Mixed vermicelli in front of the gate of the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City “fever”: The day sold a hundred parts thanks to the exclusive spice

Vermicelli mixed with chicken intestines in front of the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City is the dish that has caused a stir during the past few days.

Finding a place to sell delicious mixed vermicelli in Ho Chi Minh City is not difficult, from the roadside shop to the spacious restaurant, there are enough. However, definitely don’t miss the vermicelli with chicken intestines sold on a tiny cart, located in front of the University of Architecture (Pasteur Street, District 3), which is still surrounded by customers waiting to buy thanks to its delicious taste and high quality. The price for a full bowl is only 25,000 VND(1$). Up to now, the mixed vermicelli truck has been around for nearly 20 years and has become a familiar breakfast place for people around, especially students of the University of Architecture.

Although it is only a small vermicelli truck, the number of customers has never stopped (Photo: Thien Nhi, What to Eat Today)

Every day, the owner sells up to a few hundred pieces, sometimes she needs an extra woman because she can’t keep up with her hands and feet. In recent days, mixed vermicelli has appeared quite a lot in food groups and quickly received great attention from foodies. Many TikTokers and YouTubers also came to shoot reviews, so the number of visitors has multiplied several times compared to before.

In recent days, the number of customers visiting the shop has been increasing (Photo: Roll with Nuchuu, CL Discovery)

A portion of mixed vermicelli is full of vermicelli, chicken intestines, shredded chicken, crispy fried onions with grated morning glory, herbs, and bean sprouts. Not only that, fried onions are also mixed with greasy fat to stimulate diners’ taste.

Mixed vermicelli bowl looks very attractive (Photo: Saigon Foodie, What to Eat Today)

The part of the chicken gizzard here is handled carefully, eating lumpy is quite fun. Every time a customer buys, the owner will heat the chicken hearts and vegetables again. Particularly, the vermicelli only needs to be cooked until the vermicelli is soft enough but still retains a certain toughness.

The processing is also quite methodical (Photo: Roll with Nuchuu, Saigon Foodie, CL Discovery)

What makes mixed vermicelli become “popular” is that the fish sauce is named by many of you as the “divine” seasoning, because just sprinkle it on the vermicelli and mix well, the delicious taste of the dish will be enhanced. right. It is known that this fish sauce is made by the owner from a long-aged fish sauce, so it is quite rich, won with garlic, chili and minced ginger until the waves are mixed, then add green chili and whole fruit to flare up the spiciness. . When mixed with vermicelli, the fish sauce will evenly cover the ingredients, making it salty, sweet, spicy and a little fragrant of ginger.

The bucket of “divine” fish sauce is what makes many people want to come back to eat mixed vermicelli (Photo: What to Eat Today, Roll with Nuchuu, CL Discovery)

In addition to the “top” dish, which is vermicelli mixed with chicken intestines, here also sells water vermicelli, dry noodles, water noodles, vermicelli noodles, and water vermicelli. The pot of broth is also stewed by the owner from bones and vegetables, so it has a sweet taste, eaten with chicken, chicken intestines, and soft sausages, ensuring as delicious as mixed vermicelli.

You can try other dishes when you come here (Photo: What to Eat Today, Saigon Foodie)

Due to being sold on the roadside, there are no tables here, only a few small plastic chairs placed along the school’s fence for guests to eat. Even if there are no seats, many people do not hesitate to sit on the side of the road to enjoy the popular mixed vermicelli.

Customers sit in a long line to enjoy mixed vermicelli (Photo: Roll with Nuchuu, Duyen Ngo)

Although there are no neat tables and chairs, the dishes are not elaborately decorated, but many people still visit because of the special taste of mixed vermicelli. Moreover, sitting and enjoying a bowl of mixed vermicelli at a reasonable price in the middle of the bustling central district, watching the busy traffic, and being at the location in front of the school gate is also an experience that is not available everywhere.

Address: In front of the gate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture – 196 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3

Sale hours: 6am – 2pm (Monday – Saturday)

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)