Valley of the rising sun in Dak Nong: meeting place of ‘The epic of water and fire’

As the meeting place of two supernatural forces “The epic of fire and water”, the sunrise valley in Dak Nong is a great stop for visitors to admire the peaceful scenery and relax their souls. 

When traveling to Dak Nong , you have many choices of destinations, but the tourist attractions with unique characteristics of this land always have a very special attraction for travelers and Dak Nong sunrise one such place. This place clearly shows the special blend of fire and water elements, two very characteristic elements of Dak Nong Geological Park and is also an attractive stop for tourists who love to explore and enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of the Central Highlands.

Sunrise Valley in Dak NongSunrise Valley in Dak Nong is an attractive and interesting destination. Photo: Dak Nong Newspaper

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Where is Dak Nong sunrise valley?

Dak Nong Sunrise Valley is destination number 9 of the tourist route “The Epic of Water and Fire” under UNESCO Dak Nong Geopark. This location is located in Nam N`dir commune, Krong No district

If starting from the center of Gia Nghia city and wanting to go to the sunrise valley, visitors can travel west through Provincial Road 684/DT684, travel time is about 2 hours with a distance of about 82km. Normally, tourists will combine visiting  Dak Nong sunrise valley with other tourist destinations on the same route, so travel time will depend on each destination in the journey.

Location of Sunrise Valley in Dak NongThe valley is located in Dak Nong Geological Park, Nam Kar commune. Photo: VOV

Dak Nong sunrise valley: meeting place of fire and water

Geological researchers say that the sunrise valley in Dak Nong is the place where alluvial sediments have accumulated from hundreds of thousands of years ago to the present and is influenced by many factors, including water. and fire are the two most basic elements. 

Accordingly, the fire element is shown in Nam Blang volcano, the mountain was formed 10,000 VND years ago and has undergone many eruptions, forming a lava flow tens of kilometers long, creating a lava field up to hundreds of kilometers, including some large and hot lava flows that have flowed all the way to the Krong No river, which is considered the territory of the water god. Lava flows covered part of the valley, clashing with the river’s flow before freezing. This meeting process of fire and water repeats many times and Dak Nong sunrise valley is where two supernatural forces meet to create a special landscape.

Geology of Sunrise Valley in Dak NongThe valley is the meeting place of “water and fire”. Photo: Dak Nong Newspaper

Come to the sunrise valley to see the beautiful nature 

Traveling in Dak Nong sunrise valley , at any time visitors can feel the beautiful nature. In particular, if traveling during the ripe rice season, visitors will have the opportunity to admire an entire valley shining in bright yellow, with extremely vivid beauty that captivates travelers.

For the convenience of tourists visiting and sightseeing, Dak Nong province has built a viewing site in the sunrise valley, from here visitors can fully admire the scenery of the valley from above. 

Sunrise Valley scenic spot in Dak NongThe view point in the sunrise valley in Dak Nong is very beautiful. Photo: Dak Nong Newspaper

Looking to the right will be the mighty Krong No river with its rushing power, the thunderstorm has gradually eroded the mountains to form vast fields. Looking to the left, visitors will be able to take in the wonderful natural picture with completely contrasting colors. In the distance is the Nam Blang volcano, which after many eruptions has created a lava field stretching hundreds of kilometers. The lava surface is not high, but the lower step is enough to form a lava tongue when reaching the rice fields.

Sunrise Valley scenic spot in Dak NongThe view of the valley during the ripe rice season is enchanting. Photo: Dak Nong Newspaper

This is where water and fire coexist when hot lava lines meet frozen river water to form a plain in the valley. After the weathering process, the transformation of the lava surface has created an extremely fertile soil layer. People here have chosen to grow rice in this delta region, creating the fragrant Krong No rice variety that is famous throughout the region. Moreover, the peaceful and peaceful scenery in  Dak Nong sunrise valley always makes people fascinated. 

Other tourist attractions on the ‘The Epic of Fire and Water’ route

In addition to Dak Nong sunrise valley , the “The Epic of Fire and Water” route brings together many other attractive tourist attractions for tourists to check-in and explore. Some prominent locations include the following: 

Volcanic cave 

The volcanic cave system here is very diverse. Notably, C7 cave, 1066.5m long, is the most unique lava cave in Southeast Asia. C3 Cave is 594m long with a unique limestone structure and volcanic cave, inside there are stalactites, fissures, and folds clearly showing the strong movement of lava during the volcanic period. Eruptions. Cave C6, where traces of prehistoric people were discovered, is also an attractive stop.

Volcanic cave near Sunrise Valley in Dak NongThe volcanic cave in Dak Nong Geopark has impressive beauty. Photo: dulichchat

Dray Sap Waterfall

Dray Sap Waterfall is also an attractive destination on the same line as Dak Nong Sunrise Valley. The waterfall is more than 10 meters high with wild and majestic natural landscape, making it a favorite stop for many tourists. Not only does it have beautiful nature, Dray Sap waterfall is also associated with mysterious legends of local people.

Dray Sap near Sunrise Valley in Dak NongThe enchantingly beautiful Dray Sap Waterfall is an attractive destination in the “The Epic of Fire and Water” route. Photo: Check-in Vietnam

Gia Long Waterfall 

Gia Long Waterfall is an attractive tourist destination known to many people. This waterfall was formed by the flow of basalt and Nam Blang volcano. The waterfall has a very poetic beauty, the waterfall surface is wide although not too high, combined with the landscape of special-use forests including many rare plants and animals, creating an impressive beauty.

Dray Sap near Sunrise Valley in Dak NongGia Long Waterfall blends with natural beauty. Photo: @18centimeter.

Stopping in Dak Nong sunrise valley , admiring the beautiful and peaceful landscape will be a great experience for those who love to explore the unique beauty of the Central Highlands. Dak Nong still has countless attractive stops waiting for you to explore, so don’t miss them. 

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