Pocket the standard Western travel experience without adjustment (Part 2)

Note the experiences when traveling to the West below, visitors will get detailed information for their river cruise with family or close friends.

Traveling to the West, you will experience a diverse and unique travel journey, familiar but strange, idyllic but not lacking in interesting features. The roads leading to 13 provinces in the Southwest region will take you through fruit-laden orchards, interlaced canals, immense rice fields, cool green Melaleuca forests, bird gardens, National mangrove forests and the national park. All beautiful beaches are not inferior to the central or northern sea.

Western travel experiences - National park tourist areaTram Chim National Park tourist area . Photo: Vinpearl

In addition to the Mekong Delta travel experience notes about means of transport, time to visit and outstanding entertainment spots in the provinces, you also need to remember more about the unique travel experiences and The delicious dishes that must be tried when checking in the West are below. Let’s discover together with Vinlove.

Western travel experiences - Enjoy morning coffeeEnjoy morning coffee on Tra On floating market. Photo: Pham Hoai Thuong

Western travel experience: Unique experiences

Traveling to Tien Giang, Ca Mau, Can Tho or any other western province, you will be treated by nature with unspoiled scenes but not lacking in the lyrical features of the river region. Because they all originate from the Mekong mother river, the tributaries flowing to the southwestern provinces have poetic landscapes, imbued with the identity of river civilization. Most of the tourist destinations in the West are associated with beautiful nature, lush fruit gardens, canals and vertical rice fields. Not only that, the Mekong Delta region also offers tourists from far away to visit the following unforgettable experiences.

1. Fruit picking in the garden

In the tours to the West , picking fruits in Cai Be, Cho Lach or Thoi Son dunes is a must-have activity. Because for a long time, this land has been known as the “fruit bowl” of the country with thousands of luxuriant and fruit-laden orchards.

Western travel experiences - colorful fruitsAll kinds of colorful fruits in Cai Be field. Photo angiangtourism

Traveling to Ben Tre , Tien Giang, Long An, Dong Thap, Can Tho or any western province, you will also be able to visit the orchard and enjoy the delicious ripe fruit on the spot. Fruits such as durian, rambutan, longan, mangosteen, tangerine, grapefruit, plum, guava, … will make your outing more sweet and much more fun.

2. Slapping ditches to catch fish

Coming back to the river, you definitely can’t help but experience the activities of wading, slapping water to catch fish and enjoying the spoils on the spot. This is an interesting folk game that almost any tourist when traveling to the West also wants to participate.

Western travel experiences - Enjoy funEnjoy playing at My Khanh Tourist Village. Photo: dulichvietnam

3. Three-leaf rowing

As the land of canals that are intertwined with canoes down the water, when traveling to the Southwest, don’t forget to register yourself and your best friend for a check-in trip on a dinghy to go down the cool green canal. , discover the typical means of transportation of local people. Try this activity once and feel the fun!

Western travel experiences - Together experience canoeingExperience the beautiful scenery of Ca Mau by canoeing. Photo: dulichcamau.

4. Go to the Western floating market

It is not wrong to say that the floating market is its own “specialty”, the outstanding color of the Southwest. Those who come to the West without going to the floating market at least once, the trip is less interesting.

Western travel experiences - Check-in floating marketCheck-in Cai Rang floating market. Photo: @phthao.ng96

The largest and busiest floating markets in the West can be named such as:

– Cai Rang Floating Market – Address: Cai Rang District, Can Tho City

– Cai Be floating market – Address: Cai Be district, Tien Giang province

– Nga Nam Floating Market – Address: Nga Nam Town, Soc Trang Province

– Nga Bay floating market (Phung Hiep floating market) – Address: Nga Bay, Hau Giang province

– Tra On floating market – Address: Tra On district, Vinh Long province

– Miet Thu floating market – Address: Vinh Thuan, Kien Giang province

– Ca Mau Floating Market – Address: Ward 8, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province.

Western travel experiences - Customers buy durianCustomers buy durian on Cai Be floating market. Photo: Ximgo

A few things to note in addition to the Western travel experience is that you should get up very early to visit the floating market, preferably before 6 am to observe, experience and feel all the beauty and features. color of this exciting activity. Because the time when the floating market is crowded, the busiest is around 6-7 am, then the market will gradually dissolve.

5. Listen to Southern folk music

Not only a rich land, the Mekong Delta is also home to a diverse and unique culture with many religions and unique art forms. One of them is the traditional folk art of Don Ca Tai Tu, which was formed a long time ago in the South. It can be said that this is an art form associated with memories, deeply ingrained in the subconscious of every people here.

