Hunting clouds, bathing in waterfalls in the mountainous district of Khanh Son

Khanh Son district is likened to “miniature Da Lat” of Khanh Hoa with cool weather, majestic mountains, suitable for exploring nature.

Contrary to the long, beautiful and vibrant beaches in the East, the West of Khanh Hoa province is a space of mountains and quiet nature. Those who like to return to nature, away from the noisy city can follow Provincial Road 656, cross the winding Khanh Son Pass to reach To Hap Town – the center of the district. The district attracts visitors by the poetic mountain scenery and interesting experiences when immersing in the great thousand.

A must-visit destination when coming to Khanh Son is Ta Gu waterfall – the muse in the mountains. Ta Gu Waterfall originates from the top of Hon Ba, which has an altitude of 1300 meters. Hon Ba is located at a rather high position, so it often rains. Thanks to that, the water at Ta Gu waterfall almost never dries up and flows all year round. The waterfall is located in the middle of the forest, completely separate from the city and man-made works. Visitors must follow the trail for about 200 meters.

Tourists visit Ta Gu waterfall.  Photo: Vinh Bear
Tourists visit Ta Gu waterfall. Photo: Vinh Bear

Passing the trail, visitors will see a waterfall about 40 meters high, rumbling down the lake. The lake at the foot of the waterfall is more than 200 meters wide, but it is quite quiet, the water is clear and jade green. Experiences you should try are waterfall bathing or SUP rowing. Currently, the waterfall area also offers camping services, enjoying mountain dishes, grilled meat, and lam rice. In particular, Khanh Son is likened to the fruit capital of the province, so visitors can enjoy more fruits such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen right in the middle of the stream.

After lunch at Ta Gu waterfall, visitors can spend time checking-in the pine hill, visiting villages, learning about the culture of the Raglai people – the ethnic group living mainly in this area. The most unique in Raglai culture is the unique system of musical instruments and unique folk songs. The Raglai are famous for their ma la, Chapi – the main inspiration in Tran Tien’s song Dream Chapi . If on the right occasion, visitors can also witness the celebration of the new rice, the ceremony of leaving the grave… The life of the people here is still quite primitive, the people are sincere and hospitable.

Experience lunch, waterfall bathing.  Photo: Riri Phuong Trinh
Experience lunch, waterfall bathing. Photo: Riri Phuong Trinh

After a night of rest at homestays and hotels in To Hap Town, visitors can get up early and move to Ba Cuong Nam or Ba Cluster Bac communes to hunt the sea of ​​clouds in the dawn. With an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters above sea level, the clouds here are white and spongy, drifting along the mountainside, hovering on the rooftops, weaving into the orchards… According to locals, the time is right. Best to hunt clouds from 5:30 to 9 am. Clouds appear many times, not just once as in Da Lat.

Currently, Khanh Son is emerging as a new destination in Khanh Hoa. The customer service starts to get better. Expressways such as Cam Lam – Vinh Hao have been put into operation, making it easier to connect this mountainous district.

Sea of ​​clouds in Khanh Son.  Photo: Facebook
Sea of ​​clouds in Khanh Son. Photo: Facebook

On August 13, VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang will take place with more than 11,000 runners attending. Of these, there are about 8,000 runners from outside the province. After VM Nha Trang, runners can go to Khanh Son to visit in the schedule of two days and one night. The time of the VM is also the time when the mountainous district is in a beautiful season of the year. From this district, it only takes about an hour to travel to Cam Ranh airport, two hours to connect to Nha Trang.

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