The show recreates the life of a geisha at Sun World Ha Long

The play “Rescuing the Geisha” consists of 8 elaborately choreographed segments, taking place from August 20 to September 30 at the Japanese garden of Sun World Ha Long complex.

As part of the series “Take me to Sun World Ha Long”, the show “Rescuing Geisha” tells the story of geishas, ​​samurai warriors and ninjas from Japan. The play is divided into all classes with 8 segments, elaborately choreographed from the script to the costumes and the typical martial arts performances. The opening was a concert with pounding Taiko drums.

After that, the Yosakoi dance troupe appeared, as the background for the main character, the lovely Geisha, slowly stepped out. Beside the castle, she showed her talent through the dance of Moonlight Dance , with graceful steps.

The show begins to get dramatic when a group of ninjas appear and want to kidnap the beautiful geisha.

The ninjas jump down from the wall, there are fiery fights accompanied by realistic effects. In many scenes, when actors showed martial arts skills and threw darts, the audience reflexively moved aside or raised their hands to cover their eyes.

At this moment, a samurai appears to rescue the geisha. Through the fierce fighting scenes, the audience was pushed from excitement to bursting when the beauty was successfully rescued. Viewers are also invited to the stage to compete in sword dance, interact and take pictures with actors and artists.

The venue for the show is the Japanese garden on the top of Ba Deo, allowing visitors to admire all kinds of rare bonsai, Koi pond with thousands of fish with diverse colors, Koi bridge…

“Rescuing the Geisha” is performed at the Asahi house next to the Asahi (Sun Theater) in the Japanese garden, at 10 am and 16:30 am from Tuesday to Sunday every week, from August 20 to September 30. Along with other performances such as Yosakoi dance and Taiko drum dance on the grounds of Sun World Ha Long’s Ba Deo entertainment complex, the show promises to increase the experience for visitors to Ha Long this autumn and winter. .

Although he has been to Sun World Ha Long many times, Mr. Ha Huy (Cam Pha, Quang Ninh) said that he continues to choose this destination to take his family out for the weekend.
“After going many times, the children still like it. The park is attractive to children, but it is also quite interesting to adults because many festival programs and performances are regularly renewed”, Mr. Huy said.

The new art shows at Sun World Ha Long are the next chapter of Sun Group’s “Take me to the Sun” series of events in Ha Long, along with the RoRock & Motor – Ride2Rock – Take me to Ha Long concert or night. EDM music theme “Legend of the sacred dragon” with the participation of many world famous DJs.

Journey “Take me to Sun World Ha Long” with a variety of activities, experiences and discoveries at Ba Deo mountain entertainment complex, Typhoon Water Park and the largest Dragon Park theme park in Southeast Asia .

In addition, when coming to Sun World Ha Long, visitors also experience the Queen cable car to see the panoramic view of Cua Luc Bay, Bai Chay Bridge and Ha Long City from above. In parallel, there are a series of thrilling games such as: Fast Flying Dragon, Death Wheel, Pirate Ship… at Dragon Park; or water skiing at Typhoon Park (Vycolate Bay).

The management board of Sun World Ha Long is applying the Dragon Theme Park ticket price to 200,000 VND for an adult ticket, 100,000 VND for a child ticket, and 350,000 VND for the Queen cable car ticket. These offers will last until September 30.

Photo: Sun Group