Then Pa Village Ha Giang – a small village nestled under the Lung Cu flagpole

Then Pa Ha Giang village is a small and beautiful village located right at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole, carrying an appearance of peace and gentleness that makes people miss it.

Go to Lung Cu to visit Then Pa village of the Mong people

Then Pa Ha Giang Village is probably still a new name to domestic and foreign tourists. But you know, this is a small village located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, right at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole. At the foot of the flagpole there are two lakes called “Dragon Eyes”, of which the lake on the right is near Then Pa, the other lake is near Lo Lo Chai village.

Where is Then Pa village in Ha Giang?Then Pa is a village located at the foot of the Lung Cu flagpole. Photo: @sontran171097

From Dong Van town center to here is about 26 km. Visitors can combine checking in to Lung Cu flagpole and stopping to visit this poetic village. Then Pa is the residence of the Mong ethnic people, preserving long-standing indigenous cultural features. In the Mong language, Then Pa means large field. 

Then Pa Village in Ha Giang is a beautiful village of the Mong peopleSmall village of the Mong people with preserved unique cultural features. Photo: Nguyen Sy Duc (VnExpress) 

Compared to Lo Lo Chai village, not many tourists visit Then Pa. However, because of that, this place still retains its pristine, peaceful beauty. In recent years, people in the village have also started doing tourism, contributing to bringing many new and more interesting experiences to tourists traveling to Ha Giang . 

The beauty of Then Pa village in Ha Giang makes travelers nostalgic

If you have the opportunity to look down from the Lung Cu flagpole , you will see Then Pa village located among the gray cat-eared rocky slopes of Dong Van. The village is idyllic and poetic with beautiful and poetic scenery. Here, the houses of the indigenous people are all covered with typical yin-yang tiled roofs, creating a distinctive mark for the culture and lifestyle of the Mong people. 

Then Pa village in Ha Giang attracts many tourists to visitMore and more tourists visit Then Pa village. Photo: @thoaiiii21

When visiting Then Pa, visitors will pass by two rows of ancient sa moc trees that are up to a hundred years old. This tree species is common in Ha Giang because of its enduring vitality and growing well in the rocky plateau. The sa moc tree has a straight trunk and branches divided into very beautiful and poetic layers. Thanks to that, the scene of Then Pa made the village even more beautiful.

Then Pa village in Ha Giang has a simple beautyTypical walled houses in Then Pa village. Photo: Nguyen Sy Duc (VnExpress) 

Stepping through the rows of sandalwood to enter the village, visitors will see houses with gray tiled roofs and walls lying close together. Behind the house, around the garden are cool green trees, a pleasant atmosphere radiates, covering the landscape. Then Pa is most beautiful in the early morning, when the mist surrounds the village, making the picture even more beautiful. 

Then Pa village in Ha Giang with houses located close to each otherPeaceful scene in Then Pa village. Photo: Hong Vinh 

Then Pa Village in Ha Giang each season has its own beauty. Coming here in the spring, you will see pear and peach blossoms blooming brightly on the roads in the village, in the gardens of Mong people or flowers covering the hillsides and mountainsides. Around the third lunar month is the time when pear flowers bloom most brilliantly, Then Pa’s painting becomes bright, clear and very gentle. 

Then Pa village in Ha Giang early in the morningClear morning in Then Pa village, Ha Giang. Photo: @thenpa23

In the summer, this beautiful village in Ha Giang is greener because of the colors of the corn fields stretching far and wide. Here, in addition to growing rice, people also cultivate corn to improve their lives. Traveling to Then Pa in the summer, you can also see the clear water of Dragon Eye Lake. This is a truly wonderful time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Giang. 

Then Pa Village in Ha Giang is an ideal place to find peaceComing to Then Pa, visitors can return to peaceful, relaxing nature. Photo: Nguyen Sy Duc (VnExpress) 

In addition, the autumn season in this village is also very poetic with the golden season of ripe rice. Although this place does not have many terraced fields like Hoang Su Phi, the scenery is still very impressive. If you like the coldness and fog that covers the village, choose to come to Then Pa on winter days. 

Then Pa village in Ha Giang is beautiful in every seasonEach season in Then Pa has its own beauty. Photo: Hong Vinh 

Today, Then Pa Ha Giang village has gradually become known to many tourists. Since 2021, households in the village have renovated their houses to make homestays to serve tourists. In the village, there are currently 5 households participating in community tourism, providing accommodation, cooking men men, making linen, and making wine so that tourists can have authentic experiences with the homeowners. 

Then Pa Ha Giang village also began to develop tourismPeople in Then Pa village started doing community tourism. Photo: Hong Vinh 

In addition, households in Then Pa also open more restaurants to bring many delicious Ha Giang specialties for tourists to enjoy. Remember to eat mén men, thang co, black chicken hotpot,… when visiting Then Pa to get a more authentic feel of the culture and cuisine of the Mong people in Ha Giang. 

Note when exploring Then Pa village in Ha Giang 

Currently, when visiting Then Pa, tourists can stay at local homestays for prices ranging from 150,000 – 180,000 VND/night. Besides, you can also combine visits to homestays at Lo Lo Chai located nearby to easily have comfortable experiences on your journey to explore Lung Cu, Dong Van. 

Then Pa Ha Giang village has many homestays for tourists to stayComing here, you can stay at homestays in the village. Photo: Luu Quang Pho (Youth)

In this village, there are also many indigenous people offering tours to explore the Lung Cu flagpole, conquer the actual northernmost point or visit other pristine villages located nearby. Therefore, if you want to have truly interesting activities, please contact local people for support. 

Then Pa Village in Ha Giang is a destination that you should visit onceIf you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang, visit Then Pa village once. Photo: Hong Vinh 

It can be said that Then Pa Ha Giang village is gradually changing its skin to become an attractive destination for tourists day by day. In addition to natural beauty and ancient culture, Then Pa people also make great efforts to bring real tourism values ​​to tourists, contributing to further promoting Ha Giang tourism.

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