Check out the strawberry gardens in the West that make tourists fascinated

Checking into the Western strawberry gardens below, you will freely enjoy the attractive sweet and sour flavor of a familiar fruit and moreover, collect a breathtaking collection of beautiful photos.

Mulberry is a typical fruit of the Southwest region, besides many famous sweet and fragrant trees such as durian, mangosteen, coconut, cherry, rambutan, and longan. Although not too prominent compared to other fruits, strawberry still has a special place in the memories of many people, especially for its unforgettable sweet and sour taste. Today, let’s join Vinlove to explore the Western mulberry gardens that make tourists fall in love.

Check out strawberry gardens in the West - A favorite fruitA favorite fruit in the West. Photo: Duong Viet Anh

Instructions for traveling to strawberry gardens in the West

If you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, to reach the Western region and have the opportunity to check in to strawberry gardens, you first need to move to the specific provinces where the garden is located such as Mr. Tan’s strawberry garden or Mr. Tan’s strawberry garden. Thien An in Hau Giang, 5 Canh My Luong garden in An Giang, strawberry garden in My Khanh commune, Phong Dien in Can Tho,… Depending on your schedule and personal conditions, you can freely choose the means of transportation. Travel as appropriate as by motorbike, car or simply get on a bus from the Western bus station or transfer pick-up points in Ho Chi Minh City and go to the Western province where the strawberry garden you want to visit is located. .

Be captivated by the poetic beauty of the Western mulberry gardens

1. Mr. Tan Hau Giang’s strawberry garden

Mr. Le Minh Tan’s strawberry garden, referred to as Mr. Tan Hau Giang’s strawberry garden, grows 4 types of strawberries including: Gia Bao, Bon Bon, Ha Chau and Siamese strawberries with an age of nearly 20 years that many tourists love.

Check out the strawberry gardens in the West - Strawberries are heavy with branchesStrawberries are heavy with branches in Mr. Tan Hau Giang’s garden. Photo:

This 5-hectare strawberry garden and located right in the center of Nga Bay city is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Hau Giang. The mulberry trees are extremely fruitful from root to top, filled with bunches of fruit, making many people excited and take turns taking photos to check in with them. This is considered a  prominent strawberry garden in the West .

According to the experience of traveling to the West, the experience of fruit gardens of tourists and the advice of garden owners, you can check into strawberry gardens all year round if the weather is favorable. Because the mulberry tree produces fruit that covers almost the entire trunk of the tree in all seasons throughout the year. When harvested, each tree can yield several hundred kilograms of fruit.

Check out the mulberry gardens in the West - The mulberry trees are laden with fruitThe mulberry tree is laden with fruit. Photo: Duong Viet Anh

However, the common time that mulberry trees begin to flower is around October – November of the lunar calendar. From the end of March until the 5th lunar month is the time when the fruit begins to ripen and especially depending on the type of strawberry, it will fluctuate earlier or later. The average price of strawberries per kilogram ranges from a few thousand to 20,000 VND.

2. Thien An Strawberry Garden

Located in Nga Bay ward, Nga Bay city, Hau Giang province, Thien An strawberry garden is up to 5 hectares wide with thousands of luxuriant strawberry roots laden with fruit. This place has long been an interesting ecotourism destination sought by many tourists, no less than Thoi Son Tien Giang island or Cho Lach garden or Phung Ben Tre island.

Check out the strawberry gardens in the West - The fruits grow from the base to the topThe fruit grows from the base to the top. Thamhiemmekong photo

This Hau Giang tourist destination is also extremely attractive to tourists because it has a cool garden entrance and strawberries hanging overhead, creating an extremely interesting scene.

List of strawberry gardens in the West - Garden entranceThe entrance to the garden is cool. Photo: thamhiemmekong

This is also a convenient destination for transportation because you just need to cross Phung Hiep bridge and turn left about 200m to get there. Right from the first steps into the garden, you will be surprised with the peaceful and poetic scenery that the strawberry garden offers.

On both sides of the road, many tall, shady mulberry trees are planted, as if covered with yellow clusters of wilt fruits, growing from base to top without any white space left. During the harvest season, many people are even more surprised to see large bunches of mulberry fruits hanging down as if touching the tourists.

List of strawberry gardens in the West - many varietiesWestern strawberries have many varieties, with different flavors and sweet and sour levels. Photo:

3. Strawberry garden 5 My Luong An Giang landscape

Contributing to the list of Western mulberry gardens, 5 Canh My Luong garden in My Thuan hamlet, My Luong town, Cho Moi district, An Giang province is also a hot spot for enthusiasts. Eat this fruit. If you want to explore the paradise of the extremely famous mulberry, you definitely should not miss this interesting destination in your An Giang travel itinerary.

