The dish made from scarab beetle larvae has become a specialty, many people praise it for its deliciousness

The dish “scarab beetle larvae” is often available in the rainy season and is considered a specialty in Quang Nam.

“Delicious food from children, scary to see but delicious to eat”, the introduction from the tiktok account “Kitchen on the hillside” attracted about 70,000 views.From a fat underground animal, after processing, the owner of the tiktok channel made all family members praise its deliciousness. In particular, he also shared that it is a specialty of Quang Nam province.Immediately after the clip was posted, netizens showed interest, many people even considered it a part of their childhood memories.

According to Mr. Tai, owner of the channel “Kitchen on the hillside”, the animal crawling above is a ground beetle, also known as a beetle larva. At the beginning of the rainy season, groundhogs often breed in sandy soils, mudflats or where cassava is grown. This is the time when people from his hometown often invite each other to dig. Besides cooking, it also helps prevent crop damage, and trading is also very valuable because it is nutritious.”After digging the earthworm, people in Quang Nam province will usually clean the intestines and soil from the abdomen, wash it with salt water or boil it to reduce the smell. After that, the earthworm will be made into delicious dishes such as stir-frying with Turmeric leaves, grilled, fried…”, Mr. Tai shared.

The dish from beetle larvae has become a specialty, many people praise it as delicious - 2
Groundworms need to be cleaned before cooking (Photo: NVCC).

Buying each groundhog for 2,000 VND, Mr. Hoang Thanh (37 years old) shared that this is a specialty of his hometown so he has enjoyed it since childhood. 

“Just clean and grill, it’s suitable for sipping or drinking wine,” Mr. Thanh said.

Lan Duyen (23 years old, living in Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province) also said that every rainy season, the young girl’s family often invites each other to dig in the ground. Currently, the price of peanuts is 200,000 VND/kg, but most people in her hometown keep them mainly for cooking.

“Sung has a fatty taste on the inside and a crispy outside, so it can be used to make many delicious dishes. Among them, Banh Xeo Sung Dat is my family’s favorite dish,” Duyen added.

The dish from scarab beetle larvae has become a specialty, many people praise its deliciousness - 3
Earthen pancake is a favorite dish of Lan Duyen’s family (Photo: NVCC).

To have a delicious slice of banh xeo, Duyen often stir-fries ground beef with peanut oil to create a characteristic aroma, then slowly pours in diluted rice flour. When the cake has a crispy golden outer layer and a soft, tender inside, you can take the cake and place it on a plate. The ground-searing pancake will be eaten with polyscias fruticosa, purple apricots, guava leaves… and dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce.

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