Hon Thom – the beauty of a ‘little Phu Quoc’

In Vietnam, an island possessing such a romantic and equally prosperous beauty will exist
in Phu Quoc.

That is the island paradise Hon Thom!


The harmonious blend of turquoise sea, white sand and villas on the water reflecting the ocean with a luxurious private space… That is the Maldives – the embodiment of the conquered “sea paradise” elite class, becoming the dream destination of every travel believer by a standard formula: stunning scenery, high-class infrastructure and luxurious services.

Carrying the formula of creating “paradise”, thousands of miles away, in the South of Ngoc Phu Quoc island, a “Maldives of Vietnam” is gradually being formed, at Hon Thom.

If, Phu Quoc is a diverse natural ecosystem, where there are seas, forests and mountains, then Hon Thom also owns a diverse resource area with beautiful natural scenery and diverse vegetation. , multi-terrain and an ideal shelter for rare sea creatures.

Coming to Hon Thom, visitors will be mesmerized when “walking” on the seabed watching corals. Travelers have experienced that it is a journey that brings them closer to the concept of “wonder of the sea”.

“The colorful coral reef is one of the greatest gifts that the ocean gives Hon Thom,” said Nam, a tourist.

More than 120 species of coral with a dense density under the sea surface can be easily seen through the clear water. Layers of multicolored corals intertwine, stacked on top of each other like a stronghold surrounding magnificent castles.

Not only having beautiful coral reefs, Hon Thom also possesses a beauty that everyone will want to experience at least once in their life – the sunset dyeing the sea red. The brilliant orange color, mixed with a little yellow, purple, and pink color on the sea surface is considered by many people as a masterpiece of painting that nature has bestowed on Hon Thom.

“It can be said that watching the sunset at Hon Thom is not simply witnessing an eternally beautiful moment, but also enjoying a masterpiece of art,” a visitor shared.

The warm scent of salt wafts through the wind blowing on each coconut leaf in Bai Trao, the salty taste and the thousand-year-old murmur of the sea crashing against the cliffs at Ky Lan cape, and a series of unique experiences such as: Squid fishing at night, discovering unspoiled small islands: Mong Tay island, May Rut island, Gam Ghi island, Goi island… All these create beautiful moments that make Hon Thom like a “paradise” on the sea. less than Bora Bora or the Maldives.


Immerse yourself in the sunset pouring golden honey on the sand, the smell of grilled seafood on the charcoal stove, the cool scent of beer mixed with passionate music and dancers in Aboriginal dances…

It is a romantic moment that visitors will enjoy when using a travel service combo called “Paradise Night” at Hon Thom Island. It is also one of the must-try experiences if one wants to feel the poetic features of Hon Thom island in the sunset. An experience for visitors to leave worries and sorrows, where only joy is endless.

Not only has a peaceful beauty, Hon Thom also contains a vibrant, bustling life and lots of fun entertainment. Aquatopia Water Park will be the place for visitors to feel a mysterious island of wild aboriginal tribes with 20 most modern thrilling games in Southeast Asia. Water slides with pipes either winding 360 degrees or sliding straight at high speed are the “specialty” of this place, for visitors to have fun moments in the clear blue water. Those who like to conquer challenges will certainly not be able to ignore the thrilling 5-star level games for the first time in Vietnam such as “The War of the Snake”, “Giao Long Cruiser”, “Phi Long”. ride the waves”…

Right near the water park, the Exotica Village themed subdivision with the game “Wrath Snake” will be a challenge worth experiencing. This is the first wooden roller coaster game in Vietnam, one of the top thrilling games in the world, with a maximum height of 32.4m, running through nearly 1km, a maximum speed of 80km/ h with curvy angles that bring a sense of extreme excitement.

After those hours of excitement, visitors should spend leisure time enjoying the panoramic view of Hon Thom island from the 360-degree observatory with an altitude of 120m. The observatory called “Eagle Eye” will slowly lift visitors off the ground, soar into the air to a height of 80m, and then rotate the cabin in a slow circle so that you can enjoy the full view of the paradise island. Hon Thom in the eyes of a real “eagle”.

And if you have come to Hon Thom, you cannot help but try exciting sea games such as canoes towing the sea parachute, canoes pulling banana buoys, kayaking… The journey to Hon Thom is like that, starting with a wonderful excursion. Fly over the sea with Hon Thom cable car, then travel through brilliant civilizations, come to a poetic fairy world, and enjoy moments of entertainment filled with joy.

of lifestyle

Hon Thom not only has excellent natural scenery, but also soon becomes the focus of a prosperous lifestyle for the elite. Hon Thom Paradise Island is being built by Sun Group into a super complex of entertainment – resort – investment of international scale, so that Hon Thom can really be compared with other paradise islands in the world. like Bora Bora, Maldives or Atlantic. Previously, Sun Group was also the author of world-class projects that made the island’s name such as Hon Thom Cable Car, Aquatopia water park, and Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park.

On the journey to beautify the lands for the past 15 years, Sun Group has always been consistent with aestheticism and is continuing to adorn Hon Thom with beautiful architectures like artistic masterpieces. After being built at Bai Trao, the Canh Buom Building will soon become an architectural symbol in the design of a windy sail reaching out to the ocean. The project is the embodiment of a prosperous life in Hon Thom, also a symbol of the vitality of the Pearl Island.

Canh Buom Building is just one of many projects under construction so that Hon Thom Paradise Island can register Vietnam in the global “tourist paradise” map. The luxury villas in the resort complex are located along the beach, the cliffs blend with the peaceful charm of the island. Food villages, clubhouses, outdoor performance areas, large-scale Dolphin Bay, beach clubs, health care centers – wellness centers, or busy shopping centers and festivals in the middle of East Avenue West… All are gradually being formed into a chain of entertainment services and utilities with an unprecedented scale in Vietnam, so that Hon Thom becomes a destination of a lifestyle of enjoyment in harmony with nature, becoming a tourist destination. Bora Bora of Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese and international elites come to Hon Thom not only to enjoy a paradise lifestyle of international stature, but also to seek an investment opportunity. By owning and investing in real estate in Hon Thom, investors not only benefit from an international ecosystem, but also receive spiritual values, including the elite lifestyle of super-rich class. Here, sustainable commercial and service activities will bring investors business opportunities when Hon Thom soon becomes a destination for super-luxury tourists both domestically and internationally. And most importantly, in this place, they will become happy residents.

Many people call Hon Thom the “billionaire island” in the future. But perhaps that name is not enough. Because “billionaire” is a sign of wealth. But Hon Thom is more than material “wealth”, it is the wealth of the soul and the precious experiences of life that sometimes, people are willing to trade at any expensive price. …