Luc Bo cultural space – a place to preserve the cultural essence of the ancient capital of Hue

With an ancient, contemplative space that brings the peaceful feeling of Hue in the old days, Luc Bo Cultural Space is a stop for those who love the traditional cultural beauty of the ancient capital.

Hue has always been famous for its ancient, contemplative beauty, and when traveling here, people often tend to find typical old things. In addition to the famous mausoleums and temples, there is a place in Hue that many tourists who love traditional culture come to: Luc Bo Cultural Space. Luc Bo is not only a beautiful tourist destination with typical ancient architecture, but also a place for visitors to explore and experience the quintessence of Hue’s traditional culture.

Luc Bo cultural spaceLuc Bo cultural space fascinates visitors with its ancient and traditional features. Photo:@camelliatrami

History of Luc Bo Hue 

Luc Bo Cultural Space is located at 79 Nguyen Chi Dieu Street, Dong Ba Ward, Hue City. This location has only been officially recognized as a tourist destination by the Hue People’s Committee since January 2022, but it has been known to many tourists since the first days of operation in 2015. 

Luc Bo dates back to the Nguyen Dynasty and played a very important role in the dynasty’s activities. The ancient Nguyen Dynasty had a total of 6 orders: Lai, Le, Ho, Binh, Hinh and Cong. Luc Bo is the place whose function is to help the king carry out royal activities and is considered a headquarters of the Nguyen Dynasty’s government apparatus. 

HISTORY Luc Bo cultural spaceLuc Bo used to be an important headquarters of the Nguyen Dynasty. Photo: Luc Bo FB

During the reign of King Tu Duc, a number of buildings were also built in the Luc Bo area as a place to study for the kings when they were children. In 1881, King Tu Duc built Duc Duc Duong, later King Thanh Thai changed it to Ton Hoc House, which was also the workplace of the Minister of Hoc Ministry, then the Palace of the Minister of Justice during the last reign of the dynasty. Nguyen collapsed in 1045 and this place became deserted.

By 2005, the project was received by the Hue Monuments Conservation Center. In 2015, this place was renovated to develop cultural and tourism services. Although there are few remaining traces, Luc Bo Cultural Space still has a very important meaning marking a place that was once the headquarters of the feudal Nguyen dynasty. 

HISTORY Luc Bo cultural spaceOfficially operating since 2015, Luc Bo has become an attractive free tourist destination for tourists. Photo: @minhnguyet47

Explore the architecture of Luc Bo Cultural space 

Luc Bo Cultural Space still retains the old architecture with arches, golden walls and decorative motifs typical of Nguyen Dynasty culture. This place has a spacious garden space with rockery and lush ornamental plants. Although located in the middle of a bustling city, this place still maintains a quiet, gentle look that is very Hue.

Luc Bo Cultural Space ArchitectureLuc Bo architecture still retains its traditional features. Photo: @jund2001

Luc Bo Cultural Space Architecture

Spacious garden space with rockery and trees. Photo: FB/ Luc Bo

Luc Bo is divided into 4 exhibition spaces. Visitors coming here will be able to admire the Truc Chi art space, where paintings, hats, candles, and Truc Chi fans are displayed very artistically and solemnly. Next will be the Mirror page display space, here there are unique Mirror paintings such as Dong Ho paintings, lotus paintings, paintings of Hue citadel…

Luc Bo cultural space exhibition areaThe exhibition space is beautifully decorated. Photo: cong_chau

The third space in Luc Bo is a place to display Ao Dai with artifacts such as Hue Ao Dai made by hand, the patterns on the ao dai are very unique, simulating traditional cultural features such as lotus flowers. , ethnic girl, Dong Ho painting…

The highlight of Luc Bo Cultural Space is the central area. This place displays many symbolic specialties of Hue culture, notably the large Ngo Mon painting, display areas for traditional crafts such as making paper flowers, kite performances, Hue tea, conical hats… Each area The display areas are all designed with traditional features, both outstanding and unique, making visitors excited to stop by

Luc Bo cultural space exhibition area

The display areas are decorated in a variety of ways. Photo: @tranhdepvietnam

Luc Bo cultural space exhibition areaHue’s traditional nostalgic style is present everywhere. Photo: @jyn2502

Experience Hue folk culture at Luc Bo cultural space 

If you want to find a place that converges almost all the most typical traditional cultural beauties of Hue, Luc Bo Cultural Space will be a great suggestion. Coming to this tourist destination, you will experience many interesting activities. 

Practice making Hue folk crafts 

At Luc Bo Hue Cultural Space, visitors can experience many interesting activities with traditional cultural characteristics such as learning how to make hats, make ao dai, make paper flowers from Thanh Tien craft village, and learn how to paint. , making Hue kites, making folk games, making lanterns, making Hue cakes… After learning and making the products themselves, visitors can take them home as souvenirs or shop for traditional cultural items. displayed here as souvenirs.

Luc Bo cultural space exhibition areaVisitors can experience many interesting activities in Luc Bo such as painting, making hats, making incense… Photo: Luc Bo FB

Enjoy Hue specialties 

Hue has an impressive traditional cuisine and at Luc Bo, visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy some famous traditional cakes such as ginger jam, green bean cake… Hue dishes here all have the same flavor. Very unique tradition, in addition to enjoying, you will be introduced to the meaning and origin of these dishes.

Luc Bo cultural space, specialty areaHue green bean cake is made very elaborately and has vibrant colors. Photo: Luc Bo FB

Enjoy royal tea – wine – royal medicine in a peaceful space 

This is a favorite experience for many tourists when coming to Luc Bo Cultural Space , where visitors will enjoy unique products such as Tinh Tam Lien Hoa, Hoang Trieu Ngu Tuu or royal medicine. The ancient, peaceful space with a garden filled with bird sounds will give visitors a true sense of peace.

Hue Luc Bo Tea Cultural SpaceLuc Bo Cultural Space has many types of traditional tea and wine of the Hue royal court. Photo: Luc Bo FB

Hue Luc Bo Tea Cultural SpaceThe peaceful space makes visitors fascinated. Photo: Vo Bao Phuc

Coming to Hue and visiting Luc Bo Cultural Space to explore and experience the unique quintessence of the ancient capital will be a unique experience that visitors will never forget. Stepping into Luc Bo space, it seems like all the noise and bustle disappears, replaced by ancient, quiet features that take us back to a beautiful old Hue. 

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