Roll call of mulberry gardens in the West - Ba Ve intersectionThe strawberry garden is located near Ba Ve intersection. Photo

Western tropical fruit gardens laden with fragrant red berries have long become a top famous tourist destination, not inferior to the cold temperate orchards of Sa Pa, Da Lat or the Moc Chau plateau. . The same goes for 5 Canh My Luong strawberry garden. Like other strawberry gardens in the West , this is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to those who love garden travel. Although this is not an eye-catching strawberry, this simple earthy strawberry variety still has a unique character, an attraction that makes it hard for you to refuse.

List of mulberry gardens in the West - Strawberry garden 5 Canh My LuongStrawberry garden 5 Canh My Luong is famous for its strawberry variety. Photo:

After moving to Long Xuyen city center, continue to find your way to Ba Ve intersection, turn right and then continue straight to Kenh Xang market. From here, you can drive according to the instructions of Google Maps or the simplest and fastest way is to ask local people how to get to 5 Canh My Luong strawberry garden. If you’re afraid of getting lost, you can also call Mr. 5 Canh, the owner of the strawberry garden, to ask for detailed instructions on the address.

Check-in at 5 Canh strawberry gardens in the West - Check-in at 5 Canh strawberry gardenCheck-in at 5 Canh My Luong strawberry garden. Photo: Lang Thang An Giang

4. An Giang Cam Mountain Strawberry Garden

Cam Mountain is a famous landmark in the Seven Mountains region of An Giang . This place is not only known as the famous Tinh Bien tourist destination but also the area where the famous juicy strawberry gardens in the West are located.

Take a look at the mulberry gardens in the West - The mulberry trees are heavyStrawberry skin is heavy. Photo: dulichmientay

If you travel to An Giang and check in to Cam Mountain from May to June, you will enjoy the attractive sweet and sour taste of the strawberries growing in the gardens on the mountain because it is true. It’s the color of local mulberry skin.

At a moderate altitude above sea level, Cam Mountain has a cool climate and suitable soil, so it quickly became a famous mulberry growing spot throughout the country.

Check out the mulberry gardens in the West - Da mulberryStrawberries have a sweet, sour and refreshing taste. Photo: dulichmientay

Local people have taken advantage of the available advantages and boldly brought green strawberry and yellow-skinned strawberry varieties to plant on mountain land and have obtained sweet fruits, bringing higher economic efficiency than many fruits. other. The gardeners here have combined growing strawberries to harvest fruit with garden tourism activities: welcoming visitors to visit, take photos, enjoy ripe fruits right in the garden or buy them to take home, making visitors extremely excited.

Besides economic value, mulberry gardens also contribute to “painting” the beauty of Cam Mountain. Especially during the ripe strawberry season, the whole mountain area is filled with the colors of bright yellow strawberry clusters with a sweet scent spreading everywhere.

Check out the strawberry gardens in the West - Each strawberryEach strawberry is plump and round. Photo: VietFuntravel

There’s nothing more enjoyable than strolling under cool rows of mulberries, comfortably immersing yourself in the fresh, gently fragrant air. Tourists traveling to the West and checking into the Cam Mountain strawberry garden will experience many new tourist activities besides admiring the garden and taking photos. That means you will enjoy rustic dishes known as An Giang delicacies such as grilled snakehead fish, tung lo mo, wild vegetable pancakes, grilled octopus with salt and chili, Bay Nui beef,… at reasonable prices. Extremely affordable.

List of strawberry gardens in the West - Tourists enjoyTourists enjoy taking souvenir photos. Photo: vntrip

5. Strawberry garden in My Khanh commune, Phong Dien – Can Tho

Traveling to the West during flood season, you will not only enjoy many products all year long in the lush river delta, but also have the opportunity to try other types of specialty fruits and vegetables. Especially in the land of An Giang with diversity, richness and delicious dishes in the mountains and rivers. Strawberry gardens in My Khanh commune, Phong Dien this season are also bustling with ripe fruits.

Located right in the center of My Khanh commune, Phong Dien district, City. Can Tho, the strawberry garden with yellow skin glowing in the sky with hundreds of trees laden with fruit, is an attractive destination, attracting a large number of tourists to visit, experience and enjoy strawberries.

Attendance list of mulberry gardens in the West - Yellow mulberry gardenYellow-skinned strawberry garden with more than 200 trees. Photo: Duy Tan

The garden is currently growing more than 200 yellow-skinned mulberry trees, planted in long rows connected to form arches. Therefore, when taking photos, it will create an eye-catching depth effect. This place is an ideal space for tourists who love taking photos.

You can also pick ripe fruits to enjoy in the garden or buy strawberries to bring home as gifts for relatives and friends. Although this type of strawberry has a sour taste, the aftertaste is sweet, and most importantly, every stem is extremely fruity, making the picture super sparkling.

Check out the strawberry gardens in the West - Bright yellow strawberriesBright yellow strawberries. Photo: Duy Tan

With all the interesting points of the strawberry gardens in the West above, Vinlove hopes you have enough information and detailed instructions to choose the most ideal destination for yourself. If you are part of a team passionate about experiencing eco-tourism, don’t miss it. Save the list of strawberry gardens now and take advantage of more travel tips in the West to have a fun and unforgettable trip!

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