Revealing delicious grilled restaurants in Hue that you should try when coming to the Ancient Capital on a windy day

Visiting delicious grilled restaurants in Hue and enjoying delicious, cozy meals amid the typical cold weather will be a great experience for those who visit the ancient capital at the end of the year.

    If you want to enjoy the romantic and somewhat sad beauty typical of Hue , the cold rainy season is definitely the right time to visit. In that cold weather, enjoying grilled food will definitely be one of the experiences you can’t miss and the delicious grilled restaurants in Hue are the ideal places to stop. Hue has no shortage of delicious barbecue restaurants, so just coming here you will have countless attractive options and the names below will be the perfect suggestions for you to have delicious, attractive barbecue parties in a very chill and relaxing space. comfortable.

    Top delicious grilled restaurants in Hue that are ‘addictive’ to connoisseurs 

    1. Hue Alley 

    Hue Alley is one of the delicious grilled restaurants in Hue that is very famous with 3 branches in the ancient capital. This shop has the advantage that the branches are all located at prime addresses, easy to find, the luxurious space is spacious and airy, the decor is very stylish and polite.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue HIMHue Alley is one of the attractive grilled restaurants. Photo: FB Hue Alley

    Hue Alley’s menu is very diverse with affordable combo dishes suitable for groups of friends or families. Very famous for grilled beef with salted egg sauce, grilled beef with butter and grilled seafood. In particular, the restaurant also has an attractive hot pot menu with quality side dishes such as chicken leg salad with snail sauce, avocado sauce, salad… 

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue HIMThis restaurant’s grilled butter dishes are very delicious and rich in flavor. Photo: FB/Hue Alley

    Address: No. 1 To Huu Street, No. 114 Nhat Le Street and No. 74 Le Ngo Cat Street, Hue City  

    Open: 11:00 – 23:00

    2. K-Pub Vincom Plaza Hue

    For fans of Korean-style grilled food, this must be a very familiar address. The most noticeable thing about this delicious grilled restaurant in Hue is that the luxurious space is located right at Vincom, a busy commercial center, so it is very convenient for visitors to check-in. The grilled dishes here are full of all kinds of pork belly, American beef, chicken, seafood, and chicken combined with many types of sauces prepared according to their own recipes. In particular, diners coming here can enjoy the buffet line with more than 30+ attractive panchan desserts that change continuously every day.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - K-Pub Vincom Plaza HueIf you crave Korean barbecue, don’t forget to visit K-Pub Vincom Plaza Hue. Photo: FB/ K-Pub Vincom Plaza Hue

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - K-Pub Vincom Plaza HueThe baked goods here have very fresh selected ingredients. Photo: FB/K-Pub Vincom Plaza Hue

    Address: Lot L5-01, 5th Floor, Vincom Plaza Hue Shopping Center, No. 50A Hung Vuong Street, Hue City 

    Open: 10:00 – 22:00 

    3. Restaurant 52 Bao Vinh (ong Xe beef)

    This is a pan-grilled beef restaurant that is very popular with locals. This restaurant is not located in the city center but in Bao Vinh old town, also an attractive tourist destination of the ancient capital because of its romantic and peaceful beauty. If you go from the center to here, it only takes about 15 minutes. The restaurant has a very airy and polite space, tables and chairs are arranged very widely, far apart so there is no feeling of crowding, and is located next to the river with 2 super cool floors.

    What makes the team love the grilled food at this restaurant is the super delicious menu with all the dishes from casual to full, with reasonable prices, only from 45,000 VND. The most famous here is pan-grilled beef. The beef is very fresh and fragrant, plus the pan-grilled style is very special, so it’s delicious to eat without feeling sick. You can eat it with rice paper rolls dipped in super delicious sweet and sour fish sauce. In addition, the restaurant also has other dishes such as grilled ribs, grilled seafood or hot pot dishes that are also super delicious.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - Restaurant 52 Bao Vinh (ong Xe beef)Restaurant 52 Bao Vinh (ong Xe beef) specializes in serving very unique Hue-style pan-grilled beef. Photo: Restaurant 52 Bao Vinh

    Address: No. 52 Bao Vinh, close to the foot of Bao Vinh bridge – opposite Bao Vinh village communal house, Hue City

    Open: 11:00 – 21:00.

    4. Cowboy ribs

    If you love cowboy ribs, you must definitely visit this delicious grilled restaurant in Hue . It’s only on the sidewalk, but it has a very poetic view of Truong Tien Bridge, and the space is simple but airy. As the name suggests, the restaurant’s best seller is cowboy ribs with BBQ sauce, which is very attractive. The ribs are very richly marinated, the meat is very fresh, soaked in spices and melts in the mouth. In addition to cowboy ribs, the restaurant also has many other choices for diners such as grilled chicken, bamboo-tube rice, grilled oysters… The restaurant’s dipping sauce is very richly prepared, super spicy but very appealing.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - Cowboy ribsCowboy ribs are very soft and fragrant. Photo: FB Cowboy ribs

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - Cowboy ribsThe restaurant sells bamboo rice and other side dishes that are also very attractive. Photo: Cowboy ribs

    Address:  No. 139 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hue City 

    Open: 16:00 – 22:00 

    5. U Nu Grill Shop 

    Not to mention the food, the first plus point of U Nu Hue grill restaurant is the airy, polite space with impressive style when applying bamboo material very closely. The restaurant space is not too large but polite and warm. The menu of ú Nu Grill is mainly grilled dishes, notably meat dishes with a variety of sauces such as butter sauce, salted egg sauce, and wine sauce. Quality imported meat with dozens of varieties, fresh seafood and attractive side dishes. In addition to the main grilled dishes, the restaurant also has a super HOT hot pot menu for diners to enjoy.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - U Nu grilled restaurantThe space of U Nu Grill Shop is both rustic and intimate. Photo: U Nu Grill Shop

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - U Nu grilled restaurant

    The restaurant is famous for its delicious grilled meat dishes. Photo: U Nu Grill Shop

    Address: No. 30 Phung Chi Kien Street. Hue City 

    Open: 11:00 – 23:00.

    6. Chau Chu Farm 

    Located less than 30 minutes by car from the center of Hue city, Chau Chu Farm is not only a super HOT chill and camping address for tourists, but it is also a delicious grilled restaurant in Hue that is known to many people. The first plus point is definitely the space as this place is a model of a green vegetable farm combined with a camping area, so it is poetic, with many virtual check-in corners.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - Chau Chu FarmChau Chu Farm has a very chill and spacious space. Photo: Chau Chu Farm

    The barbecue menu at this restaurant is extremely diverse with meat dishes such as pork belly, grilled beef, sausages, seafood… Prices are only from 35,000 VND to 120,000 VND, the restaurant arranges the dishes very beautifully and flavorfully. rich marinade sauce. If you want to chill and eat delicious food, this is definitely the ideal stop for diners.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue - Chau Chu FarmQ Chau Chu Farm’s grilled set includes both seafood and meats. Photo: Chau Chu Farm

    Address: Chau Chu Village, Thuy Bang Commune, Hue (near Khai Dinh Tomb)

    7. Topokki One BBQ 

    If you are looking for a delicious, cheap barbecue restaurant in Hue , Topokki One BBQ will definitely be a suggestion you should not miss. This restaurant is very famous with Hue BBQ fans so it is always crowded, so if you want to have a place to experience, you should go early or make a reservation. Even though it is crowded, the plus point of the restaurant is that the food comes out relatively quickly. . 

    This restaurant specializes in serving Korean-style grilled dishes and also hot pot dishes. The restaurant’s grilled food is very diverse with beef rolls with mushrooms, pork tongue, frills, beef tongue… The meat here is very thickly cut, beautifully decorated, and the marinated sauce is very fragrant and rich. In addition to drinks, the restaurant also has side dishes such as vermicelli, noodles… which are also super delicious.

    Delicious barbecue restaurant in Hue Topokki One BBQTopokki One BBQ is famous for its super delicious Korean-style barbecue. Photo: Topokki One BBQ

    Address: No. 5 Kieu 175 Nhat Le Street, City. Hue.

    8. Camp Hill 81 – Wooden house grill shop 

    This restaurant has a very beautiful location on Vong Canh Hill with a very chill view, giving the feeling of Da Lat and no shortage of beautiful virtual check-in corners. This delicious grilled restaurant space in Hue is super chill with a spacious garden and impressive rustic-style wooden furniture. If you want to stay overnight, there is also a beautiful camping area where you can light a campfire in the evening.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue Camp Hill 81 - Wooden grilled restaurantCamp Hill 81 – Wooden house grill shop brings the atmosphere of Da Lat grill shops to Hue. Photo: Camp Hill 81

    This restaurant’s barbecue menu is large with dozens of dishes priced from 69k to 289k depending on the type. If you go in a large group, the restaurant also has super attractive combos. The outstanding grilled dishes of this restaurant include grilled beef of all kinds such as chicken, ribs, ribs, pork belly, pork ribs, frogs, oysters, squid, shrimp, pork sausage, sausages… The restaurant also has hot pot dishes. beef, seafood hotpot, various cooked dishes and vegetable salads.

    Delicious grilled restaurant in Hue Camp Hill 81 - Wooden grilled restaurantThe grilled food is not only delicious but the decoration is also very eye-catching. Photo: Camp Hill 81

    Address: 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hue City 

    Open: 16:00 – 23:00 

    Hue can be considered a paradise of barbecue restaurants as there are more and more attractive addresses for tourists to stop at. In addition to the above suggestions, there are also many other delicious barbecue restaurants in Hue for you to visit such as Mo BBQ in Hue. No. 59 Nguyen Chi Dieu, King BBQ at Vincom or Nguyen Thai Hoc or Cui BBQ on Van Cao Street…Stopping at the grill shops to enjoy delicious, rich dishes will definitely be a great pleasure for devotees. If you are passionate about food, when you come to Hue in the cold rainy season, don’t miss the above super HOT grilled restaurants. 

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