Gia Lai wild sunflower season

Wild sunflowers bloom all over the road, around Chu Dang Ya volcano, creating a romantic scene.

When the Central Highlands starts to get cold, November is also the most brilliant time for wild sunflowers with overwhelming yellow.

The rows of crops on the fields are harvested by local people, only the reddish brown color of the soil and the yellow color of flowers and grass remains.

Chu Dang Ya volcano is known as the paradise of wild sunflowers, in the top 10 most attractive destinations of Gia Lai province. Coming to Chu Dang Ya volcano in the wild sunflower season, visitors go from one surprise to another through the charm of the natural picture.

Chu Dang Ya (Jrai language, Chu means mountain, Dang Ya means wild ginger root) is located in Ploi lagri village, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district, about 30 km northeast of Pleiku city center and 20 km from the famous Bien Ho tourist spot.

To see the beauty of Chu Dang Ya volcano, it takes you about 20 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. From here, you can fully enjoy a peaceful Gia Lai sky with green patches of mountains and forests, the yellow color of wild sunflowers mixed with green grass on basalt ground. This is an interesting experience for those who love to travel, climb mountains, and have a picnic with nature.

Wild anemone flowers are both like the sun flower and like the daisies, wild and beautiful.

The natural beauty, the fresh air, the memories of the flower hills and the local people’s life… will bring you many new experiences.

The image of black boys and girls following the herd of cows from morning to night can make tourists feel excited because of the difference, bold countryside. Many children do not know how to speak Kinh. Strange innocent eyes mixed with curiosity at the visit of strange guests.

In recent years, Ia Gri village has been known as a tourist destination in the Chu Pah district. Each season this land brings a separate beauty, not boring.

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