Not only green bean cake, but Hai Duong also has “a forest” of delicious, extremely attractive food

About 1 hour by car from Hanoi. Have you ever thought of a food tour in Hai Duong?

Although not too famous on the tourist map, Hai Duong is also a suitable place for weekends. Hai Duong still attracts tourists from all over the world through historical sites and spiritual places. But perhaps many people do not know, Hai Duong is also a Food tour destination with an extremely rich culinary “map”.

Hai Duong not only has green bean cake

When it comes to Hai Duong, people often think of green bean cake. A gift that people often exchange hands as a gift when visiting here or going abroad.

However, in Hai Duong, there is not only green bean cake. There are also countless other dishes to mention such as: Tu Ky Ruoi, hand-rolled rice paper rolls, vermicelli with perch, Thanh Hai hairy crab, Ninh Giang gai cake, Gia Loc thick cake, Thanh Ha lychee…

And most recently, when the Hai Duong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism asked the Vietnam Culture and Culinary Association to consider, vote and recognize 4 dishes including vermicelli with perch, green bean cake. , Banh Cuon (Hai Duong), Cha Ruoi (Tu Ky) are local specialties and become national brands.

Coming here, everyone must be curious about how special Hai Duong’s food is, right?

What to eat and play in a day in Hai Duong.

What to eat in a day in Hai Duong?

The food here generally tastes just right. Easy to eat, not too spicy or too sweet like in some other regions. One point that everyone will definitely like is that most of the shops are very clean. Salespeople are cheerful and approachable.


Hai Duong registered fish noodle soup to become a national brand.Breakfast must be made immediately with a bowl of vermicelli with perch full topping.


Along with that is the most delicious season!A lunch with all kinds of dishes will definitely be extremely attractive.


Afternoon meal is coconut cake with shrimp paste in Tuy An street.Then dessert with a cool cup of tofu on Truong My Street.


Enjoy expensive crab dishes in foreign countries but in Hai Duong.Only about 300,000-400,000 VND (15$)to eat and rest.

Bought as a gift

Not just mung bean cakes.Going to Hai Duong, you can buy a lot of things to bring back.Like giant dumplings (Xuan Dai street), hand-rolled rice paper rolls (Tien Phong street).

It is said that “the shortest way to the heart is through the stomach”. Perhaps, food is the fastest way to make people remember a piece of land or region. That is why many countries have used this way to make their brands. And Hai Duong is also doing that.

After eating, let’s go play! Hai Duong has no shortage of cool places to play with beautiful cafes


To find a spacious, comfortable cafe and super check-in, you can go to Tue Tinh Street.


Looking for a leisure activity, you can choose: picking chestnuts in Chi Linh (about 40 km from the center of Hai Duong city) or camping and having fun at the foot of Phu Luong bridge (about 4km from the city center) ).


Although there are not too many check-in places, in Hai Duong you can go to the city church, the field of root flowers in Con Son…

How to get to Hai Duong

There are many ways to Hai Duong such as private car, passenger car, limousine, train… because it is only about 60km from Hanoi. If you want a leisurely experience, you can choose the train to Hai Duong station. The train will depart from Long Bien station. The weekend will depart from Hanoi station. With this experience, it will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes and 70,000 VND(3$)/ticket/person. In particular, Hai Duong station is located in the city center, convenient for moving to destinations

You can also travel by bus, with a ticket price of about 70,000-80,000 VND. You can find a bus to Hai Duong at any bus station in Hanoi. But there is a small note that if you go to the city, you have to choose the old 5th road car.

And if anyone likes to experience, they can also travel by personal means such as motorbikes, cars because the road is also very easy to go. At the same time, you can also comfortably move in the city more easily.

Easy to move with such rich cuisine, what are you waiting for, come to Hai Duong right away!!!

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