Western travel experiences - Don ca tai tuDon ca tai tu is one of the typical cultural forms of the western provinces. Photo: metrip

If you have the opportunity to travel to this land, don’t forget to participate in a musical performance of Don Ca Tai Tu in the garden, spend time listening to the sweet old chant that captivates people’s hearts to understand a little more. An indispensable part of the spiritual life of the people of the West. Especially when traveling to Bac Lieu, you should not miss the opportunity to listen to the ancient six-sentence echo in the hometown of the late musician Cao Van Lau.

6. Join the festival in the West

Referring to folk and religious festivals, many people will immediately think of the provinces in the Northern Midlands Delta. However, the West – the land of red rivers heavy with alluvium and fields stretching along with beaches adjacent to the estuary, … also has many unique festivals. Most of the festivals here are associated with the ancient history of reclaiming the site.

Western travel experiences - Many religious architecturesMany unique religious architectures in the West. Photo: vntrip

Therefore, if you are interested in learning about religious culture and love the bustling and bustling atmosphere, you should plan to visit the West at the right time for major and prominent festivals in some areas. western province. These are Phu Le communal house festival and Nghinh Ong festival in Ben Tre, Chol Chnam Thmay New Year festival, Nghinh Ong festival, Ok Om Bok moon worship festival, Nguyen Tieu festival in Tra Vinh, Coconut offering ceremony in Soc Moon, bull racing festival, Dolta New Year, Ba Chua Xu ceremony in An Giang, Binh Thuy communal house festival in Can Tho, Southern wind blowing festival, Kathina festival,…

The specific dates of the festivals are as follows:

– Chol Chnam Thmay: the beginning of the month of Tet of the Khmer.

– Kathina festival: held after 3 months of summer retreat.

Ba Chua Xu Festival : April 23 – 27 of the lunar calendar.

– Western fruit festival: Doan Ngo festival.

– Nghinh Ong Festival: 16/8 lunar calendar

– Seven Nui bull racing festival: 30/8 lunar calendar.

– Don Ta festival: August 29 – September 1 of the lunar calendar.

Ok Om Bok Moon Worshiping Festival: October 14-15 of the lunar calendar.

7. Collect honey at the beekeeping area

Checking in Phung islet, Thoi Son or En, you can not only pick ripe fruit from the branches and enjoy right at the garden, but also get honey at the beehive in the rearing garden. Almost everyone feels excited and even “fascinated” by this activity because of the feeling of winning over themselves, overcoming the fear of being stung by bees, and then tasting the sweetness of each drop of honey. Rest assured because the owner of the garden will guide you on how to collect honey in the safest way.If you have never tried to collect honey yourself, do not hesitate to hurry back to the West and immediately experience the tourism activities that you can enjoy. Very popular with domestic and foreign customers.

Western travel experiences - Dat Mui Community Tourist AreaDat Mui community tourist area is a favorite destination on weekends. Photo: dulichdatmui

8. Visiting traditional villages/kilns

The Southwest region is not only the granary of rice and fruit of the whole country, but also famous traditional craft villages. If you have the opportunity to go down to the river, you should remember to visit famous craft villages and ovens such as: coconut candy oven, honey furnace in the islets of Ben Tre, Tien Giang, rice paper oven, and noodle oven in Can Tho. , com kiln, Mang Thit pottery kiln in Vinh Long, Dinh Yen mat village in Dong Thap,… All are places where you can learn and enjoy traditional hometown gifts and beautiful handicraft products. by manual method, simple but close and full of home flavor.

Western travel experiences - Visiting a noodle ovenVisit the noodle factory in Can Tho. Photo: tourismcantho

9. Other fun games

In addition to the typical activities in the land of straight fields with flying storks, heavy fruit gardens and canals like chessboards, the West also has many other unique experiences for visitors to visit. Especially recently, when eco-tourism and garden tourism areas bloom, there are more and more folk games and experiences with rivers and fields. Checking in the tourist areas of Lan Vuong, Yen Village, My Khanh, Tan Quy Island, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in special games such as slapping ditches, fishing for crocodiles, watching fish sucking milk bottles, watching pig racing. , dog racing, monkey circus, ostrich riding, grass skating, sitting on the cosmic wheel, water polo,…

Western travel experiences - Peace in the midst of the brick kiln scenePeace in the middle of the brick kiln scene. Photo: vntrip

What to eat and what gifts to buy when traveling to the West?

Among the Western travel experiences that need to be known, what is good to eat in 13 provinces in the Southwest region is the question of many tourists. If you come to Tien Giang, you should definitely try My Tho noodle soup, check in Ben Tre, you must immediately find Truc Giang fish sauce hotpot restaurant, eat noodle soup with pate attached – a type of sausage made from meat and pork ears, try flour soup cake After cutting duck meat, coming to Dong Thap, there is Sa Dec noodle soup , Lai Vung spring roll… Can Tho has banh cong, banh Gia, banh xeo, hot pot with fish sauce with distinct flavors.

