Fisherman won 30 tons of tuna thanks to the unique trick of “luring”

Thanks to a unique trick of releasing scrub to lure a school of striped tuna, Binh Dinh fishermen can collect 20-30 tons of fish after going out to sea once. There was a big win, each fisherman shared 20 million VND.

After the trip through Tet, many ships specializing in purse seine fishing of Binh Dinh fishermen docked at the port with fish full of cargo, including ships with 20-30 tons of striped tuna, with revenue of nearly a billion VND.

In the largest offshore fishing “capital” in the Central region – Hoai Nhon town (Binh Dinh) – fisherman Vu Thanh Hoang (45 years old, Hoai Thanh ward, Hoai Nhon town) owns 4 fishing boats with a capacity of 700 -900 CV. During Tet, Mr. Hoang’s fleet still fished in the Truong Sa archipelago.

“On the 30th of Tet, one of my ships landed, the output reached over 30 tons of striped tuna, the revenue was nearly 1 billion VND. The first days of the new year in Giap Thin were favorable weather, so fishing achieved high yields.” , fisherman Hoang was excited.

Fisherman wins 30 tons of tuna thanks to unique luring trick - 1
Thanks to using unique tricks to attract fish, many nets of Binh Dinh fishermen caught tens of tons (Photo: Provided by fishermen).

Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong, also in Hoai Thanh ward, owner of a fleet of 10 boats, said that in recent years, fishermen have mainly caught striped tuna. Each year his fleet exploits over 1,000 tons, with a revenue of about 30 billion VND, excluding expenses.

“Compared to traditional fishing, using bait to attract fish is much more effective. This year, striped tuna has a high price, and on one trip, the crew won 20 million VND each,” said Thuong fisherman. speak.

In addition, Mr. Thuong added, the fishing boats that are constantly on duty at sea also contribute greatly to protecting the sovereignty of the country’s sea and islands.

Old fisherman Bui Thanh Ninh (65 years old), owner of a fleet of 6 seine fishing vessels for striped tuna in Hoai Nhon town, excitedly said that a fishing vessel had just docked at Tam Quan port with an output of 20 tons, estimated revenue of about 500 million VND.

With 30 years of experience at sea, Mr. Ninh shared that tuna often gather and hide in the shade of mounds, reefs, floating objects on the sea… Taking advantage of this behavior, Mr. Ninh and local fishermen came up with a way to Drop the brush to attract fish.

The date palm tree is a square foam buoy about 1m wide, tied to an anchor weighing 600-700kg with a rope about 3,000-4,000 long and then dropped into the sea to fix it. On the underside of the scrub, fishermen use coconut leaves and tree branches to create shade to attract fish. The national flag is placed on top to position and install solar panels for the lights.

Each palm tree is dropped into the sea 5 nautical miles apart and there is a ship constantly on duty to monitor. When they discovered a school of fish residing there, the fishermen immediately informed the boat captain to send other boats to capture them. Each scrub plant invests around 100 million VND, but if it encounters a large school of fish, it can catch dozens of tons.

Fisherman won 30 tons of tuna thanks to a unique luring trick - 2
Fish caught using basic scrub is fresher because it shortens the fishing time (Photo: Doan Cong).

“In the past, fishermen often sent boats across the sea to find large floating logs to catch. Traditional fishing methods were both ineffective, fuel-consuming and time-consuming, so since switching to fishing with scrubbers, much more effective. In addition, the fish is brought to shore soon after being caught, so it is fresher and the selling price is higher,” Mr. Ninh shared.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong, Vice Chairman of Hoai Nhon Town People’s Committee, affirmed that fishing with scrubbers helps fishermen achieve high yields in exploitation, better fish quality, and thereby the value is also higher than fishing. catch tradition.

Currently, Hoai Nhon town has more than 2,100 fishing boats with a length of 15m or more operating in the open sea, 172 boats under 15m in length operating in the open sea, of which 36 groups operate seafood exploitation by baiting lures. fish for more than 400 rub. The seafood fishing industry is mainly concentrated in Hoai Thanh and Tam Quan Bac wards.

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