The fish in Vietnam has a scary name before it was cheap, and now it sells at $10/kg as a specialty in the city

Despite its name, everyone is afraid to hear it, but the meat is very firm and delicious.

Pangasius macronema is a specialty in the West of the river and has long been associated with the people here

Dead fish is also known as striped Pangasius macronema, striped fish, and Siamese pangasius

This is a freshwater catfish, living in groups in the surface and bottom layers of water bodies

Pangasius macronema are omnivores, preferring rotten, foul-smelling creatures

The striped Pangasius macronema is soft and delicious, especially the fish’s breast is full of fat, the fatty taste is very unique

From dead fish, it can be processed into many delicious dishes such as cooking with sour lemon, baking with salt and chili, especially braised pork

If in the past carrion fish swam in schools and were abundant in nature, now this fish species is increasingly scarce

Some provinces like An Giang, and Vinh Long… have developed commercial Pangasius macronema farming to sell to the market

 At one time, the wholesale price of large commercial Pangasius macronema (15 fish/kg) cost 90,000 VND/kg

In the market, Pangasius macronema are cleaned and sold for 240,000 VND ($10)/kg

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