Western travel experiences - Sa Dec dry noodle soupSa Dec dry noodle soup. Photo: hutieusadec.vn

An Giang is famous for a long time with Chau Doc fish vermicelli, beef sauce, Long Xuyen broken rice, Tri Ton beef porridge, O Thum burnt chicken, grilled ham dish, ham ham cake of the Cham people and cups of fresh jaggery. As well as the famous Bay Nui beef, Bac Lieu is known by many tourists near and far for its spicy silkworm cake and spicy beef vermicelli. Referring to Tra Vinh, many people will immediately remember the types of fish sauce and especially the famous Ben Co cake soup near and far, Soc Trang has noodle soup with a different flavor from vermicelli, …

Western travel experiences - Long Xuyen broken riceLong Xuyen broken rice has conquered the hearts of diners. Photo: Mia.vn

In addition to the typical dishes of each province and each region, there are dishes that just need to be mentioned and everyone immediately thinks of the river region. These are grilled snakehead fish, hot pot with fish sauce, sour soup of lingonweed, grilled hamster, braised cotton fish, pancakes, three-kissed fish sauce, dried shrimp, all kinds of seafood in the Southwest Sea. ..

Western travel experiences - Grilled snakehead fishGrilled snakehead fish. Photo: Foody

During your trip to the West , you will not only open your eyes with beautiful scenery and unique daily life, but also have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of many delicious dishes of your homeland.

Western travel experiences - Famous and delicious pizzaFamous delicious delicious pia cake suitable for taking home as a gift. Photo: High-speed train

Before the end of the trip, you can visit the market or anywhere in the familiar countryside in one of the 13 western provinces to buy gifts to bring back to your family and friends. Besides the dishes that can be brought as gifts such as specialty fruits of Nam Roi pomelo, Cai Mon durian, Lai Vung tangerine, Vinh Kim rambutan, mango, longan, Cau Ke waxy coconut, there are many other delicious dishes. such as fish sauce in Chau Doc market , Tinh Bien, Vinh Kim dried shrimp, Xuan Thanh wine, cuffed fish sauce, Go Cong shrimp paste, Bay Nui beef, An Giang toast, Tra Cuon cake, Pia cake in Soc Trang, pepper Phu Quoc, coconut candy, Ben Tre milk rice paper,…

Western travel experiences - Tra Cuon Tet cakeTra Cuon Tet cake. Photo: jonh.lt

Note when traveling to the West

For a fun and safe visit, please add the following Western travel experiences :

Clothing: Depending on the weather and climate, prepare appropriate luggage. Note that you should bring enough clothes to use. The climate in the West does not have a cold season like the North, so there is no need to bring warm clothes or thick clothes. Instead, you just need to bring a thin coat, long-sleeved shirt in the form of layers. In addition, you should not bring a lot of white and bright clothes or shoes because the destination is an orchard, going down a boat, canoe, or river will easily get dirty.

Western travel experiences - About Bay Thao gardenAbout Bay Thao garden – Cai Mon durian kingdom. Photo: FB Clean Durian Bay Thao – Cai Mon

– Shoes: With the typical river terrain, when coming to the West, you should bring more slippers, water shoes, next to sports shoes to facilitate moving, stepping off the canoe, boat, boat. Do not wear high heels or shoes that are easy to absorb water, especially avoid wearing shoes that do not have good grip because they will easily slip.

– Sunscreen, anti-mosquitoes and medicines: besides beautiful scenery and delicious food, special festivals with many unique experiences, the West also has a difficult “specialty” which is mosquitoes and mosquitoes. The sun is hot every summer. Therefore, always remember to apply sunscreen, spray mosquito repellent and other insects before checking in to the Western tourist destination in the wet season or in the dry season, especially places with luxuriant trees and canals. interlaced. When going outdoors, remember to prepare a hat, a wide-brimmed hat so that you can block the sun when moving or visiting.

Western travel experiences - Hotpot with fish sauce and fish noodlesFish sauce hot pot and fish vermicelli are specialties of the West. Photo: Ticotravel

– Money, personal belongings: Not only in 13 southwestern provinces, but even if you check in at any tourist destination, you should refrain from bringing too precious jewelry when traveling. Because just bring enough cash and carefully store expensive items such as phones, cameras to prevent falling, falling into the water or being stolen, your trip will be much more comfortable and safe. .

Western travel experiences - Ca Mau dried shrimpCa Mau dried shrimp Photo: Khundinn

With these Western travel experiences in your pocket, you can safely leave the noisy city, return to the river, vast fields, enjoy delicious dishes of Southwest cuisine, Feel free to check in the beautiful countryside with nine estuaries. Hurry up to plan a trip to the Mekong Delta and then just enjoy a truly relaxing time with friends and family with a complete, enjoyable trip and many memorable memories. .

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)