Planning to go to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers at a cost of 150$

Ha Giang is not the only place with buckwheat flowers, but Ha Giang is home to the famous buckwheat festival.

The period from the beginning of October to November of the solar calendar is the time when buckwheat flowers bloom, covering all of Ha Giang, bringing a beauty that is hard to describe in words. And that is also the reason why many people are eager to arrange work to come here.

If you are also planning this, you can read moreof this article to plan your budget accordingly.

The buckwheat flower fields are everywhere, so you will definitely be spoiled for taking beautiful photos here.

Expenses needed when going to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers for 4 days and 3 nights

This article will calculate the basic costs for 1 person when going to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers. In particular, because Ha Giang is quite far from Hanoi, the road is not easy to go, so 4 days 3 nights is the most ideal time for this experience . Thus, you will have enough time to rest, not be tired and still be able to enjoy many attractions at this place.

1. Transportation costs: about 700k/person.

You can travel by private car, motorbike or passenger car at will. However, to be as safe as possible, the advice for you is to choose the form of travel by car or bus.

To have more time to have fun and visit, you should choose the bus from Hanoi to Ha Giang departing from My Dinh bus station at 21 pm and arriving at 5 am the next morning.

Some bus companies specialize in Hanoi – Ha Giang route such as: Hung Thanh, Hai Van, Cau Me, Ngoc Cuong, Bang Phan, Khanh Hang, Khai Huyen. Most of the bus operators depart from 2 main bus stations, Giap Bat and My Dinh. The cost ranges from 260k – 300k/person.

After arriving in Ha Giang, you can continue to catch a bus to move between destinations or rent a motorbike to move more conveniently and proactively.

– The price of motorbike rental in Ha Giang for reference ranges from 200k – 250k/car/day. Remember to bring identification documents such as vehicle documents, car insurance, driver’s license, identity card or citizen identification. Ideally, you should negotiate with the car owner to provide a notarized photo copy of your identity document.

Thus, the cost of renting a vehicle for 4 days and 3 nights for 1 person will be about 400k.

Planning to go to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers at a cost of 3.5 million VND - Photo 2.

Traveling by motorbike will help you see the entire majestic mountain pass scenery, but it is not suitable for you with weak handlebars and poor health.

2. The cost of watching buckwheat flowers: 1-2$/person.

When visiting some buckwheat flower gardens, it may cost from 10 to 20k / turn. When entering the garden, you can freely take photos, but remember not to step on or over the flowers and do not pick flowers and bring them home.

3. Accommodation cost: about 800k – 1.2 million VND/person.

In Quan Ba, Yen Minh and Dong Van, there are many budget motels. If you want to save more money, you can find information about families doing homestay services, the price is only 50 – 70k / person. In it, you can find a lot of affordable motels with a reasonable cost: Cong Doan Hotel with room for backpackers 50k/person/night, Viet Trung Hotel with price of 15$/double room/night, 20$/room 3 people/night,…

In addition, you can also choose to stop at Dong Van at a fairly cheap price, only from 120 – 180k / room. And in case you want to find more beautiful and upscale places, you can refer to some options such as: Hoang Su Phi Lodge, The Art – Golden Jungle House, … with prices ranging from 200 – 800k/ nights and are currently heavily discounted on accommodation booking platforms.

Thus, the average cost of your stay can be around 200-300k/night if you choose beautiful homestays in Ha Giang, equivalent to 800k – 1.2 million dong/person.

Planning to go to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers at a cost of 3.5 million VND - Photo 3.

Ha Giang is famous for its wild and majestic beauty.(Illustrated image)

4. Food costs in Ha Giang: about 1 million VND.

In the morning, you can choose free food to fill your stomach. However, for the main meals, it will cost about 50-100k / person for the dishes.

Thus, it is estimated that the total cost of meals will usually fluctuate around 1 million VND/person for 3 days.

Note, this is the cost including side meals and main meals for 4 days and 3 nights in Ha Giang, excluding the cost of enjoying the specialties of this land. So if you travel to Ha Giang within 4 days and 3 nights, you can make a more reasonable calculation including specialty dishes so that the cost of eating and drinking still fluctuates no more than 1 million VND/person.

5. The cost of other places to visit: about 130k / person.

– The town that fell asleep Pho Bang: Free.

– Lung Cam village: Free.

– Lung Cu flagpole : This is a unique check-in point that most people love, if you haven’t been to Lung Cu, you haven’t really been to Ha Giang.

+ Adult Lung Cu flagpole ticket price: 25k/pax/turn;

+ Tickets for children under 1.3m: Free;

+ Ticket price for Lung Cu flagpole tram: 15k/pax/way; children under 5 years old free of charge;

– Ma Pi Leng Pass: Free.

– Lung cave fee is 50k/person, family house is 30k/person, Pao’s house is 30k/person. If you combine to visit all these destinations, it will fluctuate about 130k / person…

Planning to go to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers at a cost of 3.5 million VND - Photo 4.
Planning to go to Ha Giang to see buckwheat flowers at a cost of 3.5 million VND - Photo 5.

Ha Giang has many delicious dishes that you should not forget to enjoy.(Photo: thuonghieuvietnoitieng, momo)

4. Other costs: about 500k/person.

You can use it to buy more specialties in Ha Giang as gifts for everyone. Some of the dishes you can refer to are as follows:

– Ha Giang sausage: about 250-300k/kg;

– Apples: about 30-35k/kg;

– Buckwheat cake: about 10-15k/piece;

– Kitchen buffalo: about 900k – 1.2 million/kg…

Thus, you will need to spend about 3.4 million VND to be able to go to Ha Giang to see the beautiful and brilliant buckwheat flowers. Note, this cost can fluctuate up or down depending on people’s choices.

Wish you have a nice trip!