The beauty of a newly discovered cave in the middle of Truong Son forest

QUANG BINH – Son Nu Cave is located in the core of the primeval forest with many giant stalactites and clear blue underground water flowing through the rapids.

Son Nu Cave is more than 1.5 km deep with many large stalactites that were recently discovered by people in Truong Son commune, Quang Ninh district in Dieu Do village area, in sub-zone 549. The name “Son Nu” was given by the people. .

Mr. Hoang Trong Duc, Chairman of Truong Son commune, said that Son Nu cave is located in the primeval forest in the West Truong Son area, discovered by foresters. To enter Son Nu cave, you have to walk nearly 2 km along the stream.

The entrance to Son Nu cave is adjacent to Khe May. To enter the cave, local people and adventurers must bring SUP boats (stand-up paddleboards), flashlights, and life jackets.

Then they had to cross many rapids inside the cave to reach the area with stalactites. The underground water is clear, however, when there is heavy rain, entering the cave is very dangerous, according to the chairman of Truong Son commune.

In Son Nu cave, there are many large stalactites.

Some points can be places to stop and check-in.

In the photo is a strip of stalactites lying parallel to the water surface.

Mr. Hoang Trong Duc said that the new cave is very suitable for developing adventure tourism. “60% of the commune’s population are Van Kieu people, their economic life is difficult. Soon putting Son Nu cave into tourism will help people here have more jobs,” Mr. Duc said.

Tourists are amazed by the beauty of the stalactites.

The group exploring Son Nu cave took souvenir photos with stalactites deep inside, after overcoming many rapids. Stalactites or stalactites are formed from dripping water residue that has accumulated over hundreds, even thousands of years.

The clear blue water from Son Nu cave will flow towards Khe May.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quy, Director of the Department of Tourism of Quang Binh province, said that the discovery of a new cave is good news for the local tourism industry.

“The Department of Tourism will coordinate with Quang Ninh district to survey and develop a tourism exploitation plan, but must first ensure the safety of tourists,” Mr. Quy said.

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