Traveling to Thanh Hoa in winter: where to go and what to do to enjoy it to the fullest?

Traveling to Thanh Hoa in winter is a new experience that many young people choose. When mentioning Thanh Hoa, people often think of swimming activities at Sam Son Beach and playing under the cool waterfall. However, let’s find out what we can play and eat this winter in this place!

Some details about Thanh Hoa weather in winter

Winter in Thanh Hoa usually lasts from November to January according to the solar calendar. Often influenced by the Northeast monsoon, with little rain and dryness at the beginning of the season. In November, the average temperature in Thanh Hoa is 26°C, and the lowest is about 21°C, with about 16 cloudy and rainy days. The highest temperature in December is 22°C and the lowest temperature is about 17°C. The highest temperature in January is 20°C, with rain as well as about 15 dry days.

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The morning sky and earth seem to be immersed in a magical, misty mist. The winter weather in Thanh Hoa is quite cold, however, that cold has created a diverse, attractive and interesting natural landscape. Traveling now, you will have unique experiences, completely different from the hot summer days. Don’t forget to prepare enough warm clothes to keep your body warm. Tourist destinations suitable for Thanh Hoa’s winter climate: Pu Luong, fish god stream, Dong Son ancient village, Song temple,…

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Reasons to travel to Thanh Hoa in winter

1. Many cultural and historical destinations

Experience Thanh Hoa handbook , this place has many notable historical and cultural relics such as:Lam Kinh relic site, Ba Trieu temple, Dong Son ancient village and sacred ancient pagodas. Winter is often a good time to visit and learn about the history of Thanh Hoa, which is considered a land of spiritual masterpieces.

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2. Attractive natural landscape

Thanh possesses many famous natural beauties that attract tourists such as: Pu Luong, Ben En National Park, majestic waterfalls, Kim Son scenic area,… There, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The peace and freshness of nature under the cold winter weather.

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3. Many festivals and events

Not only spring but also many interesting festivals and events take place in winter in Thanh Hoa . So, when you travel here, find out the schedule of festivals and events. Some places you can visit include: Co Bo Temple or Co Chin Gieng Temple, Thanh Hoa; where there are big festivals and attract a large number of tourists to participate, combined with tourism.

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4. Explore interesting national culture 

Not only is it home to many ethnic minorities, this is also a place to learn about the culture, customs and traditions of these ethnic groups through meeting and interacting with local people. If you want to relax and rest, Thanh Hoa’s winter travel experience also has many quality resorts and hotels on the coast or other beautiful mountainous areas.

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What should I wear when traveling to Thanh Hoa in winter?

The weather in Thanh Hoa in winter is quite cold, with temperatures down to 12 – 15 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when traveling this season, you should wear appropriate clothes to keep your body warm. . Some suggestions for you are to wear wool outfits, jackets, scarves, gloves, etc. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella to prevent sudden rain!

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Winter tourist destination in Thanh Hoa

1. Explore Pu Luong

Pu Luong is located about 130km northwest of Thanh Hoa, in two districts: Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc. With a wild and intimate setting, this place attracts tourists with its diverse ecosystem and beautiful scenery in a seductive mist all year round. Destinations not to be missed when coming to Pu Luong are the peak over 1,700m high, Son Ba Muoi , Kho Muong village, Ban Hieu waterfall,… and many wooden reels typical of the Thai people.

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2. Ham Rong Bridge

When thinking of Thanh Hoa, the first image that comes to mind is the Ham Rong bridge spanning the Ma River. This bridge was built in 1904 with an arch design and steel pillars, and was considered the most modern bridge in Indochina at that time. The bridge has gone through decades of war and has become a symbol of the resilient and indomitable will of the Qing people.

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3. Dong Son ancient village

Located on the banks of the Ma River and surrounded by a peaceful, quiet space. This highlights the unique look of traditional Vietnamese ancient house architecture. When you come to Thanh Hoa tourist destination this winter, you will breathe the atmosphere of countryside life and participate in traditional activities of local people.

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4. Ben En National Park

Ben En National Park, also known as “Ha Long Bay of Thanh”, is located about 36km from the city center. This destination possesses appeal for those who love the wild beauty of nature. If you have ever visited Ba Be, Tam Dao, Cuc Phuong,… then you definitely will not regret coming here. Possessing a rich and extremely diverse ecosystem.

Pure natural beauty and simplicity, the clear blue lake creates a charming landscape. For that reason, this place attracts millions of tourists every year.

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5. Visit Lam Kinh relic site

Thanh Hoa is called the Land of Heroes and the ancient capital Lam Kinh is a typical example of this. With more than 600 years of history, the Lam Kinh relic site is a place that preserves ancient cultural and spiritual values ​​and legends about the feudal dynasty considered the most prosperous in Vietnamese history. 

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The relic site is located in Tho Xuan district, about 50km northwest of Thanh Hoa city. It is the resting place of national hero Le Loi and kings and queens of the early Le dynasty. The relic site is recognized as a special National Monument. On the territory of the relic site, there are many ancient trees hundreds of years old, with extremely precious value.

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6. Ho Dynasty Citadel

The Ho Dynasty Citadel was built by the Ho Dynasty in the period 1400-1407. Located in Tay Giai commune, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa. The citadel has a rectangular shape with four gates: one door in the south (front gate), one door in the north (back gate), one door in the east on the left and one door in the opposite west. UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. It is the only surviving citadel built from stone in Southeast Asia. When traveling to Thanh Hoa on your own in the winter, remember to stop by here!

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7. Song Temple

Song Son Temple, also known as Chin Dap Temple, is a sacred and important place in Thanh Hoa. This temple was built with simple architecture and is a place to worship Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh, one of the Four Pillars of Vietnamese Mother Goddess religion. The Mother Goddess procession festival here is very solemn and has profound spiritual meaning.

