The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat is super chill so tag your friends to ‘escape’ right away

Visiting sleepless cafes in Da Lat to enjoy the quiet, gentle space in the typical cold weather, listening to some rustic Indie music is a hobby that many tourists enjoy recently.

In addition to delicious food, enjoying some cold air and admiring beautiful scenery, there is another reason why many people love and come to Da Lat often, which is Le La cafe. There are cafes everywhere, but going to a cafe in Da Lat is always something very different, both gentle and peaceful, especially going to a cafe late at night. Sleepless cafes in Da Lat are always the ideal choice for those who visit Da Lat at midnight, need to rest after a long car trip or simply looking for a quiet place to meditate and sip a cup of coffee. , chat a few things in the middle of the night or watch magical Da Lat early in the morning. 

Sleepless cafes in Da Lat with beautiful, quiet views for the “Night Owl” festival 

1. The Beti Dalat

The Beti Dalat has the advantage of being located right near Dalat market, so even if you arrive in the city at midnight, you can still conveniently rest at this restaurant. The shop has a space with the typical style of small houses in Northern Europe, very cute and beautiful. From the outside, you can feel the cuteness of the shop with its charming vintage green color, tiny gate, and fragrant herb garden.

The Beti Dalat cafe that never sleeps in Da LatThe Beti Dalat has a very cute Nordic style. Photo: The Beti Dalat

The inside also has the same lovely and gentle style with soft pastel tones that bring a very cozy and comfortable feeling. The restaurant’s menu is full of outstanding drinks including coffee, tea and cakes. Some drinks recommended by coffee addicts at this sleepless cafe in Da Lat are green tea with egg cream, Muoi coffee, peach tea, rose lychee tea, cookies…

The Beti Dalat cafe that never sleeps in Da LatThe space inside the restaurant is very cozy and cute. Photo: The Beti Dalat 

The Beti Dalat cafe that never sleeps in Da LatGreen tea with egg cream is one of the favorite drinks at the shop. Photo: The Beti Dalat

Address:  Alley No. 7 Le Thi Hong Gam, Ward 1, City. Da Lat.

2. Route 66 Cafe’

If you want to find a sleepless cafe in Da Lat that is both quiet and retro, Route 66 Cafe’ is a great suggestion for you. This restaurant is located in a small alley in a peaceful residential area with a rustic vintage style full of old breath.

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat Route 66 Cafe'Route 66 Cafe’ attracts visitors with its rustic style and peaceful space. Photo: Route 66 Cafe’

Route 66 Cafe’ space is not only cute but also extremely quiet with many beautiful virtual living corners for you to relax. The highlight here is the incandescent light bulbs combined with a nostalgic space that gives visitors the feeling of returning to Da Lat in the 90s. Route 66 Cafe’s menu is ideal for Night owls run deline when there are full tea, coffee, mixed drinks, pizza and delicious late-night snacks.

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat Route 66 Cafe'The shop has no shortage of beautiful corners for you to check-in. Photo: Route 66 Cafe’

 Address: 66 Thi Sach, Ward 6, Da Lat City.

3. Dalat 24h Warm and Soft

Dalat 24h Warm and Smooth is a paradise for those who want to relax late at night or are looking for a place to rest after early arriving buses. The space of this cafe is very colorful, the decor is impressive with countless virtual living corners. In particular, the shop has reclining beds for tourists who want to rest while waiting for the bus with a capacity of 10 to 14 people.

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat - Dalat 24h Warm and SoftDalat 24h Cozy Am has a very beautiful space for virtual living. Photo: Dalat 24h Warm and Soft

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat - Dalat 24h Warm and SoftThe restaurant also has a resting space for guests in need. Photo: Dalat 24h Warm and Soft

Besides the luxurious space, this cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat also has an attractive drink menu and especially no shortage of delicious food. Typical drinks include coffee, teas and juices, functional teas for relaxation, weight loss or good sleep. The food has enough mashed dishes for a beautiful owl party such as bread, instant noodles with various toppings, sausages, potatoes, and fruits.

In addition, the shop also has beauty services such as facial masks, hot baths, foot soaks, or hair washing. Dalat 24h Cot Am Am ​​does not limit the time customers stay at the restaurant, but it should not exceed 24 hours. 

Address: 25b Thi Sach, Ward 6, Da Lat City,

4. Kimochi Coffee

Kimochi Coffee is a 24/24 cafe nestled on the hillside in a small alley with a very chill atmosphere. The restaurant is only more than 4km from Da Lat market and has an open space, making it ideal for visitors to stop and admire the vast mountain scenery.

Coffee shop that never sleeps in Da Lat - Kimochi CoffeeKimochi Coffee’s space is very airy. Photo: Kimochi Coffee

Especially if you stay overnight or come to the restaurant early in the morning, you will have the opportunity to admire the very poetic sea of ​​clouds. Because of the direction and open space blending with nature, this restaurant has a simple decor style with a few beautiful landscapes. The shop has enough tea, cakes and snacks, so even if you are hungry late at night, you can still enjoy delicious food.

Coffee shop that never sleeps in Da Lat - Kimochi CoffeeIf you are lucky, you can hunt clouds in the morning at the restaurant. Photo: Kimochi Coffee


Branch 1: 2/4 Tran Quang Dieu, Ward 10, Da Lat City

Branch 2: 40 Pham Ngu Lao, Ward 3, City. Da Lat.

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5. El Soñador Coffee & Tea

El Soñador Coffee & Tea is a 24/24 cafe model that integrates a rest space, so if you come to Da Lat and want to “stay the night”, you can’t miss this place. The shop is located quite close to the bus station, just a few meters from the bus station. 2km from the center so it is very convenient to stop. Visitors arriving at the bus station can drag their suitcases straight to the restaurant to rest without needing a shuttle bus.

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat, El Soñador Coffee & TeaEl Soñador Coffee & Tea has a very unique operating model. Photo: El Soñador Coffee & Tea

El Soñador Coffee & Tea has a very cozy and comfortable space with two separate floors. The first floor is a place to serve cafe customers, large groups of friends and families, the upper floor is a unique sleep box model for visitors to rest with all amenities such as beds, blankets, pillows, bookshelf, wifi…

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat, El Soñador Coffee & TeaBox Sleep at Soñador Coffee & Tea attracts many visitors. Photo: Soñador Coffee & Tea

This sleepless cafe in Da Lat has a full menu of attractive drinks and food for visitors to choose from when stopping by, especially the super quality one-person hotpot priced at only 49,000 VND to 69,000 VND.

The cafe that never sleeps in Da Lat, El Soñador Coffee & TeaThe restaurant has a very attractive one-person hot pot dish. Photo: El Soñador Coffee & Tea

 24D Nguyen Du, Ward 9, Da Lat City

If you want to enjoy peaceful, relaxing moments at night, surely the sleepless cafes in Da Lat will be attractive suggestions to make your trip more interesting. 

($1=24,000 VND)
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