Phu Quoc travel tips of local girls

KIEN GIANG – Tho Vo Huynh Nhu revealed the do’s and don’ts when traveling in Phu Quoc.

If you plan to go to Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, next time, you can refer to some advice from Vo Huynh Nhu, who has lived in Phu Quoc for 4 years, works in the restaurant field, hotel. According to Nhu, visitors should go at least 4 days and 3 nights to experience the island city.

Island tour

Tour to explore 3 islands including Mong Tay island – Gam Ghi island – May Rut island is a popular experience with tourists. However, you should not just go on this tour because it starts at 9am and ends at 3pm, then returning to the hotel will waste the remaining half of the day.

As suggested to take a tour of 4 islands instead of 3. In which, Hon Thom should be added to the list. To Thom island, visitors can take the cable car to watch the sunset in the Mediterranean area. It is recommended to choose the cable car trips around 16h-16h30 to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery when the sun sets on the sea and fishing villages.

Mong Tay Island is a familiar destination for tourists in Phu Quoc.  Photo: Vo Huynh Nhu
Mong Tay Island is a familiar destination for tourists in Phu Quoc. Photo: Vo Huynh Nhu

coral viewing

Regarding the coral viewing experience, Nhu advises not to go on a tour by wearing diving goggles and snorkel because this experience is already somewhat boring.

“Currently, Phu Quoc has more interesting activities such as scuba diving, walking with divers to see coral. Visitors can refer to the experience at Doi Moi island, where people wear diving helmets like astronauts. In addition, locals tell each other that if you and your loved one watch the sunset on this island, you will be together forever,” Nhu suggested.


Phu Quoc cuisine has a number of typical dishes such as vermicelli, vermicelli, herring salad and Ham Ninh crab all should try. However, not all specialties of Phu Quoc are for weak stomachs. Some dishes such as vermicelli or herring salad may not be suitable for all visitors, you should consider them before experimenting and do not risk.

Herring salad is a specialty that invites guests in Phu Quoc but is not suitable for many people's stomachs.  Photo: Huynh Nhi
Herring salad is a specialty that invites guests in Phu Quoc but is not “suitable” for many people. Photo: Huynh Nhi


If you choose the north island as an attraction, visit amusement parks such as Grand World, Vinwonders, and Vinpearl Safari. Visitors should not separate the day to visit these three areas or only go to one area, it is easy to miss the good activities, typical of each area. Ideal route As suggested, go to Vinpearl Safari in the morning , go to Vinwonders in the afternoon to have fun and have fun, in the evening go to Grand World to see two shows The Essence of Vietnam and the Colors of Venice .

Visitors should not arrange a schedule to visit the north and south islands on the same day because of the distance between the two places. Another reason is that the entertainment spots in both places will take quite a long time, from one to two days to fully experience. If you want to go to both places, you should choose accommodation on both sides of the island so that the schedule does not take much time to travel as well as does not have to take a long distance to return to the hotel.


One thing I want to note to visitors is that if you choose to play in theme and entertainment parks, choose the dry season. However, be aware of the weather and tourist season at some beaches. “Rach Vem beach will be beautiful and have many starfish in the dry season from November to April, while Sao beach and Khem beach will be calmer and have bluer water in the rainy season, from May to October”, As advised.