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8. Ba Trieu Temple

Ba Trieu Thanh Hoa Temple in Phu Dien village, Hau Loc, Thanh Hoa is a famous historical site nearly 2,000 years old, a place to worship Ba Trieu Thi Trinh, a heroic general who repelled foreign invaders thousands of years ago. invasion. It is also a place to preserve many precious antiques, legendary stories, legends and heroic journeys of talented women. It is a vivid picture of ancient architecture in the North Central region.

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9. Modal Verbs

Also known as Bich Dao Cave, a system of diverse limestone caves, outstanding with beautiful stalactites. The place is connected to the legend of Tu Thuc meeting a fairy. Located on the Tam Diep mountain range, in Nga Thien commune, Nga Son; near Highway 10; about 10km southwest of Phat Diem town. The special feature of the cave is the perfect combination of limestone architecture and rural landscape, forming a harmonious and sophisticated picture.

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10. Quang Yen Hot Springs

Quang Yen Hot Springs in Quang Yen commune, Quang Xuong, Thanh Hoa is famous for its hot mineral water and relaxing blue sea landscape. This is one of the famous winter tourist destinations in Thanh Hoa that you should visit to rest with your family.

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What to eat in Thanh Hoa in winter?

1. Shrimp cake

Shrimp cake is a unique and very popular dish in Thanh Hoa. This cake is best when eaten hot, suitable for enjoying in winter. To prepare a delicious shrimp cake, the cake pan needs to be a non-stick aluminum pan. The main ingredients in shrimp cake include: fresh shrimp, celery, cabbage, dill and plain rice flour . 

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When eaten, shrimp cake has a crispy taste, fragrant with the scent of shrimp and herbs. To create a unique flavor, people often dip shrimp cake with a little sweet and sour fish sauce and eat it with fig salad, creating a unique dish only found in Thanh Hoa cuisine . Some famous selling addresses include:

  • Mrs. Ly’s favorite cake.
  • 2nd Floor, Tay Thanh Market, Nguyen Trai Ward, City. Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa.
  • Resettlement Area, Tan Binh 2 District, City. Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa.
  • Dinh Le Street, City. Thanh Hoa, Thanh Hoa.

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2. Mrs. That’s shrimp rolls

  • Address: No. 9 Le Thi Hoa, Lam Son Ward, City. Thanh Hoa.

This popular restaurant is famous for its delicious shrimp rolls and is always crowded. To avoid queuing or running out of rolls, you should visit the restaurant early. The shrimp patties here have thin shells, lots of filling and are delicious when eaten with raw vegetables, pickles and super delicious sweet and sour fish sauce.

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3. Hot rolls 

Hot spring rolls are a suitable dish to enjoy when traveling to Thanh Hoa in winter . The rolls here have a special flavor, soft but still retain their chewiness. The fillings for the cake vary from: minced lean shoulder, fresh shrimp meat, onions, wood ear mushrooms, etc. The fried onions are meticulously prepared and sprinkled evenly on the top of the cake. Fish sauce for dipping Thanh Hoa rolls is delicious, mixed in the right ratio and has its own unique flavor. 

– Famous places to eat banh cuon Xu Thanh:

  • Mrs. Lanh’s rice rolls – 252 Tong Duy Tan, Lam Son, Thanh Hoa.
  • Banh Cuon – 107 Nguyen Trai, City. Thanh Hoa.
  • Nguyen Chich rice rolls – 19 Nguyen Chich, City. Thanh Hoa.

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4. Snacks

In Thanh Hoa, in winter there are many attractive snacks to enjoy. Depending on personal taste and preferences, enjoy Thanh Hoa’s dishes in winter . Suggested delicious snack addresses:

  • Pan bread – 105 Cao Thang, price from 35,000 VND.
  • Nem chua at Hanh Kinh Quan – behind Vuon Hoa market, price from 6,000 VND/1 piece.
  • Kimbap 37 Hang Than, price 35,000 VND – 40,000 VND/plate.
  • Xoi Xeo 47 Le Huu Lap, price from 35,000 VND/1 serving. 
  • Thanh Hoa shrimp paste and tofu vermicelli – 36 Lam Son, price from 30,000 VND – 40,000 VND/portion.
  • Sidewalk hotpot at Cao Thang intersection, price from 300,000 VND/1 serving.

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Where to visit in winter in Thanh Hoa?

Thanh Hoa travel experience , some reputable accommodation addresses are highly appreciated by tourists such as:

– Royal Hotel – area 4, North Le Loi Avenue, Dong Huong Ward, City. Thanh Hoa.

– Hotel 25A Quang Trung, City. Thanh Hoa.

– PuLuong Retreat – Thanh Lam commune, Ba Phuoc district, Thanh Hoa.

– Hoa homestay Sam Son – 33 Dao Duy Tu, City. Sam Son.

– Villa Motel – 03L Cao Ba Quat, Truong Thi, Thanh Hoa.

– Tuan Duyen Hotel – Truong Chinh 96, Thanh Hoa.

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Suggested 2 days 1 night winter tour to Thanh Hoa 

– Day 01: Ho Dynasty citadel – Lam Kinh relic area – Magic fish stream – Sam Son.

– Day 02: Sam Son – Verb Thuc – Mai An Tiem temple – Ba Trieu temple.

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Above is a detailed guide on traveling to Thanh Hoa in winter . In addition to the places to visit and explore mentioned in the article, Thanh Hoa still has many other interesting destinations. So, remember to experience and explore your favorite tourist destinations to have an enjoyable trip in Thanh Hoa!

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