What to do in Con Dao? Where is the most fun and interesting place to go?


Con Dao is known as a tourist paradise with beautiful beaches and islands that fascinate people. Along with many interesting experiences such as swimming, diving to see coral, or recreational fishing. If you still don’t know what Con Dao has to offer, let Vinlove reveal it right here.

What is the most fun place to do in Con Dao?

What to do in Con Dao? Snorkeling to see coral, exploring deserted islands, fishing, and watching turtles lay eggs… are interesting activities that many tourists love when traveling to Con Dao.

Explore the beautiful deserted island

Con Son Bay is an attractive destination for tourists when they have the opportunity to visit Con Dao with its beautiful paradise-like scenery. Exploring Con Son Bay, visitors will admire 14 large and small islands such as: Hon Trac, Hon Tai, Hon Thu… What attracts tourists when visiting these islands is the poetic beauty and ecosystem. diverse marine ecology. Visitors will be able to admire colorful coral reefs with many different types.

Con Dao has nothing to do with exploring the deserted islandExplore the beautiful deserted island in Con Dao. Photo: Q.bong0108

Scuba diving to see coral

What to do in Con Dao? One of the interesting experiences that many tourists love when traveling to Con Dao is scuba diving to see coral. The best time to see corals in Con Dao is from March to October. At this time, the corals grow in thick clumps with beautiful, attractive colors. The most beautiful places to see coral in Con Dao include: Hon Tre, Hon Trung, Hon Tai, Hon Trac, Hon Cau, Hon Bay Canh… There are many types of coral for you to admire such as branch corals, block, plate or table coral…

What to do in Con Dao - scuba diving to see coralsScuba diving to see interesting coral in Con Dao. Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Thien

Watch turtles lay eggs 

If you still don’t know what to do in Con Dao , watching turtles lay eggs is an interesting activity that many tourists love. Con Dao is famous for its deserted islands where turtles live and lay eggs. If you come to Con Dao from May to October, you will see turtles laying eggs.

What to do in Con Dao - watching turtles lay eggsWatch turtles lay eggs in Con Dao. Photo: 2trip

Watch turtles released back into the sea

Watching turtles release back to the sea is the answer to the question of what to do in Con Dao . From May to October is the time when turtles in Con Dao lay eggs, this is also the time to attract tourists to Con Dao to participate in this interesting activity. The most beautiful place to watch baby turtles release into the sea in Con Dao is Bay Canh island, which has both beautiful scenery and many baby turtles hatching.

What to do in Con Dao - watching turtles release back to the seaWatching turtles release into the sea is popular with many tourists when coming to Con Dao. Photo: elitetour

Famous entertainment places in Con Dao

Besides the interesting activities above, visitors can refer to famous entertainment places in Con Dao such as:

Dam Tre Bay

Located in the northern region of the island, Dam Tre Bay is a sheltered location and surrounded by surrounding mangrove forests with a paradise-like scenery. Dam Tre Bay is a famous place where swiftlets nest during the breeding season. In particular, on the way to Dam Tre bay, tourists will stop at Dat Doc beach, Lo Voi beach, Chim Chim cape…

What to do in Con Dao - Dam Tre BayDam Tre Bay has beautiful scenery like a paradise. Photo: alongwalk

Dam Trau Beach

What to do in Con Dao? An interesting destination that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit Con Dao is Dam Trau beach. Dam Trau Beach is located right next to Con Dao airport, so it is very convenient to travel and check-in with planes in the sky. The waves at Dam Trau beach are calm, suitable for swimming and participating in fun activities on the beach.

What to do in Con Dao - Dam Trau BeachAdmire the beautiful scenery at Dam Trau Beach. Photo: _huyenonii

Ship’s Cape

Cape Tau Be is located on the route from the airport to the center of Con Dao town. This place is surrounded by stone slabs forming a unique arc shape. Cape Tau Be is also a favorite place for adventurous exploration, sparkling virtual check-in and watching the most beautiful sunrise in Con Dao.

What to do in Con Dao - Cape Tau BeWatch the beautiful, romantic sunset at Cape Tau Be. Photo: Nguyen Binh Huy

Nhat Beach, Shark Cape

These are pristine beaches that attract tourists with their location close to the beautiful road across the sea. Nhat Beach and Shark Cape have gentle downhill paths where many tourists stop to take pictures. Especially on one side is the beach with beautiful scenery like paradise and extremely poetic.

What to do in Con Dao - Bai NhatLive a beautiful virtual life at Bai Nhat and Shark Cape. Photo: Tuongdzizi

Ong Dung Beach

Ong Dung Beach is also a suggestion if you are wondering what to do in Con Dao. This place attracts tourists with its pristine beauty, ideal for relaxing, participating in picnics and organizing many fun activities. From Ong Dung beach, visitors can rent canoes to visit beautiful islands such as Hon Tre Nho, Hon Tre Lon…

What to do in Con Dao - Ong Dung beachThe wild beauty of Ong Dung Beach attracts tourists. Photo: phongnhaexplorer

Small Bamboo Island 

From Ong Dung beach to Hon Tre Nho about 2km, this place is famous for its diverse flora including rows of green bamboo. Small Hon Tre is also known as a bird sanctuary on the sea, a place where many species of birds live and nest such as terns, seagulls, crested terns… In addition, visitors can also go canoeing to see coral and go fishing. Fishing for entertainment or watching seabirds.

What to do in Con Dao - Hon Tre SmallBeautiful scenery like paradise at Ong Dung Beach. (Photo: Le Hong Hanh)

Ong Dung primeval forest, Nui Chua

If you want to participate in trekking activities when traveling to Con Dao, Ong Dung primeval forest and Chua mountain are ideal destinations. From the center of Con Dao town, move west and cross the primeval forest for about 1 hour to reach Ong Dung primeval forest. When visiting this place, visitors need to buy an entrance ticket of 60,000 VND/person.

What to do in Con Dao - Ong Dung primeval forestCheck-in to Ong Dung primeval forest, Nui Chua. Photo: pystravel

Surely you already know what Con Dao has to offer , right? Hopefully the above sharing will help you choose for yourself the most interesting places to play in Con Dao on your upcoming trip!

Photo,Video: Internet (Vinlove.net)