Go to Ta Lien Lai Chau mountain to see the fairy forest, enjoy the blooming azalea season

Ta Lien Lai Chau Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Vietnam with a beautiful scenery like a fairy forest, bringing many fascinating experiences for visitors in the trekking journey. 

Where is Ta Lien Mountain?

Ta Lien Lai Chau Mountain is the 6th highest mountain in Vietnam, possessing a majestic natural picture and a beautiful forest like a fairy tale. This mountain, also known as Co Trau mountain, is located in Ta Leng commune, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. 
 Where is Ta Lien Lai Chau mountain?Ta Lien Mountain is located in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. Photo: @tieuot.trinh

With an altitude of 2,996 meters above sea level, Ta Lien Son becomes a great challenge for young people who are passionate about mountain climbing. The journey of crossing streams and forests is not only an opportunity for you to admire the beauty of heaven and earth, but also rigorously learn valuable survival experiences.
 Where is Ta Lien Lai Chau mountain?This is the 6th highest mountain in Vietnam. Photo: @rodri_aranda

According to the Ta Lien Son trekking experience of many tourists, standing on the top of this mountain, you can zoom in to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lai Chau city hidden at the foot of the mountain. In addition, at each different elevation, the natural scenery of heaven and earth also constantly changes, opening up the beautiful scenery. 

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The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountain

Ta Lien Son is one of the high mountains possessing diverse and unique vegetation. The mountain is covered by a primeval forest with fairy colors, flexibly changing its beauty according to the 4 seasons of the year. Whether trekking in any season, you will be immersed in the beautiful scenery of Ta Lien mountain. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainTa Lien mountain is beautiful in 4 seasons of the year. Photo: @tieuot.trinh

The road from the foot of the mountain to the top of Ta Lien mountain is colorful and beautiful scene like a fairy film. Trees, flowers, fresh, cool and pristine streams and waterfalls are like a welcome greeting for tourists from far away to visit Lai Chau and explore this majestic beautiful mountain. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainThe picture of green nature on Ta Lien mountain. Photo: @trungquandev

Ta Lien Lai Chau’s mountain forest is truly a fairy tale with many big old trees reaching up to the sky, catching the bright golden sunlight. Beneath the tree, moss is covered with green color, making the scene more wild and mysterious. In the early morning, the golden sunlight penetrates through each foliage with the mist spreading, making the picture even more magical. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainThe forest is as beautiful as a fairy tale on the way to the top of Ta Lien mountain. Photo: @vieetj.anh

The 4 seasons on Ta Lien Son mountain are all beautiful scenery that only those who are physically fit for trekking have the opportunity to admire. Because there is no cable car like Fansipan in Sapa, you can only cross paths full of trees, stones, etc. to set foot on the top of the mountain. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainGreen trees are covered with moss. Photo: @trangpaige

In spring, Ta Lien mountain is filled with the pink color of fresh azalea flowers, especially the area near the top of the mountain. Summer is coming, the vegetation in the forest is green. Autumn has maple leaves with vibrant red and yellow colors from October to November, not to mention there is a season of pure white camellias throughout the forest. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainThe season of pink rhododendron flowers on Ta Lien mountain. Photo: Quoc Tuan

After the hard journey of climbing, visitors have the opportunity to admire the overgrown shrubs. You can climb these bushes to see Lai Chau city hidden in the mist. Or zoom in to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Hoang Lien Son range with the peaks of Bach Moc Luong Tu , Putaleng, Nhiu Co San, … looming in the ocean of clouds. 

Experience conquering Ta Lien Lai Chau mountain

Ta Lien Mountain is a destination in Lai Chau that is loved by young people. If you are passionate about trekking, this is a beautiful mountain to explore, especially in October – November every year when the forest maples begin to change their leaves, turning into a beautiful red and yellow color. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainThe best season for trekking Ta Lien is October – 11. Photo: @hailoe92

To reach this mountain, visitors go from Hanoi to Lai Chau city, then continue to move another 8 km to reach Ta Leng village. From this village, you continue to move to the foothill area and start the journey of trekking and discovering this high mountain in Vietnam .
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainBeautiful waterfall on Ta Lien mountain. Photo: @dailyw.tuchi

The feature of Ta Lien Son is the luxuriant trees that cover the mountain, so you will be less exposed to the sun and heat, without having to go through the barren slopes. However, there is a small caveat that you need to go through rock holes, tree holes, and many bushes. Therefore, preparing light luggage is a factor that needs to be put on top. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainA poetic journey with young people who love nature. Photo: @_be_a_sun

According to the experience of many young people climbing Ta Lien Son Lai Chau, you need to bring some of the following items:  

  • Tents, insulation mats, sleeping bags because of the climbing schedule, you have to stay overnight 
  • Personal clothing, gloves, hats, scarves suitable for the weather 
  • Raincoats, flashlights, heat patches, medical supplies, jungle potions 
  • Protective gear with electronic devices to avoid dampness in winter
  • Other essential furniture, prioritize compactness

Normally, visitors will spend 3 days 2 nights trekking Ta Lien mountain. However, if you are in good health, you can shorten the schedule to only 2 days. Basically, the climb to Ta Lien Son is not too difficult for experienced people. But if you want a comfortable trip, have time to immerse yourself in nature, take it easy, don’t rush.

Note before trekking Ta Lien Son

To have a convenient journey to conquer Ta Lien Lai Chau mountain , you should book a tour to climb the mountain in groups instead of climbing alone. To have the best fitness, you must do some strength training 2 weeks before the trip and rest 3 days before climbing to help the body recover to a good state.
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainNatural picture in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. Photo: @tuanwalks

Climbing is a journey that requires patience and also contains many dangers. Therefore, you should go in groups of 5 or more people or book a large tour to support when needed, have more motivation during the journey. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainYou should have a good preparation before climbing to make the journey smooth. Photo: @dumbotihon

Not only Ta Lien mountain but most of the mountains in the North of our country have difficult terrain, especially steep slopes. Therefore, you need to be slow, watch carefully in each step, avoid endangering yourself and affecting your teammates during the journey. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainThe giant tree holes on Ta Lien mountain are a challenge for visitors. Photo: @phan_thuy238

In addition, you should also pay attention to the management of personal belongings and assets during the trip. Even if you are going back to the forest, to nature, you should also keep it clean and not cut down trees to damage the environment. In particular, do not arbitrarily separate the group to ensure your own safety. 
 The beauty of Ta Lien Lai Chau mountainMaple leaf forest and green bamboo forest are intertwined. Photo: @vungocminh19812019

Ta Lien Lai Chau Mountain is a high mountain and possesses spectacular scenery in the northern forest land. If you are a nature lover, passionate about trekking, this is the mountain that you should try once to see how impressive the beauty of Vietnam is.

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