Heaven’s gates in the North have ecstatic beautiful views that make people fall in love


You must definitely check in to the heaven gates in the North once to be able to capture the full view of the majestic beauty of the northern mountains of our country. Especially taking all kinds of beautiful check-in photos that “fall apart” that make people jealous.

Discover the heavenly gates in the North with beautiful pictures 

1. Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is one of the most famous heaven gates in the North , attracting the most visitors to visit and check in. This place is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, which is the gateway to the beginning of the Happiness road on Ha Giang land. Today, this is a favorite check-in point for many young people. 

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is the heavenly gate in the North, many tourists check inQuan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is located in Quan Ba ​​district, Ha Giang province. Photo: @_teimz.qtpi_

In the past, this gate of heaven was a distance between two mountains and just enough for a road to run through. Indigenous people tree by tree a crushed wooden door in 1939 but the weather has wreaked havoc. Today, Quan Ba ​​heaven gate is a stopover built on a larger scale, more convenient for tourists to enjoy the scenery. 

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is a heavenly gate in the North with a beautiful viewQuan Ba ​​Heaven Gate looks straight down to the hills and beautiful green mountains. Photo: @trananhthu_dola

Coming to this heaven gate, you can choose for yourself a beautiful location to fully enjoy the scenery of Quan Ba ​​district, Ha Giang province. In the distance is the Twin Mountain hidden in the mist, at the foot of the mountain are the peaceful small houses of the indigenous people. Wider is the scenery of rolling clouds and mountains, of Ha Giang’s high and wide sky. 

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is a heavenly gate in the North that you should check in onceTraveling to Ha Giang, you remember to visit this heaven gate to enjoy virtual life. Photo: @neizvinyaus

Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate is a destination in Ha Giang that visitors cannot ignore because of its extremely beautiful view. In particular, episode 17 of the show 2 Days 1 Night was also recorded here. And if you are a fan of this reality show, surely you still remember the beautiful footage shot at this place. 

2. Tam Dao Heaven Gate

If you have the opportunity to travel to Tam Dao , remember to check in to Tam Dao heaven gate located near Tam Dao stone church. It is more than 80 km from Hanoi to here, so it is quite convenient for tourists to travel by car or motorbike. If you want to see the beautiful scenery at this heaven gate, you should prioritize coming in the early morning.

Tam Dao Heaven Gate is the heaven gate in the North that is loved by many young peopleTam Dao Heaven Gate has a direct view of the beautiful foggy town. Photo: @hanal_lan_hoang

Everyone knows that Tam Dao is a town in the mist, so when coming here early in the morning, visitors can enjoy a romantic, fanciful and poetic picture. From the position of the heaven gate, visitors can see a beautiful natural picture like a fairyland. There are green forests, there is a sea of ​​white clouds, but there is no picture as beautiful as that.

Tam Dao Heaven Gate is the heaven gate in the North which is very impressive in pictureJust stand in and have a beautiful check-in photo immediately taken home. Photo: @_charmnguyen

Tam Dao Heaven Gate is a work built to serve the sightseeing and check-in needs of tourists. Coming here, you can freely create a virtual life pose, hunt clouds and breathe in the fresh and cool air. In the early morning when dawn, the scenery of this place is more poetic and magical.

Tam Dao Heaven Gate is a heaven gate in the North that is planned as a tourist destinationThis coordinate always attracts visitors to check in. Photo: @trinh_x

In particular, the journey to this heavenly gate is also a great experience when visitors are walking on a road on both sides of high cliffs, bringing overwhelming feeling to visitors. Those who are passionate about thrills and like to conquer should once come to Tam Dao heaven gate. 

3. O Quy Ho Heaven Gate

One of the famous heaven gates in the North that tourists check in the most is O Quy Ho heaven gate. This coordinate is also known as Sapa Heaven Gate, located on the highest peak of O Quy Ho pass – one of the four great peaks of Vietnam. Having the opportunity to come to Sapa, you should once discover the beautiful beauty of this heavenly gate. 

O Quy Ho Heaven Gate is the heavenly gate in the North that young people like very muchO Quy Ho Heaven Gate is a check-in paradise for people who love to live virtual. Photo: @_tu4nhngn_

This sky gate is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, opening an extremely wide viewing angle and countless beautiful angles for visitors to enjoy posing and checking in. Up here, you will have the full view of the beauty of the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, watching the sea of ​​white clouds and the romantic sunrise and sunset scenes. 

O Quy Ho Heaven Gate is a heavenly gate in the North that you should definitely visit onceIf you have the opportunity to travel to the North, come to this heaven gate to admire the scenery and save many beautiful moments. Photo: @chipily1603

Today, this famous heaven gate is an investment destination with a large scale, spacious and beautiful campus. You can choose a small angle between heaven and earth to watch the clouds and see the mountains, you can also take advantage of creating a virtual life with the items in the resort’s campus.

O Quy Ho Heaven Gate is a heavenly gate in the North with many beautiful cornersO Quy Ho Heaven Gate tourist area opens a beautiful space for visitors to check in. Photo: @hangocdung99

One of the best experiences for visitors when coming here is enjoying tea while enjoying the view. How much trouble and fatigue of life are put aside, making way for the most peaceful and pleasant moments. Because the romantic scene has many beautiful corners, many couples choose this place as a wedding photography location.

O Quy Ho Heaven Gate is the heavenly gate in the North that brings a sense of peaceComing here, you will clearly feel the peace in your heart. Photo: @apollo.aa 

The heavenly gates in the North such as Quan Ba, Tra Linh, Tam Dao or O Quy Ho are all quality sightseeing coordinates that visitors cannot ignore. Each sky gate opens a very own view, very beautiful and interesting so that you can comfortably enjoy the magnificent picture of the Northern mountainous region.  

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