Take a boat ride, listen to then sing in the heart of Na Naa lake

Coming to Tan Trao National Tourist Area (Tuyen Quang), visitors can try walking on Na Naa Lake, immersing themselves in the traditional then singing of the Tay people between the four sides of the mountains.

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Boating, listening to then singing are new tourism experiences introduced to tourists by Tuyen Quang province earlier this year. On the primitive boats assembled from bamboo, visitors can immerse themselves in the majestic natural scenery, covered with green trees, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the melodious then melody.
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The resort has about 10 arrays, each carrying a maximum of 5 people. Before participating in the experience, guests must equip life jackets. In addition, by the lakeside, the rescue team is always on duty to ensure safety.
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The journey on the lake takes about 30 minutes.
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From above, the scenery of the lake bed is poetic with blue watercolor and dense trees. During the break between songs, you can even listen to the sounds of birds, and the sound of running water.
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Then singers in Tay ethnic costumes. They bring all kinds of musical instruments, and sing to serve tourists.
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Artist Dam Thanh Hien (player of the lute) said then singing is a popular form of religious chant in the spiritual life of the Tay. The lyrics contain spiritual elements. “In the past, the then song was often played in rituals to find the soul of the sick, ask for a child, ask for a name, ask for health, pray for all things to be good, for a bountiful harvest, for a peaceful and happy village. Today, the topics are more extensive,” said Thanh Huyen.
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Visitors can experience the feeling of rowing the array by themselves.
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Then singing on the lake is a new experience product, combined with tourism to the source at Tan Trao Special National Historic Site. Therefore, the journey also takes visitors to Lan Na Na, where Uncle Ho lived and worked in the period of 1945.
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Na Nua shack was restored in 1972, now covered with moss, tinged with time. The shack is built in the style of a mountain house on stilts, facing east-west, with 6 wooden columns and a roof with palm leaves. Although the area is limited, the shack is still divided into two areas, a large space for Uncle Ho to work and receive guests, and the other to rest.
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At each tourist destination, guests will hear the guide in traditional Tay ethnic costume narrate and tell stories.
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In the photo, visitors offer incense and memorials at Tan Trao communal house. Responding to Zing , Mr. Do Trung Kien, Head of the Management Board of Tourist Areas of Tuyen Quang Province, said: “Historical relics are intertwined with the unspoiled natural landscape and the cultural life of many ethnic groups in the province. suitable to develop community-based, experiential and ecological tourism in addition to resource activities”.
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Mr. Kien informed that Tuyen Quang served more than 700,000 visitors in the first 4 months of the year and is actively promoting communication and advertising, expecting to welcome 2 million visitors this year.

 (According to zingnews)