stop to contemplate deeply, freely immersing themselves in the dreamy, pure and clear space. 

    Linh Quy Phap presses the cloud hunting spot in Bao LocThe heaven gate at the pagoda is the most beautiful place to hunt clouds. Photo: Review Bao Loc

    5. House of the Wind Cafe 

    Gio’s House is one of the famous cafes in Bao Loc. This shop has a very prime location, located halfway up a hill on Tran Phu Street, where you can see the whole city and Dai Binh Mountain. , The space of this cafe has a very unique quality, not hustle and bustle but peaceful and quiet. The shop has an open space, blending with nature with mainly wooden furniture. In particular, this place has an ideal view for hunting clouds in the morning or watching the sunset in the afternoon.

    Wind's house is a cloud hunting spot in Bao LocGio’s house has a beautiful cloud-hunting view overlooking the valley. Photo: FB/ Wind Hill – home of the wind

    Early tomorrow morning when dawn has just appeared, from any position in the House of the Wind you can see the sea of ​​floating clouds covering the entire valley below, the dim scene looks like a fairyland. anyone must be shaken. Hunting clouds at the House of the Wind, enjoying the vast sea of ​​clouds extending to the valley, gazing at the soaring sky or letting your soul follow the mountain breezes, will be an experience you won’t forget.

    Wind's house is a cloud hunting spot in Bao LocThe view of cloud hunting here is very wide and enchantingly beautiful. Photo: Wind Hill – home of the wind

    In addition to the above suggestions, other cloud hunting spots in Bao Loc such as Cloud Hill Dai Lao, Quinn’s Homestay, Lam Son hill… are also great places to stop for you to chill and enjoy the dream of touching white clouds.

    Cloud hunting spots in Bao LocBao Loc also has many other beautiful cloud hunting spots for tourists to check-in. Photo: @mrflicker7

    Visiting the dreamlike cloud hunting spots in Bao Loc to see the magical scenery of clouds covering the mountains will surely make any traveler captivated. Coming to the legendary land of B’lao, try once to immerse yourself in the white clouds to enjoy the magical, human-like beauty of the nature of this wonderful plateau